Illegal migration: the pressure is not reduced


State Border Service of Ukraine marks that the flow of illegal migrants to EU countries has been successfully limited in a result of applied actions during the last years. At the same time situation of the present year attests that pressure of illegal migrants upon the state border of Ukraine is not reduced. Moreover, “seekers of better fate” intend to find new and new ways of illegal cross of the border.

Just in the course of the last 5 days border guards detained organized groups of illegal migrants several times. Three citizens of Vietnam tried to cross illegally the border in the area of Chop Detachment, 5 citizens of Georgia – in the area of Mostytskyi and Chernivetskyi Detachments, and 6 citizens of Sri Lanka – Chernivetskyi Detachment. Despite of the common efforts of law enforcement agents of Ukraine and neighboring countries, they succeeded to stop the activity of Chinese, Hindu, Pakistani, Iraq and Arab channels. Illegal migrants look for new and new ways for realization of their intentions.

In the course of the last years, migration situation in Ukraine has experienced certain changes. Besides, there was reorientation of transportation of the citizens from post-Soviet countries, first of all Georgia, Russia and Moldova; there was increase in the number of cases on using the legal way of entrance, student channel and procedure apply on gaining refugee status for temporary legalization of the foreigners in Ukraine, besides the citizens of Somalia, Afghanistan and Vietnam. The tendency in the increase of the flow of Syrian citizens is worth attention (because of unstable situation in the country).

In 2012, 68% migrants apprehended for illegal cross of the border and other infringements originated from post-Soviet countries, mainly from Moldova (740 persons), Georgia (219), Russia (119 – migrants from Chechnya), Azerbaijan (92), Armenia (84), Uzbekistan (72), Tajikistan (59), Kyrgyzstan (50) and Kazakhstan (17)

In the first half-year of 2013, their part comprised 65% from the number of migrants detained for illegal cross of the border and other infringements. Mainly, there were citizens of Moldova (217 persons), Georgia (111), Russia (56 – migrants from Chechnya), Armenia (32), Azerbaijan (16), Uzbekistan (14), Tajikistan (11) and Kyrgyzstan (6).

Considering mentioned information, a common inter-agency meeting will be held on the initiative of Administration of State Border Service of Ukraine at the participation of the representatives of SSU, MOI, SMS and Ministry of Education in the course of which it is planned to conduct the analysis of migration situation in Ukraine and trace the problem points in organization of counteraction to illegal migration as well as to define further directions of joint work, first in the controlled border areas.