Byelorussian accompanied the citizen of Armenia for 1,5 million Belarus rubles


Border detail of Lutsk Detachment detained two citizens without documents 300 m before the state border in the area of BS “Domanove”. As it was established beforehand, the trespassers were 26-year-old citizen of Republic of Belarus, the resident of the neighboring village Osova, who accompanied through the state border 24-year-old stateless person, according to his words – native of Armenia. Both men without any identifying documents were apprehended.

According to the explanations of the detainees, it was learned that unfamiliar person came to local residents of Byelorussian village and asked to take him over the state border to Ukraine beyond the check point for monetary award of 1,5 million Byelorussian rubles, and of them agreed to help the man.

At the present moment, the personality of the detainees and details of the infringement are under establishment. The staff of SSU in Volyn oblast was informed on the point.