Two Mongols got illegally to Uzhgorod from Ulan-Bator with the help of Google maps


Border guards of Chop Detachment stopped the next attempt of illegal migrants of getting to European Union through the territory of Transcarpathian oblast. Two men of Asian appearance being at the border were detected by the border guards of BS “Uzhgorod”, when they intended to cross the border on Slovakia they were apprehended at the very border line. The violators reported that they were migrants from Mongolia, however, they could not confirm it by the absence of the documents. Detainees said that they went to Bratislava on foot and illegal route from Ukraine to the capital of Slovakia they planned with the help of the Internet Service Google maps being yet in Ulan-Bator. Trespassers were delivered to border subdivision of BS “Uzhgorod” in order to clarify the circumstances of the infringement and process administrative and procedural documents.