In the course of joint border control examination the border guards of Ukraine and Moldova detained trespasser


The staff of State Border Service together with the border guards of neighboring countries conducted 8 joint patrollings on examination and detection of violations at the border. The controls were mainly carried out at the southern and western areas of the state border.

Thus, during the joint examination of Ukrainian-Moldavian border, border guards of Belgorod-Dnistrovskyi Detachment in the area of BS “Pidgirne” detected and detained the citizen of Ukraine. The man intended to leave Ukraine between the Ukrainian village Serpneve and Moldavian ones Bessarabka. So far, the reasons of the man’s decision to bypass the check point are established.

And in the western area of the border, the citizen of Turkey was apprehended. The traveler, being stopped 350 m before the state border, was walking towards the border to Poland in the area of BS “Nyzhankovychi” of Mostytskyi Detachment.

Two more trespassers trying to leave the territory of the country through the check points were stopped by the border guards of Mukachevo Detachment. One of the violators travelling through the check point “Vilok” intended to cross the border on the passport of the citizen of Hungary. Ukrainian being stopped in the check point “Kosyne” was passing the border with the passport of his father. According to the court decision, both violators were imposed a fine in the sum of 1700 UAH each.

Besides, during the day, 38 potential migrants were not admitted to Ukraine. The most part of the travelers provided untruthful information while crossing the state border.