Since the beginning of the year almost 50 forged signs are detected by State Border Service of Ukraine


In the airport of the capital the border guards of Separate check point “Kyiv” detected the violator from Azerbaijan. The man arrived from Moscow and had forged sign of State Border Service of Ukraine.

Also, the border guards detected the citizen of Uzbekistan with the analogous sign. He intended to depart to Russian Federation. So far, the Uzbek is handed to MOI staff in order to establish the details of the infringement, and Azerbaijani is banned to enter Ukraine and was returned by return flight to the country of departure.

It is worth to mention that lately border guards more often detect the cases of forged signs use by the citizens from CIS countries. The violators mark them illegally aiming at gaining legal right to stay on the territory of Ukraine or escape administrative responsibility. Only since the beginning of the year, 48 such attempts were revealed.