The same Syrians were apprehended at Transcarpathian border for the second time


BorderguardsofChopDetachmentdetainedtwocitizensofSyriaduringtheillegalcrossofthestateborderintheareaof BS “Tysa”. It was marked that unfamiliar persons were noticed near the border on Hungary by the local residents and informed the district inspector on this point. Operative group starting to look for the violators, two men were stopped 100 m before the state border. They had no any documents and introduced themselves as the citizens of Syria. As it was established, these citizens had been detained before for the violation of the border regimen and were handed over to Department of Migration Service in Chernovtsy oblast. They asked for protection and getting refugee status at the place, however, it was evident that Ukrainian lands were not interesting for them. Not waiting for the decision, the citizens of Syria made their way to Hungary beyond the check points.

So far, administrative proceeding is undertaken concerning the trespassers.