Four illegal migrants were apprehended in Kharkiv arriving from Russia


Border guards of BS «Tymofiivka» of Kharkiv Detachment together with MOI officers detained a group of illegal migrants due to preliminary information. Inter-agency group stopped the minibus of Ukrainian registration for investigation nearby the border. It was established that the citizen of Ukraine driving the car transported 3 citizens of Afghanistan – wife, husband and a child of 2 years old and the citizen (woman) of Vietnam. Besides, there were two citizens of Ukraine inside the vehicle, who accompanied the group. The migrants had valid passports with control signs on the arrival in the beginning of July of the current year in the airport “Sheremetievo” and the tickets for the train “Moscow-Belgorod” with their input surnames. Considering mentioned and acting in the frames of international legislation stipulating transmission of detained illegal migrants to the country they arrived from to Ukraine, the border guards initiated border-representation meeting with the representatives of border office of RF. Altogether, in spite of absolute above mentioned evidences (signs of arrival to the airport, tickets for the train), explanation of the detainees and their tracks at control and investigation line – Russian border guards rejected to recognize the fact that the group of illegal migrants got to Ukraine from the territory of Russia. So far, a protocol of administrative infringement was proceeded against the driver. The citizens of Ukraine were handed to SSU officers to clarify the details of the infringement.