Four illegal migrants from Afghanistan and masked traffic policeman were caught in Uzhgorod


In the course of the training in Uzhgorod, 4 illegal migrants from Afghanistan were detected and detained as well as a person stopping the cars as the traffic policeman.

It is one of the results of the joint patrolling by the policemen of Uzhgorod and Mukachevo in the period of November 5 to December 1 on the roads of Transcarpathia.

During patrolling in Uzhgorod, 6 auto patrols (18 persons) were involved and in Mukachevo – 4 cars (12 persons).

Altogether, 800 officers have been involved in the maintenance of public order in the towns of Mukachevo and Uzhgorod.

Under the training 1594 persons were checked, of them 1043 in Uzhgorod and 551 in Mukachevo.

In the course of the training in Uzhgorod together with the SSU staff of the region a car was stopped, in which there were 4 illegal migrants from Afghanistan. As well as the malefactor was detected posing as the traffic policemen stopping the cars in the streets of Uzhgorod.