Viktor Orban called EU countries to limit migration to Europe


-980798675645-0987The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban called to introduce more strict rules restricting immigration to Europe. He reported this in his interview to French TV M1.

According to his words, economic migration is a negative factor and Hungary cannot shelter people leaving their homes on economical reasons.

After visiting the Unity March in Paris, Orban noted that now it would be necessary to speak about immigration and cultural issue connected with it frankly and directly.

“Economic migration – is bad for Europe, and it is not to be considered as useful as it brings only troubles and danger to Europe, so immigration shall be stopped, this is a position of Hungary”, – he said.

“Those people leaving their countries on political reasons to preserve their life shall get asylum, but Hungary cannot provide the economical migrants with such an assistance”, – Hungarian Prime Minister marked.

“It should be clear that we will not allow it, at least until I am the Prime Minister and this government is in power for Hungary to become a target for immigrants,”- he pointed.

“We do not want to be a significant minority with different cultural peculiarities and past to live among us, we would like Hungary to remain as such,” – Orban said.