State Border Guard Service actively counteracts illegal migration at the state border


thumb_news_20150126_142732_1422275252State Border Guard Service pays great attention to the issues on counteraction at the state border, besides to illegal migration. It is worth to mention that in cooperation with other law enforcement agents and Migration Service the joint actions are constantly undertaken, due to which it was sufficiently managed to limit fundamentally the flow of illegal migrants to EU countries.  However, the problem is still acute.

It is especially urgent for the western area of the border. Attempts to smuggle illegal migrants aboard in the area of the Western Regional Department are mainly carried out by the malefactors in the Hungarian and Slovakian areas of the state border. In total, since the beginning of the year, almost 397 illegal migrants intending to get to the neighbouring countries in illegal way used “green areas” of the border and forged documents in the check point.

A sufficient increase in the cases of unlawful activity is observed in the current year connected with the illegal transportation of persons at the Hungarian area of the border. Attempts of violation were fixed in the areas of BS “Salovka”, “Kosyno”, “Goronglab”, “Vylok” and “Luzhanka”. Thus, for example, recently the border guards of BS “Kosyno” of Mukachevo Detachment noticed and detained 5 trespassers by means of the thermal imager, who intended to get to Hungary beyond the check point in illegal way.

The principle delivery channels of “lasting traveler” go through the Serednyoveretskyi mountain pass by transit over the populated areas of Transcarpathian region. So, the violators apply different tricks during the illegal trip. Besides, they specially use the equipped secret places in the minibuses or lorries (screens, double walls or roofs, etc.) intending to avoid the check point on floor by means of GPS navigator.

The representatives of such countries as Africa and the Near East are in the majority of the illegal migrants.

It is worth to mention that due to successfully performed complex actions by the law enforcement agents as to liquidation of the Somali channel, its activity has sufficiently decreased in comparison with the previous years. In general, the border guards detected a great number of illegal migrants to the border by automobile, railway transport as well.