Border guards apprehended 4 Georgians nearby the border on Slovakia


1395392037-8528The group of illegal migrants from Caucasus was detained by the border guards of Chop Detachment in the area of BS “Velykyi Berezny”. Four unfamiliar persons moving towards Ukrainian-Slovakian border were detected and detained at about 2 a.m. While detaining two men intended to escape, however warning shoots up done from the special device stopped the travelers and they were apprehended. According to the words of the violators, all of them were the citizens of Georgia, however, they had no any documents. Their point of destination had to be one of the countries of European Union.

Later on during the inspection of the personal things, there was a memory stick found containing electronic documents with the constituent data for the subdivisions of Armed Forces of Ukraine, which probably is information with limited access. The expert evaluation of detected file will be conducted by the competent bodies. So far, the operative and verification actions go on.