332 Ukrainians applied for asylum in Czech Republic in 2015


68462130ad18c13e9c50cb28c0f95eb5In 2015 the Czech Republic has accepted applications on asylum granting from 679 foreigners, which are 289 applications more in comparison with the first five months of 2014. In 50% cases the matter was about the citizens of Ukraine – 332 requests.

This growth is connected with the war actions on the territory of Ukraine and increased wish to return back to the historical native land of ethnic Czechs residing on the territory of this country. The Czech Republic has also received the applications from the migrants from Cuba – 59 requests, Syria – 38 and Vietnam – 38. The statistic data are published by Migration Policy and Asylum Department of MOI.

The Czech Republic belongs to a number of the most peaceful countries.

The Czech Republic possesses the 10th place in the rating of the peace-loving countries among 162 states included in this list. It was published by The Economist Intelligence Unit. In 2014 it was on the 11th place. Iceland is recognized as the most peaceful in 2015. This rating is composed every year since 2007. The countries are estimated by tens of criteria. For example, the evaluation involves the number of wars the country participated in the course of several years, quantity of died soldiers, volume of means allotted for the war needs, relations with definite countries, mutual trust of the citizens to each other, accessibility of weapon to the population.

For example, Denmark, Austria, Canada, Japan are in the top 10 of the countries with the highest rating of peacefulness finalized by the Czech republic. The USA is on the 94th place, Russia is on the 152nd. The last place in the list is allotted for Syria. The last ten of the rating includes – Iraq, Somalia, The Northern Korea and Pakistan.

Source: http://www.ua-reporter.com/novosti/172746