Border guards apprehended 5 migrants from Caucasus at the border on Poland


thumb_news_20150630_174630_1435675590Border guards of Chop Detachment detained five migrants from Caucasus travelling to Poland in the frames of the operation “Border-2015”. Information about a group of Caucasian men appearance was received by the “green berets” of the BS “Verkhovyna Bystra” in time. By forces of the operative group starting to the place of detection two kilometres before the Ukrainian-Polish border unfamiliar persons were apprehended. All five detainees introduced themselves as the migrants from Georgia, however, they could prove this fact by no any document. Also, the detainees reported that aiming at better life conditions searching they intended to get to one of the EU countries. The violators were delivered to the sub-department, where measures on person identification will be conducted as to detainees and to draw administrative-procedural documents. The further destiny of the “travellers” will be defined by the court.