Border guards of Chop Detachment apprehended 4 illegal migrants intending to get to one of EU countries


picFour migrants from Georgia intending to get to one of EU countries were apprehended at night by the border guards of Chop Detachment. The travelers without documents were detained in the suburb of the populated area Velykyi Bereznyi. While conducting verification measure it was established that the man arrived officially to Ukraine by the flight from Tbilisi and further intended to enter the territory of Slovakia. Due to the fact that the detainees had no any appropriate documents to travel to EU countries, these citizens tried to cross the border in illegal way. It should be noted that since June 15 the interagency operation “Border-2015” has started, the main purpose of which is a counteraction to illegal migration. In the course of the operation, the operational units of State Border Guard Service jointly with other law enforcement agencies have already detected 457 illegal migrants of which 41 – are minors.