Afghan and Cameroon are apprehended in the airports of Odessa and Kyiv with forged documents


thumb_news_20150717_095246_1437115966The passenger with forged document travelling by transit flight to Germany was detected in the Separate Check Point “Kyiv” in the airport Boryspil. The violator having pages with constituent data replaced in the passport of the citizen of Great Britain, in fact was the citizens of other country. During the realization of filtration actions and luggage inspection a real passport was found – of the citizen of Afghanistan. Soon, the Afghan man will be sent by a return flight.

During the inspection of the documents the border guards of Odessa Detachment detected the citizen of Cameroon with a false Ukrainian residence certificate and sign in the passport document proving it in the check point “Odessa-air”. The documents of the violator were handed to the staff of Malinovskyi MOI in Odessa.