Law enforcers arrested smugglers in Transcarpathia


picThe staff of SBGS together with the representatives of National Police detained three illegal migrants in the frames of actions on counteraction to illegal migration in Transcarpathia.

The car driven by the citizen of Ukraine was stopped for check in the suburb of the village Bolshaya Kopanya, Vynohradiv distirct. There were three citizens of Asian appearance without any documents inside the car. According to their word it was established that two of them were the citizens of Pakistan and one from India.

At the present moment administrative documents are prepared as to the foreigners and they are sent to Temporary Detention Centre of Mukachevo Border Detachment. All circumstances of their unlawful trip are processed.

Besides, National Police receives a notification to register signs of a criminal offense detected under the Criminal Code Article 332 (illegal transportation of persons across the state border of Ukraine).