Border guards apprehended 2 citizens of Syria and did not pass 7 citizens of Russia two times


Two illegal migrants were detained close to Ukrainian-Polish border by the border guards of SBGSU in the frames of operation “Border 2017”. Information about appearance of unknown persons in the suburb of the village Rata was received by the border guards from the local residents. During information verification the border guards of BD “Rava-Ruska”, Lviv Detachment detained 2 men without any documents. According to their words, it was managed to establish that they were the citizens of Syria, who intended to get to EU countries. Detained citizens were delivered to border subdivision to clarify the circumstances of the infringement and drawing up administrative documents.

Besides, the border guards of Lviv Detachment did not let 7 Russians, natives of Chechnya, to pass the check point “Rava-Ruska”. The foreigners were not passed because of their non-confirmation of their goal to stay within the territory of Ukraine. However, the mentioned persons attempted to cross the border again in the evening in the check point “Shegeni”, Lviv region. Thus, the border guards of Mostytskyi Detachment rejected in their entrance as they failed to provide any goal of their trip.