Border guards found forged signs of State Border Guards Service


At night the citizens of Armenia came the citizen of Armenia to the check point at the border on Russia on entrance to Ukraine. When undergoing passport control the border guards found 2 forged border passing signs of SBGSU in the passport document. When establishing the facts of these signs origin the foreigner aiming to solve this problem offered the border guard a bribe in the amount of 800 UAH, for which he categorical reject. So far, the border guards applied all necessary measures as for revealed infringement. The notifications were forwarded to competent law enforcement agencies about illegal actions involving the signs of criminal offences stipulated by Article358 (forged documents, seals, stamps or forms, sale or use of forged documents, seals, stamps) and article 369 (offer, promise and provision of illegal benefit to a service person) of crime Code of Ukraine. The offender was handed to the policemen in order to undertake a legal decision.