Law enforcers of Hungary and Transcarpathia detained 3 illegal migrants


Due to coordinated work of Hungarian and Transcarpathian law enforcers stopped illegal trip of three citizens of Sri-Lanka. The staff of Counter Crime Department, connected with human trafficking together with the Operative Department of State Border Guards Service, establish the persons involved in smuggling detainees abroad. The border guards informed Transcarpathian policemen about detention of three illegal migrants close to Hungarian border by Hungarian border guards. Three men, citizens of Sri Lanka of 31, 27 and 22 years old, were handed to the border guards of BD “Velyka Palad”, Mukachevo Detachment. The staff of Counter crime Department of Head Department of National Police of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region, together with personnel of Operative-Searching Department of SBGS of Ukraine take all required measured to establish and call to responsibility persons involved in detained migrants’ smuggling over the border.

It should be recalled that since the beginning of operation “Migrant”, it is the third case of prevention to smuggle illegal migrants over the border.