Border guards of Ismail Detachment apprehended three citizens of Pakistan and Ukrainian at Danube River


Three citizens of Pakistan and Ukrainian were detained at the Danube River by the border guards of Ismail Detachment. Having preliminary information about persons of eastern appearance in the rubber boat, who tried to cross the state border, the border detail managed to detain them using the cutter. In the course of verification activities, it was found that the violators tried to get to neighboring Romania to seek refugee status. The citizen of Ukraine did not intend to cross the border. At the same time, the foreigners did not have any identifying documents. In the future, the violators will undergo court procedure and be forcedly expelled from the territory of Ukraine. Information regarding the possible involvement of the Ukrainian citizen in the offense stipulated by Article 332 of the Crime Code of Ukraine (Illegal transfer of persons across the state border of Ukraine) is verified.