EU borders are reinforced because of illegal migrants’ rush to Transcarpathia


More than 100 border guards arrived to Transcarpathia accompanied by the service dogs and more than 30 units of equipment. The border guards’ reserves reinforcement is required due to a sufficient increase in the flow of illegal migration to Transcarpathia – to 80% in comparison with the previous year. There were 161 persons detained last year during summer-autumn period, this year this number comprised 289 persons. Nowadays tendency – the migrants are smuggled abroad by big groups, by 12-25 persons. They are also detained by the neighbors – Hungary and Slovakia. Snowy weather is an ideal condition for the border guards as it allows them to fix the traces well. For example, frozen rivers close access to divers. Thus, namely in this period a certain intensification is notices as to the tobacco smuggling as well as attempts of illegal migrants to cross the border.