Two foreigners getting to Poland were detained at the border


Last weekend the border guards detained two foreigners, who tried to cross illegally to Poland.

Thus, the border guards Mostyskyi Detachment in the checkpoint “Shehyni” at the Ukrainian-Polish border, had received information from the residents of one of the border villages about appearance of a stranger in the border area. The local residents reported the local police inspector about a man’s trip from the village to the border, so a  response team of border guards was sent immediatedly to search him. In less than a kilometer from the Poland the soldiers caught the violator, he was a citizen of Tajikistan, born in 1989. The man reported that in this way he attempted to migrate illegally to countries of the European Union and arrived in Ukraine legally by the plane the day before. The decision on the case as to the attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine will be made by the court.

Another foreigner traveled to Poland was apprehended by the border guards of Lutsk Detachment at the checkpoint “Yagodin-auto”. The citizen went by bus “Lviv-Wroclaw (Poland)”. The border guards established that he provided the foreign passport of the citizen of Spain. In fact, the traveler was a citizen of Turkey. Administrative protocol was drawn up as to the violator for attempt to cross illegally the state border, the case would be forwarded to the court. It should be noted that the foreigner also arrived to Ukraine in established order through one of the airports in the country.