Eighteen illegal migrants edged through Lviv region to the countries of European Union


The staff of SBGS in Lviv region detained a group of illegal migrants. The “travelers”, women and children among them, were getting to the countries of European Union.   The border guards of BD “Smilnytsya”, Mostyskyi Detachment in due time learned about appearance of Asian appearance in the border area, who were moving towards the border. Reaction group started to the place immediately, and the border area was guarded by additional details. In addition, the border guards informed the neighboring subdivisions and colleagues from Poland. Soon, in the course of searching action, the border guards found 18 persons. The majority of the detainees had no any identifying documents. The border guards established that 16 illegal migrants were the citizens of Iraq and 2 were from Turkey. Besides, there were 4 women and 2 children among the detainees. Currently, the filtration measures are undertaken and all circumstances of their illegal trip are verified.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/%20video%20-18-nelegalnih-migrantiv-cherez-lvivshchinu-probiralisya-v-kraini-vropi/