Illegal migrant and two his smugglers were detained by the border guards nearby Luhansk region


A citizen of Azerbaijan and two of his smugglers were detained by the staff of the BU “Markivka”, Luhansk Detachment according to information received from the staff of the operational units of the Eastern regional Department.

Thus, the border detail from the BU “Markivka” arrived to the supposed place of the border crossing. With the help of a night vision device the law enforcement officers detained two persons coming from Russia. They were 34-year-old Azerbaijan and his smuggler, citizen of Ukraine.

Subsequently, as a result of the search actions, at distance about 1 km from the border line the border guards found the car driven by the local resident, who was the accomplice of the smuggler.

The offenders were detained in administrative order for an attempt to violate the state border. Soon, the National Police was informed about the criminal offense detection under the Article 332 of the Crime Code “Illegal transfer of persons across the state border of Ukraine”.