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Border guards detected two women from Teheran having gorged passports from Austria in Boryspil Airport


The staff of SBGS revealed two passport document not belonged to persons presented them in the Boryspil Airport. Two citizens (women) of Iran intended to use someone’s passports in order to improve their life conditions. As they reported during the interview, they bought these passport documents in Austria for $12 000. The violators were detected during check in for the flight “Teheran-Kyiv”. Persons were rejected in crossing the state border and banned to enter Ukraine for the period of three years.


Border guards did not allow citizen of Turkey to use forged passport and to get to Austria


The border guards found forged passport in a foreigner in the course of verification procedures in the Boryspil Airport, who intended to get to Austria. The citizen of Turkey planned to use the forgery. The man traveled through Ukraine by transit. When performing checking the border guard doubted in validity of the passport document. Upon thorough examination of the passport it was established that it was completely forged. Currently, the foreigner has already been sent by back flight to Istanbul.


Lviv and Kharkiv border guards apprehended Turk and Russian


During patrolling close to border on Poland and Russia, the staff of State Border Guard Service apprehended citizens of Turkey and Russia. The violators were revealed by district inspector of Mostytskyi and Kharkiv Detachment. The citizen of Turkey was stopped in the suburb of the village Trushevychi. And Russian traveling to Ukraine beyond the check points was detained by the military men 10 meters before the Ukrainian-Russian border. So far, the violator was detained for performing verification actions and drawing up administrative materials.


Border guards found forged signs of State Border Guards Service


At night the citizens of Armenia came the citizen of Armenia to the check point at the border on Russia on entrance to Ukraine. When undergoing passport control the border guards found 2 forged border passing signs of SBGSU in the passport document. When establishing the facts of these signs origin the foreigner aiming to solve this problem offered the border guard a bribe in the amount of 800 UAH, for which he categorical reject. So far, the border guards applied all necessary measures as for revealed infringement. The notifications were forwarded to competent law enforcement agencies about illegal actions involving the signs of criminal offences stipulated by Article358 (forged documents, seals, stamps or forms, sale or use of forged documents, seals, stamps) and article 369 (offer, promise and provision of illegal benefit to a service person) of crime Code of Ukraine. The offender was handed to the policemen in order to undertake a legal decision.


Border guards revealed forged visa in documents of Turkish citizens making his way to Italy


When performing control action in the International Airport Boryspil  the border guards found forged visa not corresponding to established sample in the foreigner raveling by transit through Ukraine. The citizen of Turkey intended to get to Italy and for his trip he used false visa of this country. According to the man’s words it was established that he paid 5000 euro for these services. The forged document the citizen received in Turkey and made his way to Milan. Currently, the citizen of Turkey is sent by back flight to Istanbul.


Border guards detained two groups of illegal migrants from India at the border on Hungary and Slovakia


The staff of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine detained two groups of illegal migrants from India in the course of operative actions.  Thus, border guards of BD “Goronglab”, Mukachevo Detachment, detained two illegal migrants from India and their smugglers. Local residents informed about appearance of a car, a driver of which asked for way to the border, within the frontier area. Yet, border guards apprehended found mentioned car and stopped it for check in some minutes in the suburb of the village Danylivka, Berehovo district. Except the driver there were four more persons inside the car, two of them were the citizen of India, one person from Germany and one from Ukraine. Aiming to clarify all circumstances of the infringement detained persons were invited to the Border Guard Department. During interview the border guards established that Indians intended to get illegally to one of EU countries. The citizens of India also reported that citizen of Ukraine and Germany accompanied them promises to help crossing the border. As to this fact, the notification on criminal offence according to Part 2 Article 332 of Crime Code of Ukraine (Illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine) was forwarded to Berehovo Department of National Police Head Office in Transcarpathian region. The protocols on attempt to cross the state border were drawn up as to Indians; the case is forwarded to the court.

Besides, border guards of BD “Uzhgorod”, Chop Detachment, detained two citizens of India nearby railway station of Uzhhorod town. Information about two Asians asking to deliver them to Ukrainian-Slovakian border was received by operative agents of Border department. Detained Indians were placed to Temporary Detention Facility of Chop Border Detachment. Upon clarification of all circumstances they would be called to administrative responsibility as to Part 2 article 204-1 of Administrative Infringement Code of Ukraine (Violation or attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine).


Border guards apprehended organizer of illegal migration to Poland


The staff of State Border Guard Service together with the representatives of National Police and under control of Lviv Public Prosecutor’s Office revealed and detained the organizer of illegal transportation of Asian migrants to Europe. Yet, at the beginning of the year, the Operative Subdivisions of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine have received information about arrangement of smuggling channel in Lviv region to Poland. It was managed to establish that the citizen (woman) of Ukraine was the initiator of this illegal business. Also, the border guards documented three facts of Turkish, Pakistani and Bangladesh citizens’ transportation from Ukraine to EU. The whole mechanism and scheme of unlawful activity of the organizer and her accomplices was disclosed. Afterwards, the operation was performed on their simultaneous detention.

A minivan was stopped in the suburb of Rava-Ruska with four migrants from Pakistan and Turkey accompanied by the organizer and accomplice. At the same time, tow other accomplices involved in the illegal migration channel were apprehended in Lviv region. The members of unlawful grouping were declared to be suspicious in crime commitment stipulated by Part 2 Article 332 of Crime Code of Ukraine and placed to the Temporary Containment Cell. Currently, a preventive measure was applied to the detainees in the form of imprisonment.


Group of illegal migrants and smuggler were detained in Transcarpathia


Seven illegal migrants from South-Eastern Asia were apprehended by the border guards of the Western Regional Department and Chop Detachment together with the staff of National Police Department in Transcarpathian region. When information was verified represented by operative staff the law enforcers found 4 undocumented citizens of Bangladesh and 3 citizens of Sri Lanka in the village of Malyi Bereznyi. Illegal migrants together with their smuggler – local resident- were found nearby the house. According to preliminary information, the man had to assist in smuggling 7 illegal migrants over the Ukrainian-Slovakian border. So far, the filtration-verification measures are performed as to the detainees. Upon their identification, the violators would be called to administrative responsibility as to Part 2 Article 204-1 of Administrative Infringements Code of Ukraine “Violation or attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine”.


Border guards apprehended illegal migrants from Asia in Transcarpathia


The border guards of BD “Velyka Palad”, Mukachevo Detachment, detained four illegal migrants from the Southern Asia in the frames of operation “Border-2017”. One man and three women were stopped by border detail 50 m before the Ukrainian-Hungarian border. Detainees had no any documents. They reported the border guards to be the citizens of Pakistan and intended illegally to cross the border on Hungary, and then to improve their life conditions in one f EU countries. Detainees were delivered to border subdivision. So far, filtration-verification measures continue, the circumstances of infringement are established. The protocols on administrative infringement are prepared as for the foreigners for attempt to cross the state border; the case will be passed to the court


Border guards apprehended two foreigners attempting to cross the border on Russia in illegal way


Two foreigners attempting to cross Ukrainian-Russian border were apprehended by the border guards of Sumy Detachment. One of the violators decided to get to Ukraine beyond the check point “Bachivsk” in the direction of Russia village. During the documents verification procedure it was established that the man did not have any, he introduced as the citizen of Georgia. This person was apprehended for the period of 3 days in order to identify him. Afterwards, protocol on administrative infringement will be prepared for illegal cross of the border.

One more violator was detained by the military men of BD “Bilopillya” early in the morning when special device out 10 meters before the border. According to the results of verification it was established that detainee had been a citizen of Moldova, who exceeded the stay term within Ukraine for 164 days. Corresponding materials were drawn up at to the citizen for his attempt to cross the state border and decision was made as to his compulsory return to the country of origin.