Two foreigners without documents and the driver carrying them were detained in Uzhhorod


According to the obtained data, a collaborative detail consisting of the border guards, employees of the Security Service and National Police, on the outskirts of the city the car “Audi” of Polish registration being driven by Polish citizen was stopped. Except the driver, there were three more passengers in the vehicle – the citizen of Ukraine and two male foreigners. During check the policemen found out that the men had no documents proving their identity.  One of them introduced himself as a citizen of Turkey, and the other – Azerbaijan.

For the purpose of clarification of the offence circumstances, the driver and passengers were detained in administrative way. They were taken to the BU “Uzhhorod”. After the foreigners’ identification, they will be brought to administrative responsibility under article 202 of the Administrative Code “Violation of the border regime, regime at the checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine or regime rules at entry and exit checkpoints”.


Detained Jordanian tried to pay off the border guards


The border patrol together with the employee of the National Police stopped the man for the purpose of the documents verification. He introduced himself a citizen of Jordan and claimed that he studied at one of the universities of Uzhhorod. However, the foreigner could not confirm it in any way, as well as the legality of his stay on the territory of Ukraine.

Therefore, the offender was detained in administrative order to establish the identity and circumstances of the offense. During the preparation of the materials of the administrative case on the signs of the offense provided for in the Article 202 of the AICU “Violation of the border regime, regime at checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine or regime rules in the checkpoints of entry – departure”, the Jordanian was trying to buy off the border guards with bribes.

The foreigner offered the bribe to the border patrol in the amount of five thousand UAH. The law enforcement authorities refused illegal remuneration.  So far, the offender will have to answer for the crime commitment under the Article 369 of the Crime Code “Offer, promise or provision of unlawful benefits to an official”.


Agreement signing between the government of Ukraine and Republic of Moldova on readmission of persons


On February 1, 2019, the Agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the government of the Republic of Moldova on the readmission of persons and the Implementation Protocol on the procedure for its implementation comes into force being signed on October 6, 2017.

The agreement regulates in detail the procedure for readmission  implementation under the accelerated procedure, which does not provide for the current agreement between the government of Ukraine and the government of the Republic of Moldova on the reception and transfer of persons across the Ukrainian-Moldovian state border (committed 11.03.1997), which simultaneously terminates.   

A new agreement defines what a “border area” is and provides that persons detained in the border area are readmitted under the accelerated procedure. It provides a detailed list of documents and evidences indicating the existence of grounds for readmission. And also clearly defines the terms within which the parties submit, consider requests and provide answers to them.

This will make it possible to quickly and effectively identify and safely and in an organized manner return persons who do not comply with the rules of entry, exit and are illegally in the territories of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. In addition, it will ensure Ukraine’s compliance with its obligations to the European community and the international community to introduce effective levers for the implementation of state policy in the field of readmission of persons.


Illegal migrants from India were revealed by the border guards


Information about the appearance of two foreigners in the area of the Department “Shegini” was received by the border guards of the Mostyskyi Detachment from a local resident. Therefore, the response group was sent to find the violators at once and  detained illegal immigrants. One of the foreigners did not have any documents. However, further verification activities made it possible to find out that both were the citizens of India and planned to get illegally to Poland bypassing the checkpoint.

Currently, the illegal migrants were taken to the border units to clarify the circumstances of their offences and prepare administrative documents. The filtration events are continued.


A group of Asians escaping the smugglers was detained by the border guards in Transcarpathia


Last night, the border guards of the Tysa Department, Chop Border Detachment detained a group of Asians who were trying to get illegally to Hungary bypassing the checkpoints.

Information about appearance of the unknown person was received by the border guards from a local resident. Therefore, a research group started to look for the violators at once, which found illegal immigrants in the suburb of the town of Chop.

The foreigners, three of whom introduced as Bangladeshis and one Pakistani, did not have any documents with them. They reported about paying to the traffickers a lot of money for their “trip”. First, their compatriots helped them to get to Transcarpathia for a monetary reward of 13 thousand euros, where they lived for some time in one of the premises. Other dealers took all the documents and another 9 thousand dollars and threatened in case of disobedience with punishment, the Asians decided to escape from the apartment. They got out of the house through the window and began to make their own way towards the border. At this moment information about them was received by the local inspector of border Department “Tysa”.

Currently, the measures are taken to establishment the persons involved in illegal activity. After carrying out necessary procedural actions the detainees were taken to the Temporary Detention Centre of Chop Detachment. The offnders will be brought to administrative responsibility under Part 1 Art. 204 – 1 of the AICU “Illegal cross or attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine”.


African who planned to get to Austria by someone’s document was detained in Transcarpathia


During the inspection of passengers from the train “Kiev – Vienna” the border guards had doubts about the validity of an Italian citizen’s passport. During further in-depth study of the document the law enforcement authorities have established that the document provided for control doesn’t belong to the bearer.

The foreigner, who insisted to be Italian and owner of the passport presented, was detained and transferred to the Temporary Detention Center of the Chop Border Detachment. After identification, he will be brought to administrative responsibility under Part 1 Art. 204 – 1 of the AICU “Illegal cross or attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine”. In addition, a notification was forwarded to Uzhhorod Department of the National Police in the Transcarpathian region about the signs detection of the criminal offense under Part 3 Article 357 of the Crime Code “Kidnapping, misappropriation, extortion of documents, stamps, seals and taking them by fraud or abuse of office or their damage.” The invalid passport was handed over to employees of the National Police for examination.


Citizen of Turkey attempted to avoid the check point in Transcarpathia


In the check point “Luzhanka” the detail has revealed 44-year-old foregner, who attempted to cross the border illegally.  The man passed by the passport control desk not providing documents for control. The border guards detained the offender immediately. In the course of filtration activities it was established that the Turk citizen tried the cross the state border not for the first time. In October 2018 the border guards apprehended the foreigner, when he wished to cross Ukrainian-Polish border beyond the check point. For the committed offense, the Turk will bear the responsibility for which is provided in Part 1 Article. 204 of AICU “Illegal cross or attempt to cross illegally the state border”, as well as a protocol was drawn up. The foreigner’s fate and assessment of his actions will be determined by the court.


Citizen of Congo attempted to use forged document to get to Italy


The border guards of the separate check point “Kyiv” found a forged document belonging to a passenger, who planned to get on the flight “Kyiv-Milan”. The Ukrainian law enforcers established that in order to pass the border control he provided a fully forged ID-card of the citizen of France. The person was returned by a back flight to Turkey and was banned to enter Ukraine for a period of 3 years.

It will be recalled that during the passport control in the check points the staff of the SBGS revealed and refused almost 4650 potential migrants to enter Ukraine in 2018. These were mainly the citizens of the RF (563), Turkey (490), Moldova (468), India (430), Georgia (361), Iraq (349) and Uzbekistan (195), as well as Nigeria (152), Libya (150), Iran (133) and Morocco (104). Source:

Illegal migrant from Lebanon was found by the border guards in Lviv


According to a local resident’s information, the border guards of the Lviv Detachment a foreigner intended to illegally cross the state border outside the checkpoint. The man was unable to show identity documents. However, according to his words he was a Lebanese citizen.

Currently, the illegal migrant was taken to the Department of the BU “Pavlovich” to clarify the circumstances of the offense and prepare administrative documents. 


Two Vietnamese citizens making their way to Slovakia were detained by the border guards in Transcarpathia


The border guards of the BU “Uzhhorod” received information in advance about the intentions of migrants from the countries of migration risk to cross to cross the Ukrainian border in illegal way. The response groups started to the place immediately. Soon, the border guards of the Chop Detachment detained a man and a woman of Asian appearance 500 m before the border. It turned out that the citizens of Vietnam, having no any documents, tried to get to Slovakia illegally.

The police drew up the administrative protocols on attempt to violate the border of Ukraine. So far, the filtration actions are carried out and the circle of the persons involved in their illegal travel is established.

It should be noted that the organizers of illegal migration channels constantly put at risk the lives of illegal immigrants, because, despite the weather conditions and sub-zero temperatures, for profit they continue to send groups on a dangerous journey. It will be added that repeatedly the illegal migrants receive freezing injuries during thesetrips and sometimes they led to death.

It will be recalled that the other day the border guards in Transcarpathia detained the citizens of Egypt and Morocco. Frozen and exhausted illegal migrants were found in the mountanious area. The border guards immediately provided first aid to the foreigners.