Rivne region “closed doors” before 15 illegal migrants

Foreigners who are engaged in unlawful trade, do not have corresponding document on employment, violate the rules of traffic and are not in a hurry to be registered fall more often into line of vision of police of Rivne region. For some time past a “flow” of Georgian citizens is noticed who usually migrate from Russian Federation where more strict conditions started to act as to their stay at the territory. In the course of operation “Migrant” implementation in period form October 26 to November 4 such persons were not detected in this region. However, policemen had a chance to communicate with illegal migrants of other nationalities – 2 Uzbeks, 7 Russians, 6 – Byelorussians, 1 – Azerbaijanian and 1 Moldavian. 15 of them were expelled from the country, and 17 more were shortened the term of stay in Ukraine.  71 persons were called for violation of legislation on legal status of the foreigners to administrative responsibility, 49 foreigners – for the violation of the rules on stay in Ukraine and transit trip through the territory, 19 citizens of Ukraine who assisted in employment of the foreigners. A family from Uzbekistan had to leave. They came to Rivne illegally and settled in a rented flat. This family had business at local market selling industrial goods without corresponding permissions and licenses. Usually immigrants from Uzbekistan make their way to Ukraine with their “brand” things as it is in demand here. Considering this family, a husband and a wife ignored decisions made on their voluntary expel in November of the last year and prohibition on their entrance for six months. Now, according to the decision of District Administrative Court they were deported in compulsory order banned to cross the border of our state for the nearest five years.

Workers of Service of Citizenship, Immigration and Registration of Physical persons are helped in detection of illegal migrants and foreigner-violators by the bodies of local self-government and mean residents.