Two employees from the Internal Affairs Authorities of the Russian Federation asked for political asylum in Ukraine


These citizens are acting employees of the Internal Affairs Authorities of the Russian Federation, who are persecuted in Russia for their principled position on combating crime. The reason that prompted them to seek political asylum in Ukraine was the concealment from prosecution in connection with their official activities.

According to the citizens of Russia, they were the victims of persecution of influential persons because they tried to counter the spread of drugs in pharmacies in the area of their responsibility. The Russians explain that the persons who came to their attention as police officers of the Russian Federation, is a stable criminal groups involved in the distribution of drugs, with a clear and extensive system of relations among the officials of different levels in the power structures of the Russian Federation.

Currently, the facts against them are fabricated and the order is under investigation by the Investigative Committee.

Not hoping for a fair investigation in connection with the order “from above” they decided to escape from Russia to Ukraine. The Russians also noted, the friends told them that there was a real threat to their freedom, health and even life.

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