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Mobile block post is organized near Uzhhorod. Illegal migrants are wanted


Police and border guards thoroughly checked almost all trucks and minibuses at the entrance to the regional centre from the side of Mukachevo. These actions were performed in the frames of special operation headed by the border guards, who record exceptional growth in the flow of illegal migrants – 80% more in comparison with previous year. In the frames of special the operation the staff and special technologies were sent to enforce activities.


Citizen of Czech Republic smuggled Vietnamese from Transcarpathia to Hungary


In the frames of the target preventive measures “Migrant” the cadets of National Academy of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, who arrived to Transcarpathia aiming to strengthen the combat against the unlawful activity emergence, detained a group of illegal migrants and their possible smuggler. When patrolling the border detail was observing the movement of six persons from the suburb of the village Tysobyken, Vynohradiv district, in the direction of the state line by means of the thermal imaging device. Already in some minutes the cadets together with the reaction group of BD “Vilok”, Mukachevo Detachment, apprehended illegal migrants 50 m before the border, when they attempted to overcome the barrage fence. Detainees were five men and a woman. Only one of the detainees had passport of the Czech Republic. The rest violator reported to be the citizens of Vietnam being without any documents. In the course of further searching actions the border guards discovered also the car belonging to the detained citizen of Czech Republic. The foreigner confessed that he lifted the foreigners who planned to cross the border on Hungary in illegal way. Aiming to undertake filtration measures and drawing up administrative documents all foreigners were delivered to Border Guard Department “Vilok”. The Police staff was informed as to possible constituent elements of offence provided by the Part 2 Art. 332 of Crime Code of Ukraine (Illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine) in order to make a legal decision on this case. The court will perform a legal assessment of the actions committed by the travelers and their probable smuggler.



EU borders are reinforced because of illegal migrants’ rush to Transcarpathia


More than 100 border guards arrived to Transcarpathia accompanied by the service dogs and more than 30 units of equipment. The border guards’ reserves reinforcement is required due to a sufficient increase in the flow of illegal migration to Transcarpathia – to 80% in comparison with the previous year. There were 161 persons detained last year during summer-autumn period, this year this number comprised 289 persons. Nowadays tendency – the migrants are smuggled abroad by big groups, by 12-25 persons. They are also detained by the neighbors – Hungary and Slovakia. Snowy weather is an ideal condition for the border guards as it allows them to fix the traces well. For example, frozen rivers close access to divers. Thus, namely in this period a certain intensification is notices as to the tobacco smuggling as well as attempts of illegal migrants to cross the border.


Two trucks with illegal migrants were delivered to Slovakia


Slovakian Police detained 78 illegal migrants in the south of the country, who were transported in two trucks. The migrant were from Iraq, Iran and Syria. According to the preliminary information, the smugglers transported illegal migrants from Romania, and then they planned to deliver them to Germany. Police stopped two trucks in the Zhylina town being driven by Turkish driver. When performing the search the law enforcers found migrants, there were children among them. For the past time, it is the greatest case of illegal migration to Slovakia.


Two citizens of Turkey were apprehended when they overcome barrage fence in Transcarpathian region


Border guards of Chop Detachment detained two citizens of Turkey close to the Ukrainian-Slovakian border. The men were getting through at night in direction to the engineer fences at the border. However, reaction groups, the cadets of National Academy were included into its composition, arrived to strengthen the border and detained the violators during their overcoming the barrage fence. During the verification process it was established that these person arrived to Ukraine in a determined order. Protocols were drawn up as to the detainees according to Part 2 Article 204-1 of AICU, the persons stay in the Temporary Detention Facility. The Transcarpathian Centre on Secondary Free Legal Aid was also informed on this point.


Two citizens of Moldova were stopped by Lviv border guards during attempt to cross the border


Lviv border guards apprehended two foreigners near the border. Local residents informed the officers of BD “Shegeni”, Mostytskyi Detachment, about appearance of foreigners in the border area. Reaction group checked provided information and soon detained two violators. They were the citizens of Moldova, who had some documents. So far, their intention to cross the border is established. Protocols were drawn up to the violators as to Art. 204-1 of AICU. The foreigners are detained for 3 days and stay in the Temporary Detention Facility. Currently, it is known that foreigners arrived to Ukraine in legal way via the check point in Odessa.


Three illegal migrants were apprehended at the border on Poland


Two citizens of Iraq attempted to cross the state border in illegal way in order to get to the neighboring Poland. Their plans failed due to the inspector of Border Guard service, who noticing the violators informed immediately the staff on duty of BD “Nyzhankovychi”. Border detail arrived at once – the travelers were detained 250 m before the border line. Protocol was drawn up as to the violators in accordance with the Part 2 Article 204-1 of AICU.

One more illegal migrant was detained by the border guards of BD “Krakovets”. Information about unknown person was provided by the local resident. The reaction group revealed the foreigner in the distance of 1.5 km from the state border line. Detainee was the citizen of Kyrgyzstan.

Currently, all three detainees are in the Temporary detention Facility of Mostytskyi detachment.


Two foreigners with forged passports and one invalid visa were apprehended in Boryspil


Border guards of Separate check point “Kyiv” detained two foreigners with partially forged passport documents. The citizens of Iran arrived to the International Airport Boryspil traveling to Vienna. When checking documents the inspector of Border Guard Service doubted in validity of provided documents, and handed the passports over for thorough examination. Upon verification it was established that both documents contained partial forgery, namely replacement of page with constituent data. The tourists used the foreign passports of the citizens of Finland and the Netherlands. They paid $ 900 and $ 3000 for the forgeries. Instead of the cherished Europe they will be returned to Colombo.

One more inventive foreigner aiming to stay in Ukraine was revealed by the border guards some hours later. The citizen of Pakistan made his way by the flight to Kyiv. However, he failed to undergo the border control. The border guards established that Ukrainian visa in his passport was partial forged. The man was rejected in entering Ukraine for a period of three years. Soon, the man will be returned by a back flight to Almaty.


Transcarpathian border guards together with local residents apprehended two violators


Due to timely received information from the residents of border area the officers of Chop Detachment detained two violators nearby the state line. First, they received information about unknown person moving towards to the border near BD “Uzhhorod”. Reaction group started to the place to look for the violator, who was apprehended immediately upon his overcoming the barrage fence. Detainee was the citizen of Belarus. Justifying own actions he explained that he had seemed to be lost, although he tried to escape during his detention. The foreigner is brought to administrative liability for the committed offense and will be forcibly returned to the territory of Belarus.

Soon the district inspector of BD “Tysa” received another message about another possible attempt to break the border. Border detail went to the mentioned locality and unknown person was apprehended 500 meters before the border. The man who introduced himself as a citizen of Ukraine initially argued that he was a resident of the border village Solomonov. When the law-enforcers offered him to indicate the address of his residence and go there to take documents, he admitted that he had deceived the border guards and had no documents.

The detainee was taken to Chop Temporary Detention Facility. After person’s identification the offender will be brought to administrative responsibility.


Transcarpathian cadets of State Border Guard Service detained 12 Vietnamese


Twelve illegal migrants were detained in Transcarpathia, who planned to get to Europe beyond the border. The violators were revealed by the border detail composed of the cadets of National Academy of SBGS, who arrived for strengthening purposes to the Chop Border Detachment in the frames of joint special border operation “Border-2017”. Moving towards the place of service performance, the border guards noticed a group of persons nearby the border, who got through the woods in the direction of Slovakia. Reaction group of BD “Novoselytsya” started to the place and detained the violators. The foreigners, among which there were 7 men and 4 women, did not have any documents; however, they introduced to be the citizens of Vietnam.

Subsequently, the border guard revealed another Vietnamese citizen hiding from the  law enforcemers nearby. Currently, the searches go on directed upon the identification of potential guides and other illegal immigrants.

The identified offenders were taken to the BD “Novoselytsya”. Upon clarifying all the circumstances and establishing their personalities they will be brought to administrative responsibility under Art. 204-1 (Illegal cross or attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine).