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Ukraine is ranked among Top-10 country-donors of migrants in the world. How many Ukrainians are there abroad?

According to the estimates the number of labor migrants from Ukraine reaches 4 mln persons, meanwhile about 2.6-2.7 mln persons can stay outside the country. It is reported by the Centre for Economic Strategies. The most powerful factor is economic, the Ukrainians seek higher payment for work. Currently, the migration flow bears a shuttle, short-term character: the majority of labor migrants earn money abroad and wish to get back to Ukraine.

“Indisputably, the Crimean annexation and deployment of military actions in Donbas have also affected the Ukrainians’ migration. These circumstances combined with the simplification of the legislation in the countries of the Eastern Europe, have changed the structure of migration flows. However, Russia is still one of the most popular migration flows. Since 2014 the migration flows has been changed from Russia to Poland. Generally, for the years 2014-2016 Ukrainians started to travel in the western direction by 42% more often, and the number of the migrants, who moved officially for earnings, has increased in three times.

It is mentioned that the most noticeable positive factor of Ukrainians’ external labor migration is that the most part of money earned abroad return to Ukraine. These funds support the rate of the national currency and finance the households.

The major negative factors are the labor market disbalancing, higher expectations of the workers regarding the salary size, possible deepening in wealth between the households, ineffective use of state costs for social protection.

“Ukraine shall develop efficient policy in the migration sphere in order to have an opportunity to make the consequences more under control. Policy development shall be based on the reliable statistic data. Thus, the top priority task of the country is to improve the data base on migration flows, which demands interagency and inter-regional coordination of efforts”, – it is summed up in the investigation.


Three illegal migrants from Africa were apprehended in Transcarpathia


The border guards of BD “Goronglab”, Mukachevo Detachment received information from Hungarian colleagues about appearance of unfamiliar persons near the border. In a result of searching actions three persons were detained – two citizens of Sudan and one from Somalia. The men aged 27, 28 and 37 walking to Ukrainian-Hungarian border were apprehended in the suburb of the village Shom. The illegal migrants had only certificates on application for protection in Ukraine.

During verification the border guards established that the detainees had resided lately in Uzhhorod, however they did not plan to stay in Ukraine and intended to get illegally to one of the countries of European Union. The foreigners were delivered to Border Department in order to draw up the protocols for administrative offence. The actions continue on establishment of possible circles of persons involved in organization of the migrants’ illegal trip. Their further destiny and evaluation of their actions will be determined by the court.


Two Iranians with forged passports were apprehended in the capital airport


The staff of the SBGS revealed the forged documents belonging to the foreigners in the International Airport Boryspil, when registering the passengers in the Separate check point “Kyiv”. They were two Iranians attempting to get to Dusseldorf. Their passports of the citizens of Spain were completely forged. So far, the foreigners are rejected in crossing the border of Ukraine and sent by a back flight.


Kharkiv border guards detained the trespasser from Kyrgystan


The border guards of Kharkiv Border Detachment detained the citizen of Kyrgyzstan, 1986 YOB. He tried to cross the border from Ukraine to Russia in illegal way in the area of the populated area Veterynarne. The illegal cross was prevented due to information received in time from the district inspector of State Border Guard Service. Currently, the circumstances of the offence are established. The foreigner will respond for the offence in the form of administrative responsibility.


Illegal migrants from Vietnam were apprehended at Slovakian border


Eight citizens of Vietnam were apprehended in Transcarpathian region during their attempt to cross illegally the border on Slovakia. Receiving operative information about possible motion of the group of Asians, the staff of SBGS operative departments made an ambush nearby the state border. as a result, the border guards detected 6 men and 2 women walking towards the border close to the village of Velykyi Bereznyi. The detainees having no any documents introduced themselves as the citizens of Vietnam. Verification activities are continued establishing the circumstances of the offence and persons involved in smuggling migrants. Upon offenders’ identification they will be called to administrative responsibility under the Ukrainian legislation.


Moroccan with a fake French passport was returned back in Boryspil Airport


The staff of SBGS found a citizen of Morocco in the capital airport. The foreigner wanted to go to Ukraine by a false passport of a citizen of one of EU countries.

The Moroccan arrived to Boryspil by the flight from Istanbul. During the border control, he provided the passport of a citizen of France for control. However, the border guards established that the document contained the signs of partial forgery, such as the replacement of informational pages with constituent data.

Then, the border guards also found that the man purchased the French passport 3000€ and arriving to Ukraine he planned in a few days to fly to Italy.

The foreigner was refused in border crossing and banned to enter the territory of Ukraine for the period of 3 years. He was sent back by one of the flight.


Four illegal migrants from Turkey were detained at the border on Poland


The border guards of BD “Shehyni” prevented four foreigners to enter illegally the neighboring Poland.

The local resident informed the law enforcers about the movement of unknown persons near the border. After some time, the reaction group together with the district inspector of Border Guard Service detained four citizens of Turkey. The men 1973, 1992 and 1993 YOB were documented, except the woman.

All foreigners arrived to Ukraine legally. However, having no visas, they decided to cross the border outside border crossing points.

Currently, the Turkish citizens are detained in administrative order for verification activities. The cases will be forwarded to the court.

It will be recalled that the State Border Guard Service continues the joint special border operation “Border-2018”. During May the border guards of Mostyskyi Detachment has recorded the third attempt of border crossing by the citizens of Turkey.


“Travelers” from Turkey were detained in Lviv region


The border guards detained another “travelers” from Turkey at the border on Poland.

The attentive local residents informed about unknown persons, who were on the outskirts of the village of Shehyni. The villagers saw the strangers of non-Slavic appearance walking towards the border. Reaction group started to the place immediately and detained them 300 m before the border. The wanted citizens were from Turkey, being of 1969 and 1986 YOB. The border guards established that one of them lived in Ukraine for a while legally, and the second one came to Lviv the day before.

For attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine, being committed by a group of persons, the men are brought to administrative responsibility in the form of a fine from five hundred to eight hundred untaxed minimum incomes of citizens or administrative arrest for a term of ten to fifteen days.


The organizers of illegal migration channel in order to get earned expose the unfortunate persons to unjustified risk


In the morning the border guards of BD “Salovka” of Chop Detachment in the course of the coordinated actions with the Hungarian colleagues prevented the movement of the group of illegal migrants.

Thus, at about 7 o’clock in the morning the border guards of Hungary informed through a common contact point “Záhony” about discovery of 10 illegal migrants, citizens of Afghanistan. In addition, it preliminary established that during the illegal movement across the state border 2 children from the group of 7 men and 3 women had fallen from the boat.

The border detail was Immediately sent to check the bank shallows. Hungarian MOE together with the Ukrainian border guards performs monitoring along the river Tysa. There were no any results after the search of the children. The joint search operation continues.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine appeals to the local residents of the border areas requesting them not to assist the organizers of the illegal business and not to become the accomplices in the tragic events.


Illegal immigrant from Turkey was detained at the border on Hungary


The violator attempting to to illegally enter Hungary was detained last night by the border guards of BD “Horonhlab” of Mukachevo Detachment assisted by the employees of the operative division. While checking the available operational information, the soldiers detained 26-year-old foreigner without documents on the outskirts of the village of Shom. In the course of filtration activities the border guards found out that this had been not the first attempt of the foreigner to cross illegally the border. In April 2017, he tried to get illegally to Slovakia.

So far, the foreigner is taken to the Temporary Detention Facility. The Protocol on administrative infringement was prepared as to the offender under the Part 1 Article 204 -1 of AICU. The case was forwarded to the court.