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Border guards apprehended three persons for attempt to cross the border in Lviv region


Local inhabitants informed the border guards of Mostyska Detachment about appearance of some unknown persons nearby the state border. Verifying information the border detail started to the place immediately. Soon, the officers detained three violator 50 m before the border – the citizens of Ukraine, China and Kyrgyzstan, who bypassing the check point planned to cross the Ukrainian-Polish border. The offenders will be called to administrative responsibility under article 204-1 of the AICU, they were delivered to the border unit. Currently, the law enforcers establish all circumstances of the offence.


Turk and two Azerbaijaniы attempted illegally to get to Poland


In the evening borer detail of the Border Unit “Smilnytsya” noticed the motion of a group of unknown persons 50 m before the border. the law enforcers started searches of possible offenders and soon they detained two foreigners – citizens of Turkey and Azerbaijan. At dawn, the border guards found one more Azerbaijani. It was established that all foreigners arrived to Ukraine in legal way in the end of August by sea, however, they wished to continue their trip to the EU countries illegally. They are threatened with a fine for the sum of 8500 to 13600 UAH or administrative arrest for the term of ten to fifteen days for attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine.


Group of Asians was detained nearby Slovakian border


Information on offenders stay was given to the border guards by local residents. The district inspector of the BU “Stuzhytsia” reported that there were three men of Asian appearence at the railway station “Zhornava”. The response team, which immediately started to verify the information, soon discovered a group of illegal immigrants without documents in this locality.

The Asians, who introduced themselves as the citizens of Afghanistan, were detained and taken to the Temporary Detention Facility of Chop Detachment. Upon clarifying the circumstances of the offence and identification of all three they will be brought to administrative responsibility under Part 2 Article 204-1 of AICU “Illegal cross or attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine”.


Four illegal migrants from India were detained nearby Slovakian border


Thus, last night as a result of such events, the border guards of Chop Detachment together with the officers of the National Police found and detained four migrants in Transcarpathia. It is worth noting that the local residents informed the law enforcers about the appearance of the unknown in the border area.

Four foreigners aged from 21 to 60 years were stopped near  Nevezitske village being close to the border on Slovakia. During inspection it was found that travelers had not any documents. According to their words it was established that they were the citizens of India.

The violators were detained and delivered to Police Department in order to perform further test actions.

It should be noted that from the beginning of the targeted preventive operation “Migrant” performed by the SBGS together with other interacting bodies more than 2786 administrative protocols were drawn up under  Article 203 of AICU “Violation of the stay rules in Ukraine by the foreigners and stateless persons and transit pass through the territory of Ukraine”. In total, the fines were imposed for the sum more than 14,5 million UAH.


Revealed scheme of illegal issue of the passports of the Ukrainian citizens to the migrants from countries of Asia and Africa by forged documents


As part of the special operation “Migrant” the joint inter-agency group composed of operational units of SBGS, the Main Investigation Department of the National Police, Department of National Security and National Police for procedural guidance of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine exposed and documented the organizers of the illegal migration channel. In particular, the immigrants from Asia and Africa were illegally issued passports of the citizens of Ukraine for travelling abroad, and for this purpose they used forged passports of citizens of Ukraine and seals on registration of the captured persons on the territory of Crimea. The scheme functioned at the assistance of the officials of the Migration Service in Odessa region.

During a pretrial investigation the law enforcers established more than 60 facts of the illegal issuance of fake passports by the professional staff of the Migration Service to the foreigners and stateless persons. Some of them even  did not cross the state border of Ukraine.

On August 30, the Inter-Agency group conducted more than 30 searches at the place of residence of the defendants in the case and in the structural subdivisions of the Migration Service in Odessa region. The large sums of cash in foreign currency were confiscated as well as documents, seals and other tools of crime.

According to the results of the conducted actions, the persons involved in the case were declared a suspicion of illegal transfer of foreign citizens across the state border of Ukraine.

At present, the further investigation (searching) actions are aimed at collecting evidences of the committed criminal offences and detection of other facts of illegal issuance of documents to foreigners.


Border guards detained three Cameroons at the Polish border


Reaction group of the BD “Sheheni”, Mostyska Detachment, detained three illegal migrants at the approaches to the state border. In the course of verification actions it was established that the seekers of “better life” arrived from Cameroon. Currently, the offenders are detained in the special premise of the Border Unit, where the circumstances of ther illegal trip are investigated. Detainees will have to bear administrative responsibility for the attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine.


Transcarpathian law enforcers detained 6 illegal immigrants


The staff of State Border Guard Service together with the law enforcement agencies conduct the events on counteraction to illegal movement by the illegal migrants across the state border.

Thus, in the framework of the joint special border operation “BORDER-2018” and the target preventive measures “Migrant”, inter-agency group, consisting of operational staff of the State Border Guard Service, representatives of the National Police and the State Migration Service, on the highway “Kyiv-Chop” on the outskirts of the village Velyki Lazy in Transcarpathian  region stopped the van “OPEL ZAFIRA” of Polish registration driven by the citizen of the Russian Federation, in which he was transporting 6 undocumented persons, who introduced themselves as the citizens of Afghanistan.

The detained persons were delivered to the Border Unit “Uzhhorod” aiming to conduct filtration and verification actions. During interview the foreigners reported about their plans on getting the EU countries beyond the check points.

The RF citizen was arrested under the Art. 208 of the Crime Code of Ukraine (Detention by an authorized official) by the representatives of the National Police in the Transcarpathian region.


Border guards in Sumy region apprehended three Cubans illegally arrived to Ukraine from the territory of the Russian Federation


Realizing information of the operational units, the border detail patrol detained three foreigners on the road between the villages Bars and Bunyakyno, Putivl district . The persons had ID cards of the citizens of the Republic of Cuba.

Previously it was established that the offenders arrived to the territory of Ukraine illegally outside the check points crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border swimming it across the Seim river.

Currently, the offenders are delivered to the Border Unit “Bilopillya” for drawing up administrative materials. The relevant law enforcement agencies are informed.


Border details detained two illegal migrants in Bukovyn


Continuing action on combating the unlawful activities in the framework of the joint special border operation “Border – 2018” and target preventive actions for the implementation of legislation in the sphere of migration “Migrant” the strengthening of the Ukrainian-Romanian border had been performed already for the fourth time during the summer period.

Two illegal migrants were detained at this direction. Border detail stopped the offenders 600 metres before the state border line. The man had no any documents and introduced as the citizens of Turkey. It should be mentioned that one of the Turkish was “familiar” to the border guards, as the man had previously been detained by the border guards of the Border Unit “Krasnoilsk” for his attempt to cross illegally the state border.

Detained illegal migrants are detained for their identification, the protocols will be drawn up on administrative violations, their fate will be decided by the court.


The law enforcers detained two citizens of Syria nearby the Polish border


Thus, the border guards of the BD “Syanky”, Mostyska Detachment, togather with the policemen found the foreigners during the check of the car. The persons from the Middle East were driving in the car of Lithuania registration in the Transcarpathian region. One of the Syrians had no any identification documents, the other had a certificate of application for protection in Ukraine.

One Syrian citizen was arrested up to 3 days for identification, he was placed to the Temporary Detention Facility, the other man was brought to the administrative responsibility under the Art 202 of the AICU.