Seven citizens of Mongolia were apprehended in Lviv border area


The border guards Mostyska Detachment stopped to check the van “Dodge” in the Lviv region near the state border of Ukraine. The vehicle was driven by the Lviv resident, YOB 1965, who could not confidently explain the purpose of stay in the border area.

The border guards asked the driver to provide the car for the inspection  in which, as it turned out, except the driver, there were seven more citizens of Mongolia. Four foreigners had identity documents, and three, including a 6-year-old girl, did not. During the preliminary check, the border guards found out that the Mongols at different times previously legally arrived in Ukraine, and the foreigners’ purpose was to travel illegally to Western Europe. Both the driver and the passengers of the minibus were detained, and the investigative-task force of the National Police of Ukraine was called to the place.

For the attempt of illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine, committed by a group of persons, the citizens of Mongolia will stand trial. As for the minibus driver, the documents on the administrative offense were prepared under the Part 3 Article 206-1 of the Administrative Code “Illegal transportation of foreigners and stateless persons by the territory of Ukraine”. Also all circumstances of the case about entering of information into the state register concerning the criminal offense with assistance of the driver’s attempt to transport illegally the persons through the border of Ukraine are studied. Source: