Border guards detained night offenders


The law enforcers of the Mostysk Border Detachment detained two Iraqis who were walking at night making their way through the Ukrainian-Polish border.

The border guards of the BU “Smilnytsya” received an advance information from the colleagues of the Operational-Investigative Units on any possible breach of the border. Thus, at the direction of the probable movement of offenders, the border guards put up border details. As a result of the measures made, the law enforcers detained two men at the border, who were traveling in the direction of Poland bypassing the checkpoints. As it became known later, the detainees were the citizens of Iraq, born in 1994 and 1999. They arrived to Ukraine legally by the plane in the end of last year. Currently, measures are taken to establish all circumstances of the case. For the attempt of illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine, committed by a group of persons, the foreigners will stand trial.

And the border guards Bilhorod-Dniester Detachment, according to the information provided by the representatives of the Investigative Unit of the Southern Regional Department of the SBGS, detained two undocumented citizens vice in the area of the BU “Stepanivka”, who illegally crossed the border from the neighbouring Moldova to Ukraine. The young people of age 18 and 19 having no documents required for a legal border crossing decided to get to the territory of Ukraine in an illegal way. The residents of Moldova hoped that the border guards would not see them and at night they realized their plan. Both violators were detained near the border and taken to the border unit for identification and bringing to justice.