Border guards revealed offenders in the check points


Citizen of Iran using for her trip two packets of documents, one of which was partially forged, was revealed by the border guards of the Separate check point “Kyiv”.  The woman arrived by the plane from Istanbul and correspondingly to the ticket possessed she had to arrive to Erevan. However, she checked in for the fly to Stockholm, where she intended to use another packet of documents. So, having Swedish ticket the traveler provided her passport of the citizen of Great Britain. Namely in this document the border guards found a partial forgery – replacement of the information page. During interview the border guards established that the woman bought the forgery in Istanbul for 600 euro.

In addition, the border guards revealed a citizen of Nigeria during verification of the passengers arrived from Turkey, who provided his document for control not belonging to him. In the course of the interview the border guards of Kharkiv Detachment established that the offender lost his passport and still wished to get to Ukraine, so he borrowed this document from his friend, also he citizen of Nigeria.

So far, the citizen of Iran is made responsible in administrative order and banned to enter Ukraine for a period of three years. The citizen of Nigeria is sent back home by the back flight.