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The articles in this column are translated media articles from various Ukrainian sources. Often, these are based on press statements from the Ministry of Interior (MoI) or State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS). They are mere translations and published here for the purpose of documenting developments in Ukraine. Thus, the articles neither reflect the opinion of the Border Monitoring Project Ukraine nor does the BMP approve the statements made in these articles.

Two Azerbaijani failed to get to Poland


Illegal migrants attempted to cross the border beyond the check points in Lviv region. However, local residents noticed the unknown persons in the suburb of the village and informed the border guards of Mostyskyi Detachment. Reaction group started to the place immediately and after locality inspection revealed two foreigners. The men did not have any documents, but introduced as the citizens of Azerbaijan. So far, the offenders are detained and sent to the Temporary Holding Facility. Previously it was established that the foreigners arrived to Ukraine as provided by the law, other details of infringement are established.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/dvom-azerbaydzhancyam-prikordonniki-zavadili-potrapiti-do-polshchi/

Four foreigners attempted to buy a permission to cross the border


The staff of SBGS registered four cases of unlawful gratuity, thus involving law enforcers into activity contrary to the law. The citizens of Turkey, Georgia and India tried to bribe the border guards of separate Check Point “Kyiv” offering them a bribe in amount of $620 in order to get positive decision as to their admission to the territory of Ukraine. In addition, the citizen of Uzbekistan offered the border guards of Lutsk detachment the gratuity in the amount of $10 in the check point “Domanove” at the border on Belarus in order to cross the state border without any obstacles. National Police was informed about all offenders as the signs of criminal crime were established provided by the Article 360 of the Crime Code of Ukraine “offer, promise or provision of unlawful gratuity to an official”.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/chetvero-inozemciv-namagalis-kupiti-dozvil-na-peretin-kordonu/

Mother with 10-month child and tree men intended to cross the border at night


Three men and woman with child were apprehended by the border guards of Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi Detachment last night in Odessa region for their attempt to cross the border. Two Ukrainians – both residents of border area, together with 34-year-old citizen of Moldova and her 10-months daughter tried illegally to get to the neighboring country beyond the check point “Rozalivka. Evidently, they were detained by the reaction group of the BD “Stepanivka”. Soon, the woman told the law enforcers that she decided to do this as she had lost her documents necessary for border crossing. Detainees were called to administrative responsibility for attempt to cross illegally the border. The woman’s relatives brought her documents from the neighboring country, identifying her and child, afterwards they returned home. One more violator – 23-year-old citizen of Moldova was also apprehended at night by the border guards of the neighboring department “Kuchurhan” at night. Having no passport documents he tried also to return to his country in illegal way. Protocols were drawn up as to the foreigner under the Part 2 Article 202 and 204-1 of Administrative Infringement Code of Ukraine.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/mati-z-10-ti-misyachnim-nemovlyam-ta-tro-cholovikiv-namagalisya-vnochi-nezakonno-peretnuti-kordon/

Transcarpathian border guards detained a group of illegal migrants from Sri Lanka and five Vietnamese


Seven illegal migrants were apprehended by the border guards of Chop Detachment at night in Uzhhorod. Information about the group of Asians stay in the suburb of the town was received by the militaries from the Patrol Police. The border guards started immediately to the mentioned place and in the course of joint actions with Police the foreigners were detained. They had no documents, however, introduced themselves as the citizens of sri-Lanka. Soon, after the interview the detainees confessed that they arrived to Transcarpathia in order to get to the EU countries in illegal way. Illegal migrants were delivered to the department of BS “Uzhhorod” for conducting filtration actions and drawing up procedural documents. Upon establishing all circumstances they will be made responsible for attempt to cross the state border.


Illegal migrant from Turkey was detained at Ukrainian-Polish border

The border guards of Lviv Detachment apprehended a foreigner, who tried to cross illegally the state border. in the course of received information in advance the military men of BD “Hrushiv” revealed and detained the citizen of Turkey. The foreigner could only provide ID-card. The man confessed in his intention to get to the EU countries beyond the check point. So far, detained 31-year-ol citizen stays in the border subdivision, where circumstances of the infringement are established.


Border guards detained illegal migrants from Pakistan in Sumy region


The border guards of Sumy region apprehended three trespassers of Asian appearance in the course of information realization about possible smuggling of the group of illegal migrants over the border from Russia to Ukraine. Close to the check point “Velyka Pysarivka” the border guards detained the group of illegal migrants – a citizen of Pakistan and two persons from India. The migrants got illegally to Ukraine on foot beyond the check points through Russian-Ukrainian state border. currently, there are filtration actions performed, the appropriate law authorities are informed. The circle of persons probably involved in the illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/%20video%20-na-sumshchini-prikordonniki-zatrimali-nelegalnih-migrantiv-z-pakistanu-ta-indii/

Border guards detained 6 illegal migrants at Hungarian border


Illegal migrants were apprehended in the morning by the border guards of Mukachevo Detachment in the check point “Luzhanka”. The group of persons overcoming the barrage fence tried to cross the Ukrainian-Hungarian border. the offenders were detained 15 m before the border. They were five women and a man without any documents introducing themselves as the citizens of Vietnam, who intended to cross the state border of Ukraine in illegal way in order to improve their living conditions in one of the EU countries. So far, the protocols on administrative offence are drawing up, filtration actions are conducted, the foreigners are delivered to BD “Luzhanka”. Also, measures are taken to establish the circle of persons involved in organization of these migrants’ illegal trip. Their further destiny will be decided by the court.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/na-kordoni-z-ugorshchinoyu-prikordonniki-zatrimali-6-nelegaliv/

Illegal migrant from Ecuador was found in Vinnytsya region


The staff of the Operative-Searching Department of the Southern Regional Department of State Border Guard Service together with the border guards of Mohyliv-Podilskyi Detachment and the representatives of State Migration Service detected the illegal migrants in the frames of Target Prevention Program “Migrant”.  He was 27-year-old citizen of Ecuador. Finishing education in one of local universities the foreigner decided not to get back home and stay residing in Ukraine. Protocol was drawn up as to the citizen in accordance with the Part 1 Art. 203 of AICU “Foreigners and stateless persons’ break of stay rules in Ukraine and transit travel through the territory of Ukraine”. He was fined for the amount of 510 UAH and decision is made on voluntary departure from the Ukrainian territory during 20 days.


In Boryspil border guards banned Armenian to enter Ukraine for three years


The border guards of Separate Check Point “Kyiv” registered an attempt of providing an unjust monetary reward. A citizen of Armenia arrived by the flight from Erevan. During control procedures the border guards established that the foreigner exceeded the term of his previous stay in Ukraine. By determined order the man was rejected in crossing the border. However, 54-year-old foreigner decided to bribe the border guard in amount of 500 UAH for his passing to the Ukrainian territory. The subdivision of National Police was informed about the bribe fact. The Armenian is banned to enter Ukraine for the period of 3 years.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/u-borispoli-prikordonniki-zaboronili-na-tri-roki-virmeninu-izditi-v-ukrainu/

Two Iranian women with Irish passports were going to destroy their valid documents in Boryspil


The border guards of Separate Check Point “Kyiv” in the international airport Boryspil found five illegal migrants, who travelling by transit via Ukraine intended to get to the EU countries.

The staff of SBGS stopped two citizens of Iran during the documents check. The women arrived from Ankara and then planned to depart to Brussels. They used forged foreign passports of the citizens of Ireland. They also had Iranian valid passports as well, which they intended to destroy upon arrival to the Boryspil airport, however, failed to do this. Soon, the travelers will be returned by a back flight.

In addition, the border guards revealed three persons without any identifying documents. According to their words, they were the citizens of Eritrea. As it was established, the African arrived by the flight from Shargi. Currently, measures are taken to identify the personal data and clarify all details if their trip.