The articles in this column are translated media articles from various Ukrainian sources. Often, these are based on press statements from the Ministry of Interior (MoI) or State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS). They are mere translations and published here for the purpose of documenting developments in Ukraine. Thus, the articles neither reflect the opinion of the Border Monitoring Project Ukraine nor does the BMP approve the statements made in these articles.

Transcarpathian border guards detained 6 illegal migrants getting to Hungary


picThe staff of BS “Kosyno” detained one unfamiliar person, while he was attempting to get over the barrage fence. Reaction group arrived to the place immediately and commenced the actions on searching the locality and non-admission of unlawful activity. As a result, the detail detected and detained four men in some minutes in the distance of 90 m before the state border, later on – one more violator. It was established that all six men were traveled by one group, and noticing the light of the torches approached in their direction they took a run in different direction in order to increase chances of illegal border crossing. The foreigners did not have any documents, just introducing themselves to be the citizens of Iraq, two – from India and one – from Syria. Also, the violators reported about their aim to improve their life conditions in one of the countries of European Union.

It will be marked that often the cases are registered, when big groups of illegal migrants are separated to small subgroups and simultaneously attempt to get over Ukrainian state border.

Besides, it is worth to mention that the organizers of illegal migration channels constantly expose migrants’ life to risk. As, regardless of weather conditions, for the sake of profit, they continue sending groups, among which there are children, through the border, who got frozen repeatedly.


Border guards apprehended 6 citizens of Syria and their smuggler


picIn the course of operative-searching actions conducted by the Subdivisions of Western and Southern Regional Department of State Border Guard Service and representatives of National Police in Lviv region, a group of illegal migrant from Syria and one of the organizers were detained during their trip over the border. Border guards received information about possible movement of illegal migrants through the state border and probable direction of their “trip”, in consequence of which the border was reinforced by means of border details. At about midnight, the border guards of BS “Krakovets” detected 6 persons – man, woman and their four children. The group of illegal migrants intended to reach neighboring Poland on foot at night regardless of snowfall and cold weather, they were apprehended 200 m before the border. The violators were the family from Syria, the youngest child was only four years old. The citizens were delivered immediately to Border Subdivision as children and adults had frozen enough. The border guards provided the night travelers with warm conditions, hot food and drinks. Detainees did not have documents.

Further on, the organizer of their illegal trip was detained in Lviv by the law enforcers, who being regardless of the cold weather conditions was ready neglect the Syrians’ life.

Materials on administrative infringement were drafted on the case in accordance with the Part 2 Article 204-1 of Administrative Infringements Code of Ukraine “Illegal cross or attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine”. so far, investigation actions are performed as to other members of criminal grouping, who may be involved in smuggling migrants over the border.


Meeting of authorized head border guards of Ukraine and Hungary took place in Budapest


picMeeting of authorized head border guards of Ukraine and Hungary, Victor Nazarenko and Zholt Khalmoschi, took place in Budapest. Events occurred in accordance with the Agreement between Ukraine and Hungarian Republic on Ukrainian-Hungarian State Border Regime, Cooperation and Mutual Aid in Border Issues. During the meeting the Parties reported that the solution of problems at the joint border was performed on professional level and based on the principals of mutual respect. Border service was conducted rhythmically with steady upward trend. In total, in the course of 10 months of the current year there were detained 384 migrants (2015 year – 828). However, the Afghan channel remains too still active, which is testified by detention of 132 natives from Afghanistan (2015 – 389), as well as attempts of smuggling Indians citizens who were apprehended this year in amount of 61 persons (2015 – 0). Altogether the number of Syrians has significantly reduced – only 11 persons were detained (2015 – 150).

The Parties confirmed the relevance of a common threat evaluation as an effective mechanism of situation forecasting at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border. In addition, participants expressed positive assessment of cooperation between Ukrainian and Hungarian border guards during joint operations coordinated by Frontex Agency, including «Focal Points». At the end of the meeting the Parties Minutes of the Meeting and Action Plan of cooperation development between the border agencies of Ukraine and Hungary for 2017.


Refugees will be let in to Ukraine in exchange for visa free regime with EU


По словам Петухова, Украине надо стать нужной ЕСAccording to the words of Petukhov, Ukraine is required to become necessary for EU. The deputy of Ministry of Justice on European Integration, Sergey Petukhov, has thought out how to get EU visa-free regime. According to his words, currently, many people are hurt by EU for postponing the decision on visa-free for Ukraine.

“Certainly we do have a full right to feel ourselves betrayed as have become hostages of migration crisis and a factor of election planned to be in the next year in the major EU countries (Germany, France, the Netherlands). However, in my opinion, instead of taking offence one should look for the ways to become required and necessary for them. For example, I see EU need in close cooperation with Ukraine with regard to the investigation of international and trans-border crimes. In particular, as to the words of Petukhov, Ukraine could sign up Agreement with Europol. Also, the Minister Deputy regards Ukraine to offer EU taking voluntary quota for migrants’ resettlement.

“I suppose our country to take the quota in full, for example, of the Netherlands. It could become an important reflection of solidarity with Europe in solving common problem. Sure, we would ask additional financing from EU or separate country, and these would be less enough means as had been spent for their keeping in EU”, – he reported.


Border guards apprehended illegal migrants and their smuggler in Transcarpathia


Пограничники Чопского отряда задержали мигрантовThe border guards of Chop Detachment detained illegal migrants and one Ukrainian in the area of Ukrainian-Slovakia border in the frames of operation on counteraction to illegal migration. Alarm complex has operated in the area of BS “Uzhgorod”. In a result of inspection, the officers discovered a hole in the barrage fence and tracks. Not loosing time the border guards started the searching actions. Unfamiliar person was apprehended, according to his words – citizen of Ukraine, who, was probably involved in illegal migrants smuggling through the state border. Service dog assisted in this.

In the course of further actions, border guards detected and detained citizens from Egypt (1) and Sri Lanka (2) in the distance of about 300 m from the border line. The violators did not have any documents, rejecting to provide any explanations. So far, measures on persons’ identification, circumstances establishment and preparation of necessary procedural documents are in the process.

Also, within the last days border guards of the same detachment detained two citizens of Vietnam aiming at crossing the state border and looking for better life conditions in the countries of European Union. The violators were detected by the district inspector of Border Guard Service while examining the vehicle station in Uzhgorod. One of the detainees did not have any documents identifying him, however, another one had passport of the citizen of Vietnam. The men were delivered to BS “Uzhgorod” in order to clarify the circumstances. Besides, during the interview, the violators confessed in their intention to reach EU countries appropriate procedural documents are drawn up as to the detainees. Their further destiny will be determined by the court.


Poland will accept a million migrants from Ukraine


Польша ждет украинских гастарбайтеровUkrainians enjoy popularity in being good workers among Polish entrepreneurs. The authorities of neighboring Poland plan to attract additionally 1 million labor migrants from Ukraine, Belarus and Vietnam as they recommended themselves well on the labor market.

“In the years to come Poland will need 1 million labor migrants. We are interested in migrant from three directions: Ukraine, Belarus and Vietnam. These groups of workers showed good results, there are no any problems with them.” – mentioned Kazmerchuk, the President of Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers. He marks that workers from these countries are the most law-abiding and do not arrive just to receive allowances in contrast to the residents from other countries. Also, Kazmerchuk underlined that in accordance with the calculation of Polish government there are about 1 mln Ukrainians working in the country, who integrate into local culture very well. “We do not need to be engaged in their integration, lear language, solve dwelling issues, as they cope with all this well themselves. And Polish government understands it perfectly. We do not wish to accept migrants from the Northern Africa, who, in majority do not work at all”, – he said.

Poland reckons to cover the lack of Polish workers by means of migrants, which aroused due to a series of reasons. The first one – is a low birth rate comprising nowadays 1.3 child per family, so it is required to reach the index of 2.5 child per family. For this purpose Poland introduced a program to support families with two and more children. They get more than 100 euros per month for the second and consequent children. The second problem is that after Poland has entered into European Union about 2 mln employable citizens left the country. Now, Poland works on motivation to return its citizens back to the country. One more problem is that recently pension age has been reduced, which would also have a negative impact in future.

According to Kazmerchuk’s words, if problem of low birth rate is easy to solve within 25 years, the problem of Polish citizens return – during two years, so the process of labor migration will be arranged rather quickly.


Border guards apprehended two Tadzhiks during the attempt to cross EU border


На границе Закарпатье задержаны два нелегала из ТаджикистанаTwo men from Tajikistan intended to reach EU two times, in both cases they failed.

First, 47 and 22-year-old travelers tried to cross Hungarian border officially in the check point “Luzhanka”. However, because of lacking visas, Hungarian border guards refused them in entering the territory. The Hungarian law enforcers also rejected in providing the citizens with refugee status granting on which they applied motivating their request by the fact that they were the active participants of meetings against Tajikistan authority.

Then, the men decided to wait for the nigh and cross Ukrainian-Hungarian border in illegal way. This attempt also was unsuccessful. Illegal migrants were apprehended 600 m before the border by the border guards of BS “Luzhanka” of Mukachevo Detachment. Foreigners were delivered to Border Department of BS “Luzhanka” for drawing up administrative-procedural documents and establishing details of illegal trip. Their actions will be evaluated by the court.


Georgian offered border guards $400 bribe to enter Ukraine


Improper advantage in the amount of $400 was offered by the citizen of Georgia to the officers of SBGS in the check point “Zhulyany”. Young man, DOB 1993, arrived by flight from Tbilisi, however, during the control inspector of Border Guard Service noticed the exceeded term in previous arrival within Ukrainian territory. To let him go over the border, the Georgian offered a bribe to the border guard. Border guards informed competent bodies about this infringement, which was documented. The violator was called to administrative responsibility for these actions and would be returned by the closest flight back to Georgia.

And in Bokovyn, the citizen of Moldova intended to bribe border detail, who returned back home through the check point “Rososhany”. 54-year-old Moldavian also relied to avoid responsibility for exceeding the stay period for 700 uAH. Border guards of Chernovtsy Detachment rejected the bribe and informed Police on this point.


Border guards detained Armenian with someone’s passport and discovered a counterfeit mark of Consulate of Ukraine in Ukrainian


picState Border Guard Service officers prevented illegal crossing of the state border by Armenia citizen (woman) and a citizen of Ukraine.

During the border control border guards of Kharkiv Detachment in the checkpoint “Pletenevka” discovered that passport presented by the citizen of Armenia belonged to another person. A woman reported that she tried to cross state border illegally to help as if her friend to extend her stay within the territory of Russia. The citizen was refused in crossing the border and returned to the territory of the Russian Federation.

Besides, a forged permanent registration mark of Ukrainian Consulate in Moldova was discovered in the check point “Platonovo” when undergoing passport control at the exit from Ukraine. The representatives of National Police of Odessa region were informed about this fact. Protocol was prepared as to exempt of his passport documents for travelling abroad and was rejected in crossing the state border of Ukraine.


Border guards detained 4 illegal migrants from seeking border in Transcarpathia


picThe staff of SBGS in cooperation with National Police apprehended four illegal migrants. Unfamiliar persons appeared in the border area of Berehovo region. Information about their action was in due time received by Operative Department of Border Guard service. National Police together with the border guards of Mukachevo Detachment started for searching the violators. In a result of joint action four men without documents, of 19, 20, 26 and 30 years old, were detected and detained by law enforcers. According to the foreigners’ words looking for the way to European countries, it was known that two of them were the citizens of Sierra Leone, one from – Guinea, and the other from Cameroon.

In the present moment administrative protocols were prepared as to the foreigners, they are delivered to Temporary Holding Centre of Mukachevo Border Detachment. Their further destiny will be determined by the court. Also, all circumstances of their illegal trip are established.