The articles in this column are translated media articles from various Ukrainian sources. Often, these are based on press statements from the Ministry of Interior (MoI) or State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS). They are mere translations and published here for the purpose of documenting developments in Ukraine. Thus, the articles neither reflect the opinion of the Border Monitoring Project Ukraine nor does the BMP approve the statements made in these articles.

Mass raid for Ukrainian illegal migrants in Czech Republic.  Tens of persons are deported


Czech Police arrested 85 foreigners during the raid, who had been working illegally in Prague at the stock of the Internet shop Almost all detainees were Ukrainians. Police reportes that 74 persons will be deported. Administrative procedures will be applied with regard to others, most likely they are to be deported as well. The Company in which Ukrainians worked, rejects the violations explaining that the employees were sent on business trip from Polish firm, which is not prohibited by EU legislation. However, it was Polish building firm and under the law it had no any right to send its employees to the bussines trip to the stock. Also, it is mentioned that approximately $950 (about 25 000 UAH) is paid at the stocks per month. The citizens of Czech Republic refuse to be employed for this salary, thus, local firm hire foreigners and often act avoiding the law.


Border guards of Boryspil Airport did not pass 10 citizens of Afghanistan travelling to Italy


The staff of State Border Guard Service revealed and verified 10 citizens of Afghanistan in the International Boryspil Airport. The foreigners, among whch there were minors, travelled by transit from almaty to Milan. During the control procesudre it was established that travelers’ document were falsificated. They used forged Italian Temporary Resince Certificates. Upon drawing up appropriate documents, all detected persons were returned by a back flight to Kazakhstan.


Hungary will hold all refugees in closed transit zones


The Parliament of Hungary has passed the bill due to which all refugees in the country shall be automatically placed to closed transit zones without a right to leave them.  The law adopted by the overwhelming majority of Hangarian Parliament deputies on March 7, provides that all applicants for asylum aariving to the country as well as refugees still staying within the territory of Hungary shall be placed to the camps located at the southern borders of the country. They will prohibited to move along the territory of Hungary or leave the country until their application asylum granting are under consideration by the competent bodies of the country.

“In future illegal migrants will have to expect for the verdict as to asylum provision in special transit zone at the border” – it is said in the adopted law by Hungarian Parliament.

This document restore the practice of refugees’ actual imprisonment in Hungary, which was suspended in 2013 through press of Brussels, UNO Agency on refugees’ issues and European Human Rights Court. In February 2917, the international human rights organization Amnesty International criticized the Hungary’s plans calling them as ignoring the major principles of EU and violating the human rights.


Border guards detained Moroccan in Uzhok pass


Law enforcers detained an African at the Ukrainian-Polish border, who aimed to reach the Western Europe in illegal way.

When checking public regular bus at the check point “Uzhok”, located at the border of Lviv and Transcarpathian regions, the border guards of BD “Syanky”, Mostyskyi Detachment detained a Moroccan having no any documents. Documents were drafted  as to the citizen’s administrative infringement on violation of border regime. Moreover, it turned out that the African had stayed  in Ukraine for a long time, documents, identifying his personality were lost, and he made his way to Uzhgorod to try crossing the illegally the state borderof Ukraine and thus reaching the Western Europe. All previous explanations that he was a student of one of the Ukrainian universities of Ukraine had not been confirmed, but the actions of the detainee were established as an administrative offense under the Article 204-1 CAO “Illegal cross or attempt to illegally cross the state border of Ukraine.”

Moroccan is currently detained in administrative order for his identification, decision on the case will be made by the court.


Transcarpathian border guards apprehended undocumented Asian


Border guards of Chop detachment detained the citizen of India in the course of verification actions. The law enforcers detected 20-year-old Asian nearby the railway station, who had no any documents identifying his personality and legality of his stay within Ukraine. As it is established, the young man studies in one of the higher educational institutions in Kyiv. According to his explanations, he arrived to Transcarpathia to visit his brother. Upon preparing corresponding procedural documents, the detainee was delivered to Temporary Detention Centre of Chop Detachment to identify and bring to administrative responsibility.


Border guards detected undocumented family from Afghanistan in Uzhgorod


Five citizens of Afghanistan, two of them children, were revealed by the border giards of Chop detachment when performing verification actions in the town of Uzhgorod. Upon district inspector’s request the foreigners could not present their documents confirming their stay within the territory of Ukraine. As it was established later on, detainees had already intended to cross the stat border last year for the second time. Aiming to clarify the circumstances of infringement the family was delivered to Temporay Detention Centre of Chop Detachment, and upon persons identification they will be called to administrative responsibility.


Border guards apprehended three citizens of Armenia in Lviv region


Two citizens of Armenia were detained by the reaction group of BD “Rava-Ruska”, Lviv Detachment, close to border on Poland due to the information received from local residents, who noticed startngers in the border area. The travelers were stopped some metres befoe the border line. Protocols on attempt to break state border were drawn as to the detainees having passports of the citizens of Armenia. By court decision they were fined for the sum of 3 400 UAH each.


Border guards of Ukraine and Slovakia detained 2 illegal migrants from Mongolia in the course of joint actions


Close cooperation of State Border Guard Service with the border guards of neighboring countries bordering on Ukraine continues to bring positive results. Thus, 2 violators of the border were caught in a result of efficient interaction between border guards of Ukraine and Slovakia. When border guards of BD “Uzhgorod”, Chop Detachment patrolled the border area, an alarm device operated and unknown persons were noticed in the direction of Ukrainian-Slovakian border. Ukrainian law enforcers informed Slovakian border guards immediatedly and as a result in the course of searching actions and information exchange two persons were apprehended once they passed the border. Soon, it was established that night “travelers” arrived from Mongolia. It is worth noting that appearance of illegal migrants from Mongolia, which is practically was not fixed recently, may point to the fatc that the organizers intended to adjust the illegal migrants transportation channel from this country. However, in a result of joint actions conducted by Ukrainian and Slovakian border guards, their intent to reach EU failed.

Generally, during the year 2016 about 10 illegal migrants were apprehended – citizens of Mongolia trying to cross the state border in illegal way.


Four citizens of India were apprehended in a result of cooperation of Ukrainian and Polish border guards


State Border Guard Service of Ukraine performing its tasks on state border protection continues to cooperate closely with the border guards of the countries bordering on Ukraine.
Thus, as a result of such cooperation and effective interaction Ukrainian border guards together with Polish ones detained four border violators.
At first the border guards found alarm unit operated in Mostyskyi Detachment. Without wasting time, the border guards of BD “Krakovets” reported Polish border guards serving in front of this border area. Soon, during an implementation of joint searching activities and information exchange, the officers detected 4 persons introducing themselves to be the citizens of India.
So far, filtration-verification measures are continued as to the violators and establishment of the circumstances on illegal border crossing.


Two migrants from Mali and Turkey travled by train using forged and someone’s documents


Border guards of Lutsk Detachment detained two foreigners who followed in Poland in the international checkpoint “Yagodyn-railway station”. It turned out that in order to cross the border they planned to use fake and someone’s passports.

The violators were caught at night at the time of check in to the train “Kyiv – Warsaw”. Border guards suspected one of the passengers as to his pasport belonging. In a result of document in-depth study border guards found that dark-skinned woman who later introduced as a citizen of the Republic of Mali, tried to leave the Ukraine by German foreign passport. Another traveler, a Turkish national, who followed in a nearby car, tried to cross the border using partially fake passports with information page replaced.

So far, the circumstances are verified, the travelers are expected to bear administrative responsibility for attempt to cross the state border in illegal way and for knowingly use of forged documents.