The articles in this column are translated media articles from various Ukrainian sources. Often, these are based on press statements from the Ministry of Interior (MoI) or State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS). They are mere translations and published here for the purpose of documenting developments in Ukraine. Thus, the articles neither reflect the opinion of the Border Monitoring Project Ukraine nor does the BMP approve the statements made in these articles.

Forged passport was revealed by border guards in Kyiv Airport


The border guards of Separate Check Point “Kyiv” revealed partially forged passport document. 54-year-old citizen of Turkey (by document data) attempted to use it. The man arrived by the flight “Batumi-Kyiv”. During border control the inspector noticed the sigs of partial forgery in the foreign passport. The border guard saw the replacement of the page with constituent data. Currently, the person is not identified as the foreigner did not have any other documents. Soon, the person will be returned by a back flight.


Two citizen of Turkey were apprehended at the border on Hungary


Two illegal migrants trying to get over the border to Hungary to reach the European Union were apprehended in the evening by the border guards of Mukachevo detachment. When patrolling the border detail noticed two men attempting to overcome the barrage fence. The border guards detained unknown persons 40 m before the border. The men had passport of the citizens of Turkey. The foreigners were delivered to Border Department “Vilok” in order to draw up administrative protocols and perform filtration measures. The actions on establishment of persons’ circle involved in the organization of illegal migrant’s trip still continue. The legal evaluation of the illegal migrants’ actions will be performed by the court.


Transcarpathian border guards detained citizens of India at the border


Four illegal migrants were apprehended in Transcarpathia. A group of persons appeared nearby the village of Popovov and made their way towards state border, which was then apprehended by the border detail of BD “Kosyno, Mukachevo detachment. Reaction group and power support from operative department started immediately to the place. In a result of joint searching actions the service men detained 4 men without document, according to their words citizens of India, 500 meters before the border. The trespassers were delivered to Border Department for drawing up procedural documents. They will be placed to Temporary Detention Centre.

It will be recalled that the day before border guards of Chop Detachment, operative agents of Western Regional Department of State Border Guard service and officers of National Police stopped the car in the suburb of Perechyn town, by which the citizen of Mukachevo attempted to take two citizen of Syria and two citizens of Algeria to the border.


Illegal migrant from Russia was apprehended in Transcarpathia

The servicemen of Chop Detachment detained the citizen of Russian Federation, who attempted to get illegally to Poland. The border guards noticed unfamiliar person moving towards Ukrainian-Polish border nearby the village Lubnya, Velykyi Berezny. Reaction group started immediately to assist in apprehension of the illegal migrant. As it was established later, he had been staying in Ukraine for a long period residing in the city of Dnepr. Planning his route thoroughly he decided to cross the border alone beyond the check points and try new life in Europe. However, his plan failed and the man was apprehended in the distance of 500 m from the line of the state border. The violator was delivered to Border Department to undergo filtration measures and drawing appropriate procedural documents. Further on, he will be called to administrative responsibility as to Part 1 Article 204 of AICU “Violation or attempt to violate the state border”.

Hungary and Slovakia are not going to implement decision of EU court as to the migrants


In 2015, the program of compulsory resettlement of 160 thousand migrants from Italy and Greece was adopted, which had to be completed on September 26, 2017. However, the EU countries failed to distribute even 30 thousand illegal migrants, mostly from African countries.
The countries of the “Visigrad Group” – Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic were against the implementation of migratory quotas. Hungary and Slovakia filed a lawsuit in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg demanding that the decision of the Council of the Heads of European Union’s MIA as for the quota for the distribution of refugees to be repealed. However, the European Court has established that the decision on the forced distribution of refugees among the countries of the European Union is not illegal. Budapest reacted in this way upon the EU Court’s decision, which rejected Hungary to cancel migration quotas. This verdict is supposed by Hungary as to be politically motivated, unacceptable and irresponsible. Budapest will look for legal ways to continue defining on its own whom to admit the country and whom not.
“We completely respect the decision of European Court. The European Court has formed a different legal assessment. However, our position is not changing. We will continue working to ensure that solidarity to be manifested in a different way than by accepting refugees who do not want to remain with us,” said Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico in response to the verdict. The decision of the European Court does not entail sanctions for Slovakia and Hungary, Robert Fico explained. The suit filed by the highest court of the European Union does not mean that there was any damage to the national interests, he added.


Illegal migrants from India were apprehended in Transcarpathia


In the frames of special joint operation “Border-2017” in Transcarpathia the border guards detained 4 illegal migrants, who planned to cross the state border of Ukraine in illegal way. Thus, the border guards of Mukachevo detachment of BD “Vilok” together with the staff of Berehovo National Police Department detained 4 unfamiliar persons in one of the houses in Podvinohradov town. The foreigners confessed to be the citizens of India, however, they did not have any documents.

Currently, the detainees are delivered to Border Department “Vilok” for their identification and drawing up appropriate documents with regard to their attempt to cross the border.

It should be remind that for the previous day the border guards of BD “Bolshaya Palad” of the same detachment apprehended four more citizens of India during their attempt to cross the Ukrainian-Hungarian border nearby the populated area Bolshaya Palad, Vynohradiv district, Transcarpathian region.


Various options to cross the border: Slovakia Police showed a movie about illegal migrants


Police of Slovakia has published new videos from the cameras installed at Ukrainian-Slovakian border.

Unsuccesful attempts of illegal migrant to cross the border from Transcarpathia in direction to European Union were captured at the shots. It will be recalled that last year it was announced about installation of 53 surveillance cameras at Ukrainian-Slovakian border. Vidoe can be watched following the link.


Citizen of India was detected in the middle of Danube by the border guards of Ismail Detachment


The border guards found a single rubber boat with one person on board, which was moving downstream towards the Romanian coast in the region of 41 km of the Danube River, about 100 m from the Ukrainian coast. The district inspector of the Border Guard Service immediately informed the border department on this point and already in five minutes the sea border guard boat arrived to find offender. However, they failed to catch up the skillful rower. The border guards noted that the rubber boat had reached the Romanian coast and immediately informed their Romanian colleagues.

Soon, the Romanian Border Police detained the man floated on a specified boat. It was a young man of the Eastern appearance, looking like 17-18 years old, without documents. He had a purse with money (as to previous establishment – Indian rupee) and a plastic bank card.

The Ismail border detachment initiated a border-representative meeting with the Romanian part in order to perform a joint investigation upon this fact. During the meeting, it was learned that the detainee was a citizen of India, born in 2001. He reported that on September 1, he left Turkey by one of the ships, whose name he forgot. He aimed to get illegally to Serbia, and then to Germany, for which he paid $ 400 to the smuggler. When the ship went to the Danube, the traveler changed for the rubber boat and reached the Romanian coast.


Three citizens of Iran were apprehended in Boryspil Airport on their way to Stockholm


When checking documents the staff of check point “Kyiv” revealed three foreigners with partially forged foreign passports. The incident was fixed in the international airport of Boryspil. Arriving to the border control the citizen of Iran presented the passports of Turkish citizens for verification. Upon documents examination the border guards established that information page with constituent data was replaced. Besides, “happiness seekers” had also forged visa labels to European countries. The foreigners traveled by transit via Kyiv and intended finally to get to Stockholm. So far, the citizens are expecting to be returned by a back flight to Teheran.


Border guards refused to accept bribe in three cases


The staff of State Border Guard Service documented an attempt of an illegal benefit of $ 100, which was offered by a foreigner, a Romanian citizen. He wanted to pay the border guards of the Chop Detachment to cross the border without any obstacles in the checkpoint “Tisa” and not to make a decision in non-admission to the territory of Ukraine.

Also 3 thousand RUB were offered by the citizen of Tajikistan to the border guards of Kharkiv Detachment in the railway check point “Kharkiv Railway”. The gratuity was proposed for “problem free” entrance to Ukraine.

Besides, as it was informed before, the citizen of India was rejected in crossing the state border of Ukraine in the airport Boryspil as he attempted to bribe the senior in charge of the border details. The foreigner offered $200 for unobstructed cross of the border by him and his three foreign friends.

In all cases the staff of SBGS refused to accept the bribes and registered the violators in the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations in accordance with the Part 3 Article 369 of CCU “Offer, promise or presenting improper advantage to official”.