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The articles in this column are translated media articles from various Ukrainian sources. Often, these are based on press statements from the Ministry of Interior (MoI) or State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS). They are mere translations and published here for the purpose of documenting developments in Ukraine. Thus, the articles neither reflect the opinion of the Border Monitoring Project Ukraine nor does the BMP approve the statements made in these articles.

Border guards took two Turkish citizens off the regular bus and train


Two Turkish citizens, trying to cross illegally the border at checkpoints, were revealed by the staff of State Border Guard Service in Lviv region.

Thus, the border guards of Lviv Detachment at the checkpoint “Rava-Ruska” detected a citizen of Turkey in the regular bus “Chernivtsi – Hodynya(RP)”, who provided the false ID card of the citizen of Bulgaria for verification. The man had also his passport of the citizen of Turkey by which he arrived to Ukraine.

And the border guards of Mostyskyi Detachment detected a man who claimed to be a citizen of Turkey, but had not any documents during the border control at the checkpoint “Mostyska – railway station”.

He planned to slip through the border in the corridor of the train “Lviv – Wroclaw”. Therefore, the offenders going to travel from Ukraine to Poland, were taken off the bus and the train by the border guards. Upon drawing up appropriate documents, one of them was handed over to the Police, the other is kept in Temporary Detention Facility until his identification.


A family of Turks with false documents was detained by border guards at Boryspil airport


The border guards of Separate checkpoint “Kyiv” stopped the family of Turks with false documents in the international airport “Boryspil”.

During the check in for the flight “Athens-Kiev-Brussels”, the staff of BGS found an invalid document belonged to the Turkish citizens, who were traveling as a family.  When passports were inspected on a special technical device it was found that the child’s document contained the signs of partial forgery, namely, the replacement of information pages. In the course of the conversation, the Police learned that the parents bought false document for 1000 EUR.

So far, the family us taken off the flight, and in the near future they will be returned by a back flight.


Citizens of Tunisia, Eritrea and India were detained at the border and checkpoints


An illegal migrant, a citizen of Tunisia, was arrested yesterday by the border guards of Mostyskyi Detachment 150 meters before the state border. The offender, intending to get illegally to Poland, was managed to be found in a result of obtained information from a local resident. The foreigner had a foreign passport; however, he made his way beyond the checkpoints.

Currently, the detainee is taken to the Border Guard Service Department. The Protocol was drawn up under the Article 204-1 of AICU. The case is forwarded to court.

In addition, the border guards of Separate checkpoint “Kyiv” detained at the airport “Boryspil” the undocumented citizen of Eritrea and citizens of India with false Ukrainian residence permit during the passengers’ registration from two flights that arrived from Dubai.

Both foreigners were returned by back flights.


Three illegal migrants from Moldova and Pakistan were revealed in Odessa and Vinnytsya regions


The target preventive action “Migrant” aiming at monitoring the implementation of legislation requirements in migration sphere being performed by the staff of the State Border Guard Service in cooperation with the State Migration service and the National Police of Ukraine.

Thus, for the past day within the framework of the above mentioned activities of the interagency group in Ismail city the Moldovan citizen was revealed having expired permanent residence on the territory of Ukraine. And in the city of Vinnytsya, the law enforcement officers found a citizen of Moldova, who exceeded the stay period on the territory of Ukraine and a citizen of Pakistan being on the territory of our country without registration of temporary residence.

The staff of HD of SMSU in Odessa and Vinnytsya regions drew up the protocols under the Part 1 Art. 203 CCU as to which the offenders were fined for 510 UAH.

The decision on voluntary return to the homelands was made as to both citizens of Moldova.


Syrian attempted to get to London by fake Slovakian passport


The border guards of the Separate checkpoint “Kyiv” detected a citizen of Syria with a false passport document.

The staff of SBGS stopped the passenger of one of the flights arrived from Istanbul for additional checks of the documents in the international airport “Boryspil”. The woman presented the passport of Slovakian citizen for control; however, it became clear that the document was completely false. It was further established that in fact the “traveler” was a citizen of Syria. The woman together with her child attempted to get to London using the documents for which she’d paid 26 ths EUR.

Currently, the offender is returned by a back flight.


Two citizens of Turkey were apprehended near the border on Poland


The residents of border areas helped the border guards once again to detain illegal immigrants who made their illegal way across the border.

Thus, the inhabitants of one of villages of the border area in Lviv region informed the border guards of Mostyskyi Detachment about two strangers staying in the village and went towards the border.

The response team of the border guards from BD “Shehyni” immediately started for the search of probable offenders and soon they were found and detained. Two men, 1989 and 1991 years of birth, had passports of the citizens of Turkey. During the inspection the border guards found out that the Turks legally arrived to Ukraine a few days ago by the plane. Also, the foreigners said that they arrived to the border area for the purpose of illegal cross of the border in order to reach the countries of the Western Europe.

The border guards made up the documents on administrative offense as for the the detainees for their attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine. A decision on the case will be taken by the court.


Two Syrians and Algerian were detained in Transcarpathian and Lviv regions


Three illegal migrants were detained near the border by the officers of SBGS.

Two of them were revealed by the border guards of Chop Detachment and detained in Transcarpathia. Border detail of BD “Uzhhorod” stopped the offenders after actuation of the special alarm device 300 meters before the border. The men, according to their words, were the citizens of Syria. The border guards of BD “Rava-Ruska”, according to information and participation of the operational units of SBGS have detained a citizen of Algeria a few hundred meters from the border. As a result, a protocol was drawn up as for the foreigner for his attempt to cross the state border and handed him to the court.

Since the beginning of the year, the border guards detained more than 60 illegal migrants traveled across the border beyond the check points.


To cross the border offenders went along the train track


Illegal migrants are resorting to new tricks to get to EU countries. This time the offenders made their way to Poland along the railway track.

The border guards detained two citizens of Turkey, who bypassing the checkpoint “Mostyska-railway station” on foot, traveled to Europe. Two easily dressed travelers with a hand baggage followed through the snow-covered road near the railroad were noticed by the border guard. However, they failed to reach the border as they were met immediately by the response team of the border guards. The law enforcers found out that Turks, 1990 and 1996 years of birth, arrived to Ukraine legally by air service, the route was planned in the Internet and subsequently they went to the border by public transport. As always, they went to Poland in search of work.

The decision on their attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine will be made by the court. Then, an issue will be also considered as to sending them back to the country of origin.

And in Transcarpathia the border guards of BD “Velykyi Bereznyi”, Chop Detachment, arrested another offender trying to get to EU countries. The man introducing himself as a Moldavian citizen was stopped by the border guards after the special signal device worked out. He left 100 meters to reach Slovakia.


Border guards detained three citizens of Moldova at the border, who “left behind” the bus


Three illegal migrants were detained yesterday by the servicemen of the SBGS in Chernihiv.

The response team from BD “Hirsk”, Chernihiv Detachment managed to detain the offenders near the village of Senkivka according to the information of the local residents. They reported that three unknown persons asked them about the way to the border. The travelers were two adults and one teenager. They stopped 500 meters before the border line late in the evening. They introduced themselves as the citizens of Moldova, but could not confirm it documentally. In addition, the men reported that they missed the regular bus made it way to the neighboring country and they left behind, and supposedly remained all their personal stuff and documents.

Verification measures are performed with regard to the detainees stayed in Temporary Detention Facility, their personalities are established.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/prikordonniki-zatrimali-bilya-kordonu-3-gromadyan-moldovi-yaki-vidstali-vid-avtobusa/

Trespasser was detained in Chernihiv region


The border guards of BD “Semenivka” being assisted with a service dog detained the violator who crossed illegally the state border on Russia.

Detained man of Caucasian appearance, which did not have any documents, while being interviewed by the law enforcers he declared to be the citizen Armenia and is wanted in Russia for criminal offense commitment.

Currently, investigations continue to identify persons and the situation in general.