The articles in this column are translated media articles from various Ukrainian sources. Often, these are based on press statements from the Ministry of Interior (MoI) or State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS). They are mere translations and published here for the purpose of documenting developments in Ukraine. Thus, the articles neither reflect the opinion of the Border Monitoring Project Ukraine nor does the BMP approve the statements made in these articles.

Illegal migrants intended to bribe border guards for $ 1000 in Transcarpathia


picMeasures are continued being actively realized by State Border Guard service on non-admission of illegal migrants’ movement through the state border of Ukraine. During the last day militaries of Border Department detected and detained two groups of illegal migrants only in Transcarpathia, who intended to cross the border of Ukraine to EU countries in illegal way.

Border detail of BS “Kosyno”, Mukachevo Detachment, composed of military service short-term hires, apprehended two violators without documents 50 m before the border. According to their words it was learned that they travelled from Bangladesh. Besides, in the course of the interview one of the detainees offered an improper advantage in the amount of $ 1000 for the border guards not to make an obstacle during the further unlawful journey. Military staff refused the bribe, and the detainees were delivered to Border Department “Kosyno”. The representatives of National Police were informed about the bribe fact and sent a notification about revealing the criminal offence signs stipulated by Article 369 of Crime Code of Ukraine.

Also, border guards of above mentioned department were provided with information by local residents about appearance of foreigners within the border area, soon 3 migrants from Guinea, Cote d’Ivoir and Cameroon were detained and delivered. Two of them had o any documents, one refugee had certificate of temporary residence in Ukraine. According to the words of the travelers, all of them were seeking better life in the member-states of EU.


Border guards of Ukraine and Poland stopped the channel of illegal migration


picChannel of illegal migrants transportation through the state border was disclosed within the frames of joint border operation performance “Border-2016” by Ukrainian and Polish border guards. In the course of received information processing by the border guards of BS “Rava-Ruska”, Lviv Detachment, stopped a minibus close to the border. The car was driven by Ukrainian citizen, there was also a native of Turkey inside the car. In order to prevent any possible violations of the state line, the reaction group immediately checked the adjacent locality. Unfamiliar person was moving quickly towards the border on Poland. Ukrainian border guard informed Polish colleagues at once. Soon, the law enforcement agents detained the citizen of Turkey on its territory.

So far, operative and investigation actions are performed with regard to the participation of the Ukrainian and Turkish in the possible crime commitment under Part 1 Article 332 of CCU. According to the previous data, it was established that the citizen of Turkey traveled by minibus with Ukrainian, he has already resided in Odessa for some years, and probably he is involved in organization of illegal transportation of his country fellows over the border for gratuity to the EU countries.


More than thousand illegal migrants from Ukraine are detained in Czech Republic


picDuring the first nine months of the current year Czech Police apprehended 4146 illegal migrants, of which 1155 – Ukrainians. The citizens of Ukraine arrive to Czech Republic legally, and in a result they exceed the term of their stay. After Ukrainians in this top there are Russian citizens, then persons from Kuwait and Vietnam. In comparison with the year 2015, the number of illegal migrants from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq had sufficiently decreased.


Border guards detected three trespassers in Transcarapathia


picBorder guards of Chop Border Detachment detained three men intending to cross illegally the state border and get to the countries of European Union. In the course of planned measures realization border guards discovered and detained two persons. They attempted to get to Slovakia. The violators did not have any document, however, explained that they were the citizens of Ukraine, 1975 and 1963 DOB, residing in Donetsk region.

One more violator was apprehended by the border guards of BS “Palad Komarovtsy”. Receiving information from Slovakian colleagues about unfamiliar person moving towards the border, they immediately started the operation in closing state border line. In a result, a citizen of Moldova was detained 10 m before the state border. The man had national passport, however, he refused to provide any explanations.

So far, all detainees are delivered to Temporary Detention Centre of Chop Border Detachment aiming to establish circumstances of the infringement and drawing up corresponding procedural documents.


Cadet-border guards apprehended 3 illegal migrants


picBorder guards detected and detained a group of persons attempting to cross the border and get to EU countries in illegal way in the area of Berehovo district, Transcarpathian region. Border detail in the composition of cadets of National Academy of SBGSU discovered unfamiliar persons moving towards the state border were discovered by means of mobile thermal imager. it will be marked that cadets have arrived to Mukachevo recently within the frames of active measures strengthening focusing upon fight against the unlawful activity at the border.

Trying to overcome the protective fence three “travelers” realized to be notices by the border guards and start to run away. However, they failed to do this, and in a result of planned and agreed actions of future border guards the illegal migrants were apprehended. They did not have any documents. According to the detainees’ words they were the citizens of Syria, the other – from Egypt, and more from Pakistan.

Detainees were delivered to Border Department. So far, there is establishment of the circumstances and preparation of administrative-procedural documents. Decision on responsibility before the law and their further destiny will be determined by the court.

Regardless of cold weather conditions, the foreigners got frozen much, and smugglers left them to the mercy of life.


Border guards detained two violators intending to get to EU countries in unlawful way


picBorder guards of BS “Knyagynya” of Chop Detachment detained two citizens of Ukraine intending to get to the countries of European Union in unlawful way.

Thus, a motion of unfamiliar person was noticed by Slovakian colleagues, who informed Ukrainian ones immediately. Not loosing time the law enforcement agents started searching actions at once. As a result of operative information exchange a man without any documents was apprehended 150 m before the state border line. According to his words it was established that he was the citizen of Ukraine.

One more “happiness seeker” was apprehended by the border guards, when he attempted to overcome the barrage fence. As usually, the violator did not have any documents, however, he explained to be the citizen of Ukraine (DOB 1991) residing in Zaporizhya region.

Both violators were delivered to the Detention Center of Chop Border Detachment to establish the circumstances of the offense and prepare procedural documents. As it was established later, the men were detained not for the first time by the border guards, who attempted to cross illegally the border. Their fate will be determined by the court decision.


Two illegal migrants from India attempted to get to Hungary from Transcarpathia


picTwo illegal migrants were apprehended by the border guards of BS “Kosyno” of Mukachevo Detachment close to Hungarian border. The foreigners left 40 meters to reach the cherished Europe deciding to cross the border in illegal way. According to the words of the detainees it was learned that they were natives of India and planned to get to one of EU countries. The men were delivered to Border Service Department in order to conduct filtration measures as well as drawing up required administrative protocols. The court will perform the legal evaluation of the actions. The court establishes a circle of persons involved in organization of foreigners’ smuggling over the border.


In Transcarpathia smuggler took Asians captive and demanded a ransom


picTranscarpathian SSU staff together with Police in one of the populated areas disclosed local residents planning to smuggle a group of illegal migrant over the state border of Ukraine to EU. The organizers of the channel received payment in advance from eight natives of southern-eastern Asia for their “services”. However, one of the malefactors regarded the sum insufficient and he closed the foreigners in the basement of his private house. The migrants were kept in inhuman conditions as hostages, and their relatives were threatened by the malefactor by physical reprisal if additional means would not be paid. He made video to confirm his unlawful activity. The SSU detectives and police freed the foreigners. Operative-investigation group works at the place. An issue is under solution with regard to criminal proceeding opening under the Article 147 and 332 of Crime Code of Ukraine.


Transcarpathian border guards apprehended three illegal migrants


picBorder guards of Mukachevo Detachment apprehended three migrants from Yemen nearby Hungarian border. Border guards stopped the violators while processing received operative information the previous day. Unfamiliar persons moving towards the state border were revealed by means of the mobile night-vision device. Reaction group started to the place of detection immediately, which detained three men 20 m before the border line. Two detainees provided identification documents proving them to be the citizens of Yemen. One more detainees being also from Yemen had passport of the citizen of Ukraine. all detainees were delivered to BS “Luzhanka”. Circumstance of foreigners appearance in the area is established. Police staff was also informed about the detention of illegal migrants as well as discovering signs of infringements, which is stipulated by part 2 Article 332 of Crime Code of Ukraine.


Transcarpathian border guards detained 5 illegal migrants getting to Hungary


picFive illegal migrants were apprehended by the staff of State Border Guard service in Transcarpathia within the frames of reinforced measures and counteraction to illegal migration. Border detail of BS ‘Goronglab” of Mukachevo detachment disclosed a group of unfamiliar persons while performing patrolling some meters before the state border. the “travelers” were making their way in night time being without documents. Three of them introduced to be the citizens of India, and one more from Pakistan. The violators were delivered to Border Department, where materials of administrative proceeding were prepared with regard to the detainees in accordance with the Part 2 Article 204-1 of Administrative Violations Code of Ukraine. Besides, additional details started to the place immediately to identify persons involved in smuggling foreigners via the border. So far, investigation goes on.