The articles in this column are translated media articles from various Ukrainian sources. Often, these are based on press statements from the Ministry of Interior (MoI) or State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS). They are mere translations and published here for the purpose of documenting developments in Ukraine. Thus, the articles neither reflect the opinion of the Border Monitoring Project Ukraine nor does the BMP approve the statements made in these articles.

Two citizens of Somalia were apprehended close to Romanian border


Two illegal migrants arrived from African continent were apprehended in Bukovyn by the border guards of Chernivtsi Detachment. District inspector of BD “Gertza” revealed two unfamiliar persons close to Ukrainian-Romanian border. The foreigners had no any identifying documents, however reported about their trip to EU. Currently, the foreigners were delivered to Temporary Detention Facility. Protocols were drawn up for preliminary citizens of Somalia for their attempt to cross the state borders, the case is forwarded to the court.


Border guards detained 3 illegal migrants from Africa at Hungarian border


In the frames of operation “Border 2017” the staff of State Border Guard Service received and verified information about possible transportation of three illegal migrants over the state border to EU countries. Almost at midnight three persons, probable violators, were noticed at the border in Transcarpathia. Information on this point was reported to the border guards of BD “Kosyno”, Mukachevo Detachment. In a result of the search three persons were detected. They attempted to run away during the detention, however, they failed. Two of them were the citizens of Algeria and one from Yemen. Two men, aged 33 and 37, and 32-year-old woman were stopped 300 m before the border. These persons are kept in Temporary Detention Facility. Protocols were drawn up for attempt to cross the state borders, the case is forwarded to the court.


Transcarpathian border guards detained two illegal migrants


The officers of BD “Knyagynya” detected two unfamiliar persons of African appearance close to the line of state border, who made their way towards Slovakia. Reaction group sent the detail immediatedly to the place and five meters before the border they detained the citizens of Cote d’Ivoire and woman from Guinea. Aiming to establish the circumstances of infringement, detainees were delivered to Border Department “Knyagynya”, upon documents drawing as to Article 2 of Administrative Violations Code of Ukraine 204-1 “Violation or attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine” persons were passed to Chop Temporary Detention Facility. The further destiny of illegal migrants and type of official reprimand will be defined by the court.


Policemen apprehended 8 illegal migrants in Uzhgorod


The Police staff of Crime Investigation Department connected with human traffic detained eight illegal migrants in two rent flats in Uzhgorod. The law enforcement agents arrived to specified place, where 8 illegal migrants from two foreign countries were detected in two flats of one building. None of them had any documents, they confessed in their illegal arrival to Ukraine in January of the current year. Illegal migrants were handed to Chop Border Detachment. Currently, the smugglers are searched out. Investigation commenced on this fact. The signs of criminal violation are established in the break as to Part 1 Article 332 of Crime Code of Ukraine (Illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine).


Foreigner attempted to cross border in Transcarpathia by someone’s passport


Indian has failed his trip to Hungary, who attempted to cross the border in the check point “Tysa” using someone’s passport of German citizen. In the course of the border control of the passengers from the regular bus “Kyiv-Vienna” the border detail had some doubts as to the authenticity of one of the provided documents. He was sent for thorough verification during which it was established that passport did not belong the bearer. Besides, it was learned that it does not provide a right to cross the state border, as in fact it was a document only confirming the deportation day transfer of the foreigner from Germany. The man providing this document was the citizen of India, as he explained later he intended to get to Germany in the search of better life. The violator was detained for identification and passed to Temporary Detention Centre of Chop Border Detachment. His further destiny will be defined by the court.


Transcarpathian border guards detained five trespassers


The military men of Chop Detachment detained five foreigners violated the legislation of Ukraine on border issues. Two citizens of India, being unable to confirm the legality of their stay within the Ukrainian territory, in the frames of special operation “Border 2017” together with the staff of National Police and State Migration Service. In order to establish the circumstances of the violation, the persons were delivered to Border Department “Uzhgorod”, then, after their identification they were called to administrative responsibility for border regime break.

Two more foreigners intending to get to the countries of European Union were apprehended by the border guards at night in the area of BD “Velykyi Bereznyi”. In the course of information realization received from Operative-Searching Department, the militaries detained two citizens of Algerian together with the mobile group of Chop Border Detachment in the distance of 1.5 km before the border line. The man and woman looked for the route towards Slovakia, when their intentions were stopped by the border guards.

Border patrol of Ukrainian-Slovakian border stopped a citizen of Russia (woman) in the morning, who intended to cross the border line beyond the check point. Woman’s movement was fixed by the security cameras, upon which border guards of BD “Velykyi Bereznyi” were notified by Slovakian colleagues in time.


Three illegal migrants were apprehended at Ukrainian-Slovakian border in Transcarpathia


During the last days the border guards of Chop Detachment hindered three illegal migrants to cross the state border. Thus, in the course of patrolling within the area of BD “Knyagynya” close to the line of state border an unknown person of Negroid race was noticed moving towards Slovakia. Reaction group stopped to the place immediately and detained a citizen of Cameroon 10 m before the border. The foreigner was delivered to Border Guard Department and after identification persons involved in this case will be called to administrative responsibility.

In the evening of the same day the border guards of BD “Novoselytsya” detained two more citizens of Georgia, who were looking for better destiny and attempted to get to Slovakia in illegal way. Information about the movement of unfamiliar persons in the border area was provided by the local resident. Detainees were delivered to Border Subdivision for circumstances clarification and bringing to administrative responsibility in accordance with the Part 2 Article 204-1 of Administrative Infringement Code “Violation or attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine”.


Five foreigners attempted illegally border in Transcarpathia


Five foreigners attempting to cross the border beyond established points were detained at the “green” border by the staff of State Border Guard Service in Transcarpathia. Thus, border guards of BD “Kosyno”, Mukachevo Department apprehended a citizen of Eritrea 300 m before the border on Hungary at night. Border patrol of BD “Luzhanka” of the same detachment stopped 1 citizen of Armenia 50 m before the Ukrainian-Hungarian border. Also, some ten meters before the border line the militaries of BD “Uzhgorod” and “Novoselytsya”, Chop Detachment, detained 2 citizens of Turkey and 1 from Afghanistan close to Slovakian border.

All detainees were delivered to border subdivisions for further verification and drawing up administrative protocols.


Border guards apprehended citizens of Ethiopia and Armenia nearby Hungary


Two foreigners were apprehended at night by the border guards of Mukachevo Detachment nearby the border on Hungary. The military men of BD “Kosyno” detained unknown person without documents 300 meters before the state border. He reported to be the citizen of Ethiopia aiming to get to one of the countries of European Union.

One more traveler traveling to Ukrainian-Hungarian border was detained by the border guards of BD “Luzhanka”. He was apprehended when attempting to overcome the barrage fence. He had Armenian national passport. The person was delivered to the border department for drawing up administrative document and performing filtration measures. His further destiny will be defined by the court.


Transcarpathian border guards detained Ukrainian and two Somalis in cooperation with Hungarian collegues


Ukrainian border guards together with law enforcers of neighboring countries continues to resultively cooperate in fight against illegal migration at the border in the course of joint special border operation “Border-2017”. Thus, in a result of cooperation and information exchange with Hungarian collegues, the border guards of Mukachevo Detachment apprehended three persons nearby the border area in Transcarpathia. First, the border guards of BD “Goronglab” detected one person some metres before the state border. yet, in some minutes after Ukrainian’s detention, border guards noticed two unknown persons making their way over the barrage fence at the border. border detail arrested the travelers, who were the foreigners. They had no any document and reported to be the citizens of Somalia. So far, the violaters are detained for establishment of all circumstances of attempt to cross the state border.