The articles in this column are translated media articles from various Ukrainian sources. Often, these are based on press statements from the Ministry of Interior (MoI) or State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS). They are mere translations and published here for the purpose of documenting developments in Ukraine. Thus, the articles neither reflect the opinion of the Border Monitoring Project Ukraine nor does the BMP approve the statements made in these articles.

Police detected 6 illegal migrants in Mukachevo


In the course of patrolling the law enforcers at the road “Mukachevo-Berehovo” stopped the car with six foreigners. Only two of them had documents. Legality of their stay within Ukraine is under establishment. In the frames of operation “Migrant” the policemen of Road Control department stopped the car «Volkswagen Passat» of foreign registration. There were six foreigners in the car. One of them had passport of the citizen of Ukraine, the other – temporary residence certificate of Ukraine. The rest four persons had no any documents. Illegal migrants reported that they arrived to Transcarpathia in the search of job; they lived for some period in Berehovo district. Currently, the policemen with the staff of State Migration Service verify the legality of the foreigners’ stay on the territory of Ukraine.


Channel of illegal migrants’ smuggling was liquidated at Ukrainian-Slovakian border


The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has successfully completed the operation at the border on Slovakia focused on discrediting and liquidation of illegal migration channel consisted of the citizens of Vietnam. The channel was revealed by the staff of SBGS, National Police in close cooperation with Slovakian Border Police. Yet, in the beginning of August, the operative agents of Border Department of Ukraine together with the Head Administration of Transcarpathian National Police involving Slovakian border guards, collected information about offenders’ intentions to smuggle a large group of illegal migrants to the countries of European Union. In order to liquidate the activity of this channel, the law enforcers of both sided planned the appropriate measures as for this group. The operative agents were constantly following the group formation and step-by-step transportation of the foreigners to the border area. In particular, there were some persons attempting to cross the border before in the composition of other groups and those who entered Ukraine on legal basis, but afterwards had decided to look for the better destiny beyond Ukraine. When migrants accumulated nearby the border, the organizers changed not once the day and direction, where the border crossing should take place. All this was done for the law enforcers to be unable to track the route of illegal trip. However, the offenders failed to realize their plan and, on common intent, the group of 24 citizens of Vietnam was detained by the border guards of Slovakia directly after their crossing the Ukrainian – Slovakian border. Currently, the law enforcers perform further investigation measures on the territory of Ukraine and Slovakia to expose all organizers of the channel and their accomplices.


Law enforcers of Hungary and Transcarpathia detained 3 illegal migrants


Due to coordinated work of Hungarian and Transcarpathian law enforcers stopped illegal trip of three citizens of Sri-Lanka. The staff of Counter Crime Department, connected with human trafficking together with the Operative Department of State Border Guards Service, establish the persons involved in smuggling detainees abroad. The border guards informed Transcarpathian policemen about detention of three illegal migrants close to Hungarian border by Hungarian border guards. Three men, citizens of Sri Lanka of 31, 27 and 22 years old, were handed to the border guards of BD “Velyka Palad”, Mukachevo Detachment. The staff of Counter crime Department of Head Department of National Police of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region, together with personnel of Operative-Searching Department of SBGS of Ukraine take all required measured to establish and call to responsibility persons involved in detained migrants’ smuggling over the border.

It should be recalled that since the beginning of operation “Migrant”, it is the third case of prevention to smuggle illegal migrants over the border.


Border guards revealed migrants from Afghanistan with forged documents in the Kyiv airport


The staff of State Border Guard Service revealed two foreigners with forged documents in the Kyiv Airport. In the course of passport control of the passengers from the flight “Minsk-Kyiv” there were two migrants from Afghanistan disclosed who presented certificates on return to Ukraine issued only to the citizens of Ukraine. Mentioned documents were drawn up by the Embassy of Ukraine in Kyrgyzstan on the basis of national false passport documents of Ukrainians. Basing on Part 1 article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “About border control” the persons were rejected in entering the territory of Ukraine. The foreigners were returned by a back flight, forged documents were confiscated in established order.


Plane delivered 10 illegal migrants to Transcarpathia and hided


Policemen of Border Guard Control of Slovakian Police Office fixed a flight of small plane from Transcarpathia to Slovakia in Petrovcy.

As it was reported by the press-secretary of Police Office Denisa Balogova, on Thursday in the evening the Police officers noticed aircraft moving in a forbidden air space, flying low in unusual time.  Information about suspicious plane was sent to Operative Service with notification of all police patrols in this area.

Based on the call for number 158 it was established that the plane landed in Gatalove in the area of Mikhailovtse. When police patrols arrived the aircraft had already flew away, but there were 10 persons left after landing.

Policemen delivered foreigners to Border Control Police Department to learn all details of their trip to Slovakia. In the course of the interview they reported to be the citizens of India.

The further actions would result in readmission i.e their return to the territory of Ukraine. Investigation officer was send for to arrive to the place, where the case on smuggling and illegal migration of the state border to be examined.

Slovakian policemen informed State Border Guard Service of Ukraine about this fact immediately and a joint meeting was conducted, where it was negotiated about the further steps in investigation of this case.

Also, the Air Forces of Slovakian Republic were informed on this point.

In Chop Border Detachment it is supposed that the aircraft could fly up and land on the territory of Transcarpathia. However, there are no any doubts than it travelled through our region to EU and back.

As it was reported by the press-secretary of Chop Detachment, no information is still available about the aircraft, its type, places of its destination.

When the aircraft flew over the border, the Ukrainian border guards fixed the engine noise and informed Slovakian colleagues.  And arriving to the place of landing, the plane hit the skies, that it why they could not recognize it.

Border guards assume that the plane could have enough patrol and arrive, for example, from the neighbouring side. Thus, the actual search of it is practically impossible.

Citizen of Uzbekistan attempted to bribe a border guard to get to Ukraine without obstruction


The foreigner offered a bribe in the amount of $100 to the border guards of Sumy Detachment.

Thus, the citizen of Uzbekistan arrive to the check point “Bachivsk” to enter Ukraine. Performing control measures, the border guards revealed 10 forged signs about Ukrainian state border cross in the passport document of the man.

Upon clarifying the origin of these falsification, the foreigner offered the bribe in the amount of $100 receiving flat refusal,  instead of solving the problems on border cross.

So far, the border guards handed the violator to the policemen for further establishment of his actions on criminal offence, stipulated by the Article. 358 (falsification of documents, seals, stamps and forms, sale or use of forged documents) and Article 369 (offer, promise or provision a service person with an unlawful benefit) of Crime Code of Ukraine.

It will be nted tha State Border Guard Service of Ukraine continues actively to focus its work to prevent corruption among the department’s staff, including the current promotion “Stop Corruption. Put words into deeds!”  In general. since the beginning of the year there are 670 cases registered by the border guards concerning the offer of unlawful benefit.


Transcarpathian border guards detained illegal migrants from India


In the course of actual information verification the law enforcers apprehended six citizens of India and one Ukrainian close to the river Tysa at the border on Romania. The Ukrainian probably assisted the foreigners to cross the border. Ukrainian-Romanian border was selected to be the place for making offence. Aiming to perform filtration measures and drawing up administrative documents, the country fellow and foreigners were delivered to border subdepartment. Currently, the court will make a legal evaluation of travelers’ actions.


Four illegal migrants were apprehended in Transcarpathia


In the frames of operation “Border-2017” the border guards of Mukachevo Detachment detained four foreigners intending to get illegally to Hungary. Border guards of BD “Kosyno” in the course of operative information verification at night detained 43-year-old citizen of Iraq and two 24-year-old citizen of Palestine. The foreigners intended to improve their life conditions in one of the countries of European Union.

One more illegal migrant from Azerbaijan was apprehended by the border detail of BD “Bodalovo” in the morning. Local resident informed about appearance of unfamiliar person in the border area. 28-year-old foreigner was detained 400 meters before the border. Protocols were drawn up as to all detainees for attempt to cross the state border; the cases will be forwarded to the court.


Two citizens of China attempted to get to London by forged documents of the citizen of Taiwan


Two foreigners with forged documents were revealed by the border guards of Separate Check Point “Kyiv” in the Boryspil Airport.

Thus, during the check of transit passengers from the flight “Kyiv-London” the border guards revealed the citizen of China with forged documents of the citizen of Taiwan. The border guards found a page with constituent data replaced in this document.

So far, the person with false documents is not passed and returned by the flight to Turkey, the place he arrived from.


Kharkiv border guards apprehended 13 violators of Ukrainian state border


Border guards of Kharkiv detachment revealed and detected 13 Ukrainians attempting to cross the state border of Ukraine at night.

In the frames of joint operation “Border-2017” the border detail of border guards and operative staff noticed a motion of two unfamiliar vehicles towards the state border by means of thermal imaging device in the direction to the populated areas Okhrymivka (Ukraine) – Krasne (Russian Federation).  Starting to the place of detention, the law enforcers stopped one car 3 metres before the state border, in which there were twelve citizens. The other vehicle attempted to disappear from the place of offence to the rear of that area, and after some warning shots upward the car and one citizen were detained 30 metres before the border.

As it was established soon, all persons were the citizens of Ukraine, being the residents of Kharkiv region. Currently, Ukrainian are apprehended in administrative order for drawing up documents on attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine in illegal way. Source: