In Kherson region, the border guards together with Migration Service and Police found 13 illegal immigrants


As part of the operation “Migrant”, a joint interdepartmental group consisting of the border guards of the Azov-Black Sea Regional Office, the representatives of the State Migration Service and National Police in Kherson region carried out activities to identify the illegal migrants.

As a result, during the operation in the Chaplin district of Kherson region, the law enforcement officers found nine people, who excessed the period of their stay in Ukraine. Among them there were six citizens of the Russian Federation, as well as one citizen from Tajikistan, Moldova and a stateless person.

The Protocol was drawn up as to all foreigners and a fine in the amount of 1700 hryvnias was imposed.

Three citizens of Ukraine, who provided housing to the above-mentioned persons, were also brought to administrative responsibility under Article 205 of the Administrative Code.

Later on, the joint group found four more foreigners, two citizens of the Russian Federation and citizens of Belarus and Moldova, who significantly exceeded the period of their stay in Ukraine. These persons have been ordered to be forcibly returned to their countries of origin.