Border guards found false document in citizen of Cameroon


Border guards of Kharkov Detachment revealed foreigner’s forged documents in the airport “Kharkov-air”. During check in of passengers for the flight to Istanbul the border guards found forged Temporary Residence Certificate. It belonged to the citizen of Cameroon. As it was established this Certificate as of 2015 looked like a document of 2012, which had been invalid since 2012. Notification was forwarded to National Police in accordance with the Part 4 Article 358 of Crime Code of Ukraine. The person was handed to the representatives of National police.


Border guards apprehended Turkish and Iraqi planning to get to EU countries illegally


Border guards of Mostytskyi detachment, Lviv region, did not admit a citizen of Turkey to cross the check point “Shegeni” at the border on Poland.

During border control at exit from Ukraine the inspector’s attention was drawn by a passport of one of the travelers. The man provided passport of Bulgarian citizen for control, however, a series of signs testified about possible forgery of the document. Thus, border guards initiated a thorough verification. According to the results of performed verification, it was established that this document was completely forged, the traveler understanding his intentions to be exposed, he confessed to be the citizen of Turkey and showed real documents. The law enforcers clarified that the citizen, 1977 YOB, arrived to Ukraine in legal way. He purchased and received forged document from abroad. He made his way to Europe in the search of some job. The violator was apprehended for attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine. Decision on his case will be made by the court. Also, the border guards informed National Police of Ukraine about detection of criminal offence evidences as to the article 358 of Crime Code of Ukraine “Falsification of document, stamps, seals and forms, their sale, use of forged documents”.

Besides, border guards revealed and detained a citizen of Iraq in the check point “Odessa-air” when checking in passengers for the flight to Austria. As it was established by the border guards during documents verification, the man intended to get to Europe using the passport of stateless person of Germany. The trespasser is apprehended until he will be identified. Then, he will be called to administrative responsibility for attempt to cross illegally y the state border of Ukraine.


Two citizens of Egypt with forged documents were revealed at foreign ship in Mykolaiiv


 When performing border control in the check points the staff of Kherson Border Detachment continue reveal violators attempting to get to the territory of Ukraine using forged and invalid documents. Thus, the border guards of check point “Mykolaiiv” in the check point “Special Marine Trade Port” detected two citizens of Egypt with forged passport documents at the foreign ship. The signs of falsification and modification of constituent data were established in the documents. Currently, the staff of State Border Guard Service did not pass Egyptians to Ukraine, passports were handed over to the ship captain for storage.


When detaining illegal immigrants from Turkey, the foreigner failed to bribe a soldier


As it was reported before, border guards of Chernivtsi Detachment detained a group of illegal migrants from Turkey in the framework of Operation “Border-2017” in Bukovyn.

Four foreigners were found by the border guards of BD “Krasnoylsk” according to available operative information. There were three men and a woman. According to their words it was learned that they were the citizens of Turkey planning to cross illegally the state border and got to Romania. During the detention one of the foreigners offered the military bribe in the amount of $100. The border guard rejected to accept this offer, and prepared corresponding documents as to the violators. Besides, Ukrainian border guards informed their Romanian colleagues about revealing the illegal migrants in this direction in order to close the border from both sides.


Foreigners with other’s and forged documents were arrested at “Lviv” and “Boryspil” Airport


Two foreigners using other’s and forged documents in order to cross the border were detained by the State Border Guard Service at the “Lviv” and “Boryspil” Airports. In particular, a citizen of Turkey, who traveled from Tehran to Barcelona, ​​was revealed in the capital’s airport. During the control a false passport of the citizen of Iran was found in his stuff, where information page was replaced. For this violation the man will be returned by a back flight.

Lviv border guards detained a citizen of Iraq. The foreigner planned to depart to Rome. To pass the passport control, he provided the passport of Bulgaria’s citizen, but the border guards established that the document did not belong to him. Afterwards, the real document of the citizen of Iraq was found. The offender is currently detained and his personality is established.


Six violators from Turkey and Moldova were apprehended at night


During the night the staff of State Border Guard Service apprehended 6 violators attempting to cross the border in illegal way. They were the citizens of Turkey and Moldova. Four citizens of Turkey were detained in Bukovyn in the morning. Information about violators’ intention was received by the border guards of Chernivtsi Detachment from operatives. The group of travelers, consisted of a woman and three children, was stopped 500 m before the border. They did not have any documents. Currently, further verification measures are performing as well as persons involved in the case are established, who assisted the migrants in their illegal trip.

One more Turkish was detained by the border guards of Lviv Detachment. He was revealed at night by means of nigh vision device. The violator was just trying to overcome the barrage fence in order to get to Poland. It will be marked that it was not the first trip of the violator; he had already been detained by the border guards.

The migrant from Moldova was caught in Odessa region by the border guards of BD “Chorea”, Podilskyi Detachment. He also got to Ukraine at night and was noticed by the border detail by means of technical means of border control.


Border guards found another false foreign passport in Borispol Airport


During passport control at the Borispil Airport border guards of Separate Checkpoint “Kyiv” found partially forged  passport for traveling abroad. In the course of person’s identification the border service inspector doubted in passport validity and its belonging to the bearer. After document examination the border guards found that the passport contained features of partial forgery – namely, the page with the constituent data was replaced. Iranian citizen tried to use the forgery, who traveled by transit from Tehran to Barcelona. During the interview, the woman reported that she bought this passport for €5 thousand. Currently, the person expects for her return to the country of origin.


Six violaters were apprehended by Lviv and Kharkiv border guards


The car of Moldavian registration was stopped by the officers of State Border Guard Service in Lviv region. When checking the car driven by the citizen of Moldova the militaries of BD “Rava-Ruska” found a passenger inside the car – the citizen of Syria. Administrative materials are drawn up as to the foreigners, the cases are forwarded to the court. The circumstances of infringement are under establishment.

Border guards of BD “Starytsya”, Kharkiv Detachment, in cooperation with operative subdivisions and representatives of National Police and SSU  apprehended 4 persons in the course of information realization. Three citizens of Ukraine and one from Azerbaijan without documents intended to cross Ukrainian-Russian border. the persons stopped 20 meres before the state border, administrative protocols are prepared, the cases are also forwarded to the court.


Illegal travelers with a child were apprehended in Transcarpathia


Border guards of Chop Detachment detained three foreigners attempting to reach the countries of European Union beyond the check point.two citizens of Tadzhikistan – a woman and child, as well as a man, citizen of Moldova, tried to cross the border overcoming the barrage fence. however, the border guards of BD “Velykyi Bereznyi” weree on the look-out and stopped the trespassers. They left some hundred meters to reach Slovakian border. the “travelers” were apprehended by the border guards and passed to Temporary Detention Facility of Chop Border Detachment. So far, the circumstances of the infringement are under consideration. The violators will be made responsible in administrative order.


Border guards found 2 citizens of Morocco and one from Armenia in Transcarpathia


Two citizens of Morocco and one from Armenia were revealed by the border guards at night by the border guards of Chop Detachment at railway station Velykyi Bereznyi, Transcarpathia. Three foreigners arrived by train “Lviv-Solotvyno” and had documents, the term of which completed. During interview and establishment of their goal to stay in controlled border area, the law enforcers found that foreigners’ actions contain signs of violation stipulated by Article 204-1 of Administrative Violations Code of Ukraine 204-1 “Illegal cross or attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine”. So far, all circumstances are under investigation. Upon protocols drawing up they will be delivered to Temporary Detention Facility. Cases are passed to the court.