Three citizens of Turkey had fake passports during border pass


During the past weekend the staff of the State Border Guard Service prevented the next attempt of illegal activity at the border. So, the law enforcement agents of Mostyskyi Detachment detained two foreigners in the checkpoint “Krakivets”, who were trying to impersonate others, using forged passports. It was managed to identify the violators due to the vigilance and experience of the border inspector registering the passengers from the regular bus traveling to Germany. The border guards’ attention was drawn by two Bulgarian passports of the men not beign distinguised from the rest of the tourists. In the course of the expert researches of the passport documents performed by the special equipment, the border guards found out that ID pages were replaced in the Bulgarian passports. This was noted by a number of specific features, although the “work” was done very skillfully. Subsequently, during the conversation the men admitted that they were the citizens of Turkey, 1996 and 1999 YOB, and showed their real passports. The foreigners were not passed across the border, and were detained for attempt to cross illegally the state border. Also, as they used forged documents the border guards informed the staff of the National police of Ukraine.

In addition, the border guards of the Separate checkpoint “Kyiv” at the checkpoint “Boryspil”, found the passport of one more Turkish citizen during the registration of the passengers from the flight “Kiev-Dusseldorf”, which contained the replaced page with constituent data.

The person was identified, the protocol was drawn up under the Article 204-1 of AICUA and submitted to the National Police, the case was sent to the court.


Four foreigner-offenders were detained by the border guards


Considering operative information, the border guards of Lutsk and Chop Departments detained two illegal immigrants nearby the state border. The citizens of Afghanistan and Kazakhstan intended to cross the state border of Ukraine outside the checkpoints. The regular bus “Kyiv – Hanover (Germany)” arrived last night at the checkpoint “Krakovets” at the border on Poland. At the time of passengers’ registration, the military staff of Mostyskyi Detachment found two citizens of Turkey, who presented forged passport documents of the citizens of Bulgaria for control.

The notification as to the foreigners was sent National Police about detection of the signs of criminal offense under the Article 358 of the Crime Code of Ukraine “Forgery of documents, seals, stamps and forms, their sale, use of forged documents”. The signs of border crossing were not detected.

The foreigners were taken to the border units to clarify the circumstances of the offense and draw up the administrative reports under the Part 1 Article 204-1 of the AICU.


Border guards discovered a fake passport of Finland belonging to Iranian in “Boryspil” Airport


The border guards of the Separate checkpoint “Kyiv” found a fake document at the international airport “Boryspil” by which the foreigner made his way to Germany.

During the border control the border guards discovered a citizen of Iran having false document. Iranian with a partially forged passport of the citizen of Finland tried to get into Munich. In order to get to Germany, the man paid 5 thousand euros to the dealers in Istanbul for the fake passport.

The citizen with the fake document was not passed and sent by the the return flight to the country of origin.


Two illegal migrants from Algeria were apprehended at the border on Poland


Illegal migrants were detained in the evening close to the Ukrainian-Polish border by the staff of SBGS. In the course of processing received information by the operative staff and border guards of the BD “Rava-Ruska”, Lviv Detachment, 2 persons were apprehended near the border. The men did not any documents, however, they introduced as the citizens of Tadzhikistan. Detained citizens were delivered to Border Unit in order to clarify the circumstances of the offence. Soon, it was established that they were from Algeria. Concerning above mentioned citizens a decision was made to draw up administrative and procedural documents under the Article 204-1 Part 2 of Administrative Infringement Code of Ukraine (Illegal cross or attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine). it should be noticed that border cross or attempt to cross the border of Ukraine by any means beyond the check points through the state border of Ukraine without appropriate document or using ones containing doubtful data about a person or without any permission of the corresponding authorities shall be fined (from 100 to 200 of untaxed minimums of the citizens or administrative arrest for the term up to fifteen days).


Border guards detained illegal migrant in Uzhhorod


The foreigner, who violated the stay rules on the territory of Ukraine, was detained by the border guards and representatives of National Police at night. In the course of special operation “Border-2018” the inspector of BD “Uzhhorod” together with the policemen revealed a man nearby the railway station, who had no any documents and was unable to explain the reason of his stay within the controlled border area. Detainee introducing himself as the citizen of Azerbaijan was delivered to the Department of BD “Uzhhorod” in order to clarify the circumstances and conduct the verifying procedures. Upon identifying the violator the offender will be brought to administrative responsibility.


Two citizens of India were detained nearby the border on Poland


The border guards of Mostyskyi Detachment detected and revealed two foreigners nearby Ukrainian-Polish order, who intended to get illegally to the neighboring country. The district inspector of Border Guard Service received information from the inhabitants of the village Shegeni about two unknown persons of Asian appearance to be near the border. Reaction group started to the place immediately. Detained foreigners were stopped some tens meters before neighboring Poland just when they were trying to overcome the barrage fence. The detainees were the citizens of India, 1986 and 1991 YOB. They had passport documents. The law enforcers established that the foreigners arrived to Ukraine in established order, however, they continued their trip in illegal way. The protocols were prepared as to the citizens. Decision on the case of attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine will be made by the court.


Group of illegal migrants intended to cross the border in freight train in Kharkiv region


The border guards of Kharkiv Detachment together with the staff of Operative Department of Kharkiv Detachment detained five persons attempting to leave the territory of Ukraine by the freight train beyond the check point. The border guards received in advance information about the offenders’ agreement with the freight train team as to illegal transportation through Ukrainian-Russian border. The border guards started to the railway station in order to reveal and detain the violators. After a thorough examination of the train the law enforcers did not find the persons trying illegally to cross the state border. so, additional action were taken to find them.  In a result of further verification the border guards assisted by the service dog managed to find five persons nearby the village of Lyman 5 km before the railway station “Topoli”. On the offenders attempted to run away, however, the border guards detained him as well as all other travelers. Meanwhile, it was established that 3 citizen of Azerbaijan and 1 citizen of Uzbekistan accompanied by the Ukrainian entered into a plot with the team of the train for illegal cross of the state border beyond the check point because the Russian law enforcers banned their entrance to the RF. All detainees will be handed over to the National Police, their further destiny will be decided by the court. Notification about crime commitment was sent to the competent authorities under the Article 332 of the CCU “Illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine”.


Law enforcers found 13 illegal migrants from the Southern-Eastern Asia in Odesa


Operations staff of the Southern Regional Department of State Border Guard Service together with the representatives of associated authorities in Odesa region carries out joint actions on illegal migrants’ stay within the territory of Ukraine. In a result of conducted joint actions 13 foreign citizens from Southern-Eastern Asia were apprehended. The foreigners violated the stay rules on the territory of Ukraine being found within the industrial market. So far, the revealed citizens were delivered to Migration Service in Odesa region for preparing procedural document under the Part 1 Article 203 of the AICU (Foreigners and stateless persons’ violation of the stay rules in Ukraine transit travel through the Ukrainian territory).


Border guards revealed six Iranians with forged and invalid documents in Boryspil Airport


Six citizens of Iran were stopped by the border guards of Separate check point “Kyiv” or documents verification in the Boryspil Airport. Thus, the border guards detected 3 citizens of Iran during the selective control of the documents of the passengers from the transit passage to Germany, who had forded ID-cards of the French citizens. The persons were taken from the flight and they will be returned later on. In the course of verification actions performed on another flight – “Istanbul-Kyiv-Tegeran” there were 3 persons (mother, father and a child aged 6) detected having the second package of documents of the citizens of Denmark. The foreigners are also taken off from the flight, soon they will be returned back.


In Lviv region the border guards detained two Turks trying illegally to get to Poland


Two foreigners trying to cross the border outside the check point “Rava-Ruska” were detained by the border guards of Lviv Detachment.

The district inspector informed the border guards about appearance of two unknown persons of non-Slavic appearance moving towards the border.

In order to verify received information and look for possible offenders the reaction group started to the place and about 1 km before the border found two unknown persons with documents – Turkish citizens. In the course of the communication the men were unable to confirm the purpose of their stay on the outskirts of the settlement. Thus, they were delivered to the Border Guard Department aiming to establish the reasons of their stay in the border area.

During further verification activities it was established that the foreigners were trying to violate the state border. Currently, the violators are arrested up to three days with the aim to establish the circumstances of the offense. Their actions fall under the signs of offences provided for by the Article 204-1, Part 2 “Illegal cross or attempt of illegal cross of the state border of Ukraine”.

It will be noted that the cross or attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine in any way outside the checkpoints over the state border of Ukraine without proper documents or with documents which contain false information about the person or without the permission of the relevant authorities is punishable by a fine in the range of one hundred to two hundred untaxed minimums of the citizens or administrative arrest for up to fifteen days.