Border guards of Lviv Detachment apprehended Moroccan at Polish border


The staff of State Border Guard Service detained a citizen of Morocco for attempt to cross illegally the state border nearby Ukrainian-Polish border.

Information about appearance of unknown person in the border area was  provided from the local inhabitant. the local inhabitant.

During information verification the border guards of BD “Varyazh”, Lviv Detachment, detained the citizen of Morocco close to the border, who intended to get illegally to EU.

Detained foreigner was delivered to the sub-department in order to clarify the circumstances of the offence and drawing up administrative documents.


Border guards revealed forged passport in Iranian citizens


Border guards of Separate Check Point “Kyiv” found passport document belong to a passenger travelled by transit through Ukraine.

The woman with someone’s passport was stopped for control in the Boryspil Airport. Performing passport control the border inspector doubted in this document belonging to its representative. As it was established, the citizen of Iran arrived by the flight from Istanbul. Afterwards, the woman intended to get to Rome. She purchased passport of the citizen of Great Britain in Istanbul for her trip. She paid $ 7000 for receiving someone’s passport.

Currently, the woman is returned by a back flight to Turkey.


Border guards revealed two citizens of Moldova without appropriate documents in the regular bus


Border guards of Mohyliv-Podilsk Detachment revealed two citizens of Moldova, one having partially forged passport and the other being undocumented, at Ukrainian-Polish border.

Thus, border guards detected Moldavian’s forged passport in the automobile check point “Mohyliv-Podilsk” during the passport control of the passengers from the regular bus “Moscow-Chisinau”. The man travelled to neighbouring country having foreign passport with pages resewed.

And, border guards of the same detachment revealed a woman from Moldova with no document to cross the border in the course of verification actions as to passengers check  in the railway station of the check point “Mohyliv-Podilsk”. The woman affirmed to lose her foreign passport in the train “Moscow-Chisinau” she travelled by.

Upon administrative protocols preparation, the violators were handed to Moldavian border guards.


Border guards found forged passport in Boryspil Airport


Border guards of Separate Check Point “Kyiv” detected a  foreign passport belonging to the foreigner, which contained signs of forgery/

The citizen if Guinea intended to use this false passport, who made his way to Italy. During person’s identification inspector doubted in passport document belonging to the person provided it. As a result, the border guards established that passport provided in the line of passport control really contained the signs of forgery, namely informational page was replaced.

The citizen will be held administratively liable according to the Article 204-1 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences (Illegal cross of the state border of Ukraine) and was handed to the policemen


Border guards apprehended violators of the state border in Suny region


Border detail of Sumy Detachment detained three trespassers 100 m before the state border close to the populated area Ryasne, Krasnopilskyi district, Sumy. All three men were the citizens of Russian Federation crossing illegally Ukrainian-Russian border from the Russian area to Ukrainian one on foot beyond the established check points.

As it was clarified later, 39-year-old man had a military service card, 27-year-old man had national passport of RF citizen and 15-year-old man did not have any identification document.

Currently, detained Russians are delivered to border sub-department for applying filtration measures and drawing up procedural documents.

For illegal cross of the state border of Ukraine materials were prepared as to 27-year-old Russian according to the Article 204-1 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences, 39-year-old man was detained for 3 days for his identification. Afterwards these persons will be called to administrative responsibility for illegal cross of the state border/ Concerning the minor, he will be handed to the representatives of the Children’s Service in Krasnopilsk District State Administration in established order for the applying appropriate measures determined by the legislation.

It should be noted that since the beginning of 2017, the border guards of the Sumy Detachment detained 196 violators of the state border, of which 16 were illegal migrants.


Border guards detected Iranian with forged passport of Turkish citizen in the Boryspil Airport


During the check of the documents of the passengers arrived from Turkey, the border guards revealed partially forged passport document in the Boryspil Airport. Iranian travelling by transit used partially forged document of the citizen of Turkey during his trip. Besides, the border guards established that the man also had falsificated visa of Great Britain. The foreigner intended to get to London by forged documents. The person was not passed and would be returned by a back flight to Istanbul.


Law enforcers detained citizen of Vietnam, who organized smuggling his country fellows to EU countries


The staff of Operational Units of the State Border Guard Service together with representatives of the Department for Combating Crimes Related to Human Beings Trafficking, HANP in Odessa region under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor’s Office of Odessa region, detained a 47-year-old citizen of the Republic of Vietnam in the frames of the criminal proceedings stipulated by the Part 2 of Art. 332 CCU (Illegal transportation of persons across the state border). The foreigner aiming to be illegally enriched had organized and implemented the illegal transfer of foreign persons through the state border of Ukraine to the countries of the European Union.

Thus, a group of the citizens of the Republic of Vietnam was revealed in the number of 24 persons during information realization, 15 of them stayed within Ukraine violating the legislation in force. The mentioned group was planned to smuggle to EU countries.

When performing sanctions searches some funds were liquidated, which the offender received for assistance in illegal organization and further transportation over the state border. Also, at one of the addresses, where the searches were carried out, in the premise owned by the perpetrator, a workshop was revealed being used before as production unit for clothes of famous brands, sewing equipped and patterns were confiscated.

Currently, there are urgent investigations actions performed; all persons involved into above mentioned criminal violation are established. The organizer of illegal migration channel is detained in order stipulated by the Article 208 of CPC of Ukraine and an issue is under the consideration as to the choice of precaution measure.


Border guards revealed Georgian with forged passport in Kyiv Airport


One of the passengers from the flight Batumi-Kyiv was stopped during check in. The men presented Certificate for Temporary Residence in Ukraine. However, the border guards established that it contained the signs of the forgery. 31-year-old citizen of Georgia attempted to use it. The person was not admitted to cross the state border and was prohibited to enter Ukraine for three years.


Border guards detained 4 citizens of Bangladesh transported by Ukrainian


In the frames of joint special operation “Border-2017” the State Border Guards Service of Ukraine continues performing active measures on non-admission of unlawful activity at the state border.  thus, due to information received in time from the operative agents of the Northern Regional Department of SBGS by the border guards of BD “Guta Studentska”, Chernivtsi Detachment, the of Ukrainian registration was stopped in the controlled border area. The citizen of Ukraine transported 4 persons without documents. The passengers were the citizens of Bangladesh, 2000, 1995, 1995 and 1996 year of birth, who more likely got to Ukraine in illegal way. The foreigners are detained for 3 days until their identification. Information was entered to register concerning these persons as to the signs of criminal offence, which is stipulated by the article 332 of Crime Code of Ukraine (Illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine). Investigation actions go on.


Student from India was apprehended at Ukrainian-Polish border


The servicemen of Mostytskyi Detachment prevented illegal cross of the border by the citizen of India close to Ukrainian-Polish border. Local resident informed about appearance of the unknown person of Asian appearance to the border guards of BD “Shegeni”. He saw the foreigner in the suburb of one of the border villages. Reaction group arrived to the place immediately and started the searching operation. The foreigner was detected 200 m before the state border on Poland. He was the citizen of India, 1991 year of birth, who since 2016 had been the student of one of Ukrainian higher establishments. Entering the educational institution Indian decided to look for better destiny in the countries of European Union, thus, walking beyond the check point he got through to Poland. Decision on the case as to illegal cross of the state border of Ukraine will be made by the court.