Border guards detained citizen of Nigeria nearby Hungarian border


Border guards of BD “Kosyno”, Mukachevo Detachment apprehended 22-year-old young man attempting illegally to get neighboring Hungary. During patrolling border guards noticed an unknown person moving towards the border. The law enforcers started to the place of detention immediatedly. Detainee was the citizen of Nigeria having Ukrainian Temporary Residence Certificate. In the course of filtration actions border guards established that the foreigners had already been detained more than a year ago by the officers of State Border Guard Service for attempt to cross the state border illegally. After that, the Nigerian had been living in Volyn Temorary accommodation Facility for a year. The man did not leave intentions on improving his life conditions in one of EU countries and this time he chose Ukrainian-Hungarian area in Transcarpathia. Currently, the detainee is delivered to Mukachevo Border detachment. His further destiny will be defined by the court.


Border guards detained Egyptian illegally travelling to Hungary


Border guards of BD “Bogdalove”, Mukachevo Department apprehended a citizen of Egypt. Receiving information about possible illegal cross of the border, the border guards immediatedly organized operative-searching actions in a result of which a man of Arabic appearance was detained in the suburb of the populated area Choma, Berehovo region. The foreigner could not explain the reason of his appearance in the are close to the border, as he did not understand neither English nor Ukrainian  languages. He was delivered to border department in order to conduct filtration measures, where law enforcers established that detainee was 26 years old and he was the citizen of Egypt. Also, it was clarified that the foreigner got to Ukraine in the beginning of March in unlawful way and in future he planned to improve his life in one of the countries of European Union crossing the state border illegally. Detained citizen was delivered to Temporary Detention Centre of Mukachevo Border Detachment. His further destiny and evaluation of his actions will be performed by the court.


Border guards of Lviv Detachment revealed forged Croatian passport in citizen of Cuba


Border guards of Lviv Detachment found a forged passport in 36-year0old citizen of Cuba in the check point “Ustylug” at the Ukrainian-Polish border. During border control of the regular bus “Bila Tserkva-Warsaw” the citizen of Cuba travelling as a passenger presented her passport for travelling abroad of the citizen of Croatia. The law enforcers detected the signs of partial forgery in the passport document – replacement of informational page with consistuent data by means of stripping. Also, upon clarification of all circumstances it was learned that the woman had her original passport – citizen of Cuba. Written notification was forwarded to the Police Station in Volyn region, preliminary legal qualification of criminal violation as to Article 358 of Crime Code of Ukraine (falsification of documents, seals, stamps and forms, sale and use of forged documents, seals, stamps).


Ukrainian woman and Syrian were detained at the border line in Uzhgorod


Border guards of Chop Detachment prevented illegal cross of the border by two young persons intending to get to Slovakia beyond the check point.

When Border Department received an alarm signal from innovation device guarding the area of “green” border, the reaction group arrived immediatedly to the place. Simultaneously, the law enforcement agents informed the Slovakian collegues, who organized the border closure from its side. By joint efforts, directly at the border line, it was managed to detain 24-year-old man being the citizen of Syria and 22-year old Ukrainian woman. The young couple tried to get to one of the countries of European Union to start new life there. Upon drawing up corresponding procedural documents the “travelers” were sent to Temporary Detention Centre of Chop Border Detachment to identify them and calling to administrative responsibility.


Border guards detained 3 foreigners attempting to cross the state border in Lviv and Kharkiv regions


Three citizens of Turkey, Morocco and Uzbekistan, who tried to violate the state border, were stopped by the border guards  during the patrolling the state line.

The representatives of Public Formation informed  the inspector of Border Service of BD “Shegeni”, about appearance of a stranger of Arabic appearance in the direction toward the border. Reaction group pf Border Service started to the place immediatedly and stopped the violater. It was 21-year-old citizen of Turkey confirming his intention to violate the border on Poland for further employment. Soon, one more foreigner, the migrant from Maroco, also having intention to get to Poland, was stopped by the border guards of BD “Krakovets” of the same detachment.

Documents on administrative violation for attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine were prepared concerning both citizens.

A citizen of Uzbekitan was apprehended some metres before the Russian border by the border guards of Kharkiv Detachment during the operative information realization. The man traveled from Ukraine and intended to cross the border beyond the check points. So far, revealed foreigner is under detention until his identification.


Transcarpathian Migration Service has analysed the final results on its activity


The final results of work for two months of the current year and last one were analysed at the extended board of the Head Administration of SMS of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region.

Last year 249 foreigners and stateless persons applied and were granted the citizenship of Ukraine. A series of organization and practical events were performed aiming at control strengthening over the foreign citizens’s tay within the territory of Ukraine, currently, there are 2471 immigrants ans 1515 foreigners registered being documented by the certificate for temporary residence. The majority of these foreigners are within Transcarpathianin relation with their educational process and family’s reunion with the Ukrainian citizens.


In a result of joint actions border guards of Ukraine and Slovakia detained illegal migrant from Syria


Active cooperation of State Border Guard Service with border guards of countries neighboring Ukraine gains new results and continuous to provide positive results. Thus, an illegal migrants was apprehended in a result of joint patrolling and information exchange between SBGS of Ukraine and Border Police Bureau of Slovakian Republic. The violator passed through Ukrainian-Slovakian border was revealed and stopped by border patrol composed of Ukrainain and Slovakian border guards. Detainees introduced himself as the citizen of Syriya.

It is worth mentioning that recently it was stated at the meeting of Head Border Authorised Representatives of Ukraine and Slovakia that decisions on counteraction to violations at the joint border maintain its actuality, especially in the sphere of counteraction to illegal migration. Besides, it was reported that the situation had been characterized by active actions of crime groupings as to illegal migrants’ smuggling. Thus, last year Ukrainian border guards detained 272 migrants at the border on Slovakia, and due to the cooperation of operatie bodies of both departments it was managed to discrete more than 10 channels of migrants’ smuggling originating from the Near East, southern-Eastern and Central Asia. The performed analysis points to migration activity preservation, as the border guards of Chop Detachment detained already 31 illegal migrant this year.


Border guards apprehended 4 Maroccans intending to cross illegally the state border


State Border Guard Service of Ukraine continues to apply measures on non-admission of state border cross in the frames of counteraction to illegal migration. Thus, operative subdivisions of the Western Regional Administration of SBGS detained 4 citizens of Marocco and probable smuggler, the citizen of Ukraine. Border guards stopped the car of Polish registration in the frames of previous information realization close to the populated area Astey. There were 4 foreigners without documents, according to their words – citizens of Marocco. During verification and collection of explanations it was established that they had studied in one of higher establishments of Kharkiv city and intended to get illegally to Hungary. As to the present fact, a written notification was sent on criminal infringement revealing in accordance with the Article 332 of Crime Code of Ukraine “Illegal transportation of persons through the state border of ukrainne” with regard to the detained driver, citizen of Ukraine, who transported the travelers.


Border guards detected forged passport document in Boryspil Airport


The staff of SBGS detected passport document of the Bulgarian citizen with the signs of partial forgery in the International Boryspil Airport.  The citizen of Uzbekistan planned to use this passport when checki in for the flight Istanbul-Kyiv. During filtration actions implementation by border guards of Separate Check Poin “Kyiv” it was established that the man, 1983 DOB, purchased the passport of Bulgarian citizen in Istanbul for $400. The person was returned by back flight and forbidden to enter the territory of Ukraine for 3 years.


Border guards detained 2 citizens of Azerbaijan in Sumy region


Two citizens of Azerbaijan intending illegally to cross the state border were stopped by the border guards of Sumy Detachment. In the course of information processing, border patrol stopped two persons in a direct closeness to the state border in the direction between Ukrainian and Russian villages. The detainees were two citizens of Azerbaijan, who tried to get to Russia in illegal way. During filtration actions border guards found that the 36-year-old Azerbaijani was prohibited to enter Russia, and 32-year-old – had exceeded the deadline of stay in Ukraine.

So far, corresponding administrative materials were drawn considering the attempt ofillegal cross of the Ukrainian state border.

Also, as previously reported, last night border guards of BD “Sopych” of the same detachment detained two citizens of Ukraine and a citizens of Uzbekistan who had violated the state border with Russia. With regard to the detainees the border guards issued appropriate administrative materials sending the notification about discovered signs of criminal infringement  to the National Police under the Art. 332 (illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

From the beginning, the border guards of sumy Detachment Sumy apprehended more than 60 violators of the state border, 5 of them were illegal immigrants.