Border guards detained three Turks nearby Polish border during night patrolling


Border guards did not admitted illegal violation of Ukrainian-Polish state border by three “seekers of better destiny”. Border detail of BD “Krakovets” by means of surveillance device group noticed the movement of unknown persons towards the border. The silhouettes of potential border violators were noticed by regular soldiers, guarding the border area adjacent to the international border checkpoint. Watching the travelers, border guards called for the reaction group and detained unknown persons 70 before the state border. Detainees were the citizens of Turkey having documents (YOB 1966 and 1981). The third one had German identification document of stateless person being also the citizen of Turkey. Also, the border guards of Mostytskyi Detachment a path of track in the control line from Poland to Ukraine and in the course of detainees’ shoes identification it was established that native of Turkey came from abroad to take his country fellows. All citizens are detained in administrative order and in future will be called to responsibility for attempt of illegal cross of the state border of Ukraine. Besides, these circumstances are examined with regard to clarify the possible involvement of Turkish migrant in assistance to illegal transportation through the state border of Ukraine of other detainees.


Border guards detected citizen of Iran with forged French passport in Boryspil Airport


Border guards of Separate Check Point “Kyiv” in the Boryspil Airport did not pass the citizen of Iran, who attempted to cross the state border of Ukraine by forged document. Thus, when performing selective verification of the passengers from the flight “Tegeran-Boryspil-Berlin” in transit zone, the border guards reaveled Iranian with forged French passport document for travelling abroad. During verification actions it was established that the foreigner aimed to improve his living conditions making his way by transit to Boryspil taking personal foreign passport of Iran, where during the transfer to Germany he identified himself by document packet purchased in France. The citizen was not passed through the border and returned by a back fligh to the country of origin.


Slovakian border guards detained illegal migrants


Four foreigners and two citizens of Ukraine crossed Ukrainian-Slovakian border during Easter holidays. First, a citizen of Vietnam and Ukrainian, probably assisting to get illegally to EU, were apprehended nearby the village of Topolya, in the neigbourhood of Snina. One Vietnamese and Indian were detained close to the village of Pryslip, Ukrainian crossing the border illegally was detained in Uglich village. According to the information of Departments of Border Guard Service and Migration Police of Sobrantse, all detainees were deported from Slovakia and banned to enter the country.


Border guards apprehended two illegal migrants at Hungarian border


In the frames of joint border operation “Border-2017” border guards of BD “Luzhanka”, Mukachevo Detachment, apprehended two illegal migrants attempting to cross the border on Hungary. Thus, in the course of operative information realization with regard to possible violations of the state border, the border detail fixed the motion of two unknown persons towards the border by means of thermal image device. Border guards stopped illegal migrants in the distance of 70 meters from Ukrainian-Hungarian border just when one of them tried to overcome the barrage fence. Detainees did not have any documents, however reported to be citizens of Algeria. The foreigners were delivered to BD “Luzhanka” in order to perform filtration procedures and drawing up protocols on administrative infringements. Currently, actions are performed as to establishments of persons involved in organization of illegal migrants’ trip. Further destiny of the travelers and legal assessment will be determined by the court.


Lviv border guards stopped three Syrians with a child


State Border Guard Service of Ukraine continues perform system actions on termination unlawful activity at the state border of Ukraine, besides, those related to smuggling illegal migrants to EU countries. Thus, the border guards of BD “Rava-Ruska”, Lviv Detachment, upon available information detected a man and woman due to night vision device, who intended to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine with under age child, in the frames of “Border-2017” operation. Starting immediately to the specified place of infringement border guards stopped the foreigners 800 m before the border line. Detainees did not have any documents, according to their words they introduced as the citizens of Syria and intended to get to one of the countries of European Union. They took a child (2012 YOB) to this trip. Currently, 3 citizens of Syria are delivered to border department to clarify the circumstances and preparing administrative documents.


Border guards stopped Syrians with a child


State Border Guard Service of Ukraine continues implementing system measures on unlawful activities suspension at the state border of Ukraine, especially, connected with smuggling of illegal migrants to EU. Thus, in the frames of special operation “Border-2017” the border guards of BD “Rava-Ruska”, Lviv Detachment detected a man and woman due to available operative information and night vision device, who planned to cross the state border with a minor child. Starting immediatedly to the specified place of violation, border guards stopped the the foreigners 800 m before the state border. Detainees did not have any documents, and according to their words, they were the citizens of Syria and intended to get to one of the countries of European Union. The foreigners took a child (born in 2012). So far, the Syrian citizens were taken to Border Department to clarify the circumstances and drawing up administrative documents.


Border guards revealed forged documents in Boryspil airport


Border guards of separate check point “Kyiv” revealed four forged ID-cards of Italian citizens arrived by flight from Georgia during the verification procedure in the Boryspil Airport. Family from Palestine attempted to use them. The foreigners traveled to Frankfurt in the search of better life. Thus, in the course of the documents check, border detail dounted in validity and belonging to the bearers of these documents. Upon previous checking by means of technical control devices, the State Border Guard Service established that documents contained signs of forgery. The persons will be returned by a back flight after issuing corresponding documents.


Border guards revealed forged Turkish passport in Boryspil Airport


Border guards of separate check point revealed forged special passport of the citizen of Turkey in the international Boryspil Airport. Travelling to Ukraine from Morocco by transit via Paris, the woman provided documents of Turkish citizen for passport control. However, border detail had doubts as to validity of passport document during the performed control. In a result of document examination by means of technical control means it was established that it contained signs of complete forgery. The citizen (woman) of 1976 birth year was rejected in crossing the state border, the document was confiscated. In the nearest future she will be returned by a back flight.


Settlements of foreigners appear in the western Ukraine


Recently, Transcarpathian region has been settled by natives of India and Bangladesh, and Turks populate Lvov. The foreigners managed to rise costs of residence lease in the capital of Galychyna, and Italian bridegrooms accustom Ukrainians to their wine and pasta.

Indians sell spices in Transcarpathia  

A lot of representatives of India and Bangladesh have appeared on the streets of Uzhgorod in recent years. “Mainly, these are students, children of wealthy Indians and Bangladeshis. They study at the Medical Institute, which moved to us from Donbass and rent accommodation”- it was reported by Yaroslav Galas, speaker of Transcarpathian State Administration.

According to his words, there are no special problems with them: “We had only one incident for all this time: local persons of doubtful reputation had contact with two Indian students, who were robbed them and killed by them. In general, the conflicts are absent. The students are often visited by the relatives, some of them are also settled in Transcarpathia, opening their own small businesses. For example, in the sphere of fabrics or spices production.

Turks increased prices in Lvov

Associations of Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine (ARESU) reports that Turks have been recently started to populate actively Lviv. “The Turkish diaspora itself consists of 1200 persons. These are those who constantly live and work here – they have opened their own business, or they cooperate with a major road repair company. In addition, there is a cheap flight Istanbul – Lviv, and on weekends young Turks come here for entertainment. Many apply for rental housing, namely businessmen, who look for a long-term lease choosing expensive options. They do not want to buy apartments in Lviv yet, because the prices are 30-40% higher than in Antalya” – said Andrey Borisov, the representative of ASNU Lviv branch.

According to his words, Turks in Lviv open fast food, restaurants, sell clothes and shoes. Lviv realtor Larisa Kovacs also confirms that over the past year Turks have been able to raise rental prices by 5-10%.

“All this is due to the fact that Turkish businessmen are interested in expensive real estate and they are ready to rent good refitted apartments with appliances, preferably in the city center and for a long time – a year or two. As for the daily rent, Turkish youth comes here to hang out at night in the nightclubs. Turkish guys are attracted by our girls and alcohol, because of this, in the weekend they rent housing in the center, which is always more expensive by 5-10%, “- confirmed Larisa Kovacs.

Zhytomyr is settled by Hasidim

Hasidim have also influenced the real estate market in Zhytomyr. “I ignore the real estate in Zhytomyr as I have not been able to sell it for several years for a decent price. And here I notice the prices growing sharply. The realtor says that now Hasidim are actively interested by Zhytomyr. They have already occupied Uman, now they get over here” — the local resident, Andrey Kovalyov, says.

The same situation is in Berdichev where Itzhak burried — the grandfather of a tsadik of Nakhman buried in Umani. “The streets are still not renamed into Yiddish, but there is time for everything. Naturally, real estate prices have grown a little, but not sufficiently. So, for 5%, no more” — the local realtor Boris Valeev says.


Italians reside close to Chernovtsy

Vietnamese have been living in Odessa for a long time. Life of diaspora turns generally around “the 7th kilometer” where they hold outlets. For the same reason the security officers periodically arrange raids as to the Vietnamese quarters. Odessa, Kharkiv and Kiev have also been chosen by Chinese. “Generally, students and businessmen arrive. The first learn languages, culture, and to the second Ukraine is attractive in the investment plan. People treat us kindly, it is better, than before” — the business development manager of Chinese Diaspora in Ukraine LLC, Hou Bin has told us.

And Chernivtsi region is pleased by Italians. It is said about the settlement of Beregomet village — Italians open restaurants here or are engaged in construction business. It is also noted that Italians coming to Beregomet eat and drink only that they bring from the homeland: the spaghetti, cheeses and wine, accustoming to these products also local residents.

Regardless of quite numerical diaspora for the settlement, the Village Council tells that there is no any community there. “We have just many persons departing for earnings to Italy, and they come back from there already with elderly grooms. If  our rural inhabitants are aged 50-55 , then to the Italian guys are 70. Usually they come to us in winter, and return to their country in spring” — told the deputy head of the Village Council.


Lviv border guards stopped citizen of Ukraine and Ukrainian women with minor children to cross the border


The citizen of Turkey and woman from Ukraine intending to cross illegally the state border with minor children were stopped by the border guards of Mostytskyi Detachment. Information about unknown persons’ appearance nearby the populated area of Shegeni check point was received by the border guards from local residents. Border detail arrived to the immediately and detained the specified citizens. When establishing the persons it was learned that the man was the citizen of Turkey, and woman – the mother of two children from Mykolaiiv region.

As it was clarified, arriving to Ukraine in the beginning of the year the man acquainted with the woman via social networks and then planned to get to one EU countries in illegal way looking for better life. Mentioned persons were delivered to border subdivision to establish the circumstances and drawing up administrative documents.