Border guards detained 7 citizens of Bangladesh, their smuggler and accomplice


At the control post “Uzhok” on the highway “Lviv-Uzhgorod” between Lviv and Transcarpathian regions, the border guards of the BU “Syanki” stopped to check the minibus “Renault”. The car was driven by the citizen of the Russian Federation born in 1992. There was also a citizen of the Republic of Moldova, born in 1985, who had documents, and seven citizens of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The foreigners did not have any passports and documents confirming the legality of their stay in Ukraine. Accordingly, they were detained administratively in order to clarify the circumstances.

In the course of further inspection, the Bangladeshis confirmed that they intended to reach illegally the countries of the Western Europe. Therefore, their actions were defined as an administrative offense provided by the Part 2 Article 204-1 of the AICU “Illegal crossing or attempt of to cross illegally the border of Ukraine” (made by group of persons). The border guards also sent a statement to the National Police about seeing the signs of a criminal offense in the actions of Moldavian citizen under Article 332 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Illegal transfer of persons across the state border of Ukraine”.

As for the citizen of the Russian Federation, the documents on were prepared on the administrative offense case under Part 3 Article 206-1 of the administrative Code “Illegal transportation of foreigners and stateless persons by the territory of Ukraine”.


Three “lost” foreigners without documents were detained at the border on Moldova


Last night the border guards of the BU “Starokozache”, Belgorod-Dniester Detachment detected a group of undocumented persons at the checkpoint “Mayaky” near the Ukrainian-Moldovan border, while checking the car “Volkswagen” of Bulgarian registration.

In total,  there were four passengers in the foreign car, except the driver, – three foreigners, who introduced themselves as the citizens of Eritrea, and one Ukrainian.

According to foreigners’ words, two Ukrainians picked them up at the Central bus station of Odessa and as if had to take to the bus station in Bolgrad, Odessa region. The travelers refused to explain the reason of the occurence at the border.

Currently, all circumstances of the offense commitment are under establishment. With regard to the driver, a Protocol was drawn up under article 206-1 of the Administrative Code “Illegal transportation of foreigners and stateless persons by the territory of Ukraine”, and with respect to citizens of Eritrea – under Part 2 Article 204-1 of the Administrative Code “Illegal crossing or attempt to illegally cross the state border of Ukraine”.


Ukrainian border guards together with experts of the European Agency FRONTEX carry out a joint operation in the capitl airports

24-10 2018

Effective cooperation has been established in this direction with the border and law enforcement agencies of the neighbouring States, as well as international security institutions, in particular with the European border and coast guard Agency (FRONTEX) and the EU missions. It gives an opportunity to carry out joint special border operations, participate in joint activities under the coordination of FRONTEX Agency, jointly patrol the border with the EU and Moldova and extend joint control.

It is worth noting that only last year the border Agency of Ukraine took part in 10 joint operations of the European Agency FRONTEX both on the territory of Ukraine and on the land, sea and air borders of the EU member States and on the common border of Ukraine and the EU.

The cooperation in this direction continues. Operation “Key points” in the air areas is in the list of included ones. In Ukraine, it covers the capital airports and airports of Odessa and Lviv.

As part of the operation, the experts from the border agencies of Poland, the Republic of Lithuania and Italy are now at Boryspil and Kiev airports as observers. The active phase will last until December of this year. Before that, the representatives of Bulgaria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and others have already visited different airports.

Together with the European representatives, the existing system of information exchange regarding the early detection of new forms and methods of illegal migration to the EU countries is being supported and improved. At the same time, the coordinated joint local actions are to be an important factor that reduces the number of violation attempts.

It should be noted that FRONTEX promotes, coordinates and develops the management of European borders applying the concept of Integrated border management. Every year, the state border service takes an active part in joint operations and training projects and ensures the exchange of information and implements joint risk analysis.

According to experts of the state border service, FRONTEX Agency is a platform for the exchange of experience, obtaining new knowledge and skills, and most importantly – to strengthen border security on common borders.


Odessa law enforcement authorities detected 10 foreigners, who violated the rules on stay in Ukraine


The operational staff of the Southern Regional Department of State Border Guard Service with the involvement of special forces of the Odessa Border Detachment, together with the representatives of the SSU, National Police and other authorities in Odessa region carried out the activities on identification the cases of illegal stay of the foreigners on the territory of Ukraine.

As a result of the joint actions, the law enforcement officers detained 10 foreign citizens from different countries of migration risk, in particular Vietnam, China, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. The violators were in one of the industrial markets of the city.

Detained citizens are brought to responsibility under Part 1 Article 203 of the Administrative Code, also a decision was made to forcibly return 5 citizens to the country of origin.

It will be noted that the border guards of the Odessa Detachment together with other law enforcement authorities within two months revealed and made responsible 75 citizens, natives of the different countries of migration risk, in particular Vietnam, China, Syria, Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Azerbaijan and Afghanistan.


Border guards detained citizens of Morocco, Ghana and Belarus near the border with Poland


As it was previously reported, the border guards of the BU “Krakovets” detained two immigrants from North Africa according to the information received from the local residents. The Moroccan citizens, born in 1997 and 1999, were found about 100 meters from the border.

And in the area of BU “Shehyni”, also thanks to the inhabitants of the borderland, the law enforcement officers detained two citizens of Ghana. The man and woman were walking to Poland bypassing the checkpoint. The man had his passport with a mark of temporary residence permit, the woman was undocumented, she had only a pass from one of the Ukrainian universities.

In addition, the soldiers of the “Shegini” Department detained a citizen of the Republic of Belarus near the place of the previous detention on the outskirts of the border. The man had also hopes to bypass the checkpoint and illegally cross the Ukrainian-Polish border.

In respect of all detainees, the documents have been drawn up on administrative offences for their attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine. The decision will be made by the court.


“Seekers of happiness” from Africa were detained at Hungarian border


During verification of the available information provided by field officers of the Border Department the policemen detained three foreigners without documents on the suburb of the settlement Kosyno. Two of them introduced themselves as Sudanese citizens and the third one – as Somali.  In the course of filtration activities, the border guards found out that the detained persons, aged 23, 18 and 16 years, came to Ukrainian territory in legal order, but they planned to cross the Ukrainian-Hungarian border illegally outside the checkpoints and reach one of the EU countries.

Currently, the foreigners are delivered to the Temporary Detention Facility of Mukachevo Border Detachment. The protocols on administrative offense under Part 1 Article 204 -1 of the AICU were drawn up.

The cases will be forwarded to the court.


Two groups of illegal immigrants and smuggler were detained by border guards and police officers in Transcarpathia


In the course of the criminal proceedings implementation with regards to the materials of the officers from the Operational Units of the Western Regional Office, the car with four citizens of Bangladesh was detected in the outskirts of the village Knyahynya. Together with the foreigners there was also a detention of our country fellow who tried to transport the foreigners illegally from Ukraine to Slovakia.

During further search actions the law enforcement authorities detained two more illegal immigrants, previously established as the citizens of Ghana. They were found near the village Domashyn, Velukyi Bereznyi district. As it was explained later by the foreigners, they were dropped out of the car and pointed out the direction to the border.

Currently, other persons are still looked for, who may be involved in the delivery of illegal migrants to the border. Once the identity of the detainees has been established, they will be held accountable for their attempt to violate the state border.


Supreme Council has introduced criminal liability for illegal cross of the state border of Ukraine


243 people’s deputies voted for the corresponding decision. The law supplements the criminal code of Ukraine with article 332-2 “Illegal cross of the state border of Ukraine”.

It will be noted that the Committee of the Supreme Council on issues of law enforcement activity legislative support unanimously supported and recommended to approve the draft Law in the second reading and as a whole as a law.

The bill is designed to promote the protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine by criminalizing illegal cross of the state border by the representatives of the aggressor state.

The adopted law establishes criminal liability for crossing the state border of Ukraine in order to harm the interests of the state or a person who is prohibited to enter the territory of Ukraine, or representatives of the armed forces units or other law enforcement agencies of the aggressor state in any way outside the checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine or at the checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine without relevant documents or documents containing inaccurate information.

Such acts will be punishable by up to three years of imprisonment.

In addition, the repeated commission of such acts or commission of such acts by a group of persons is punishable by imprisonment for a term of three to five years, and the commission of such acts in combination with violence or the use of weapons for a period of five to eight years.

This Law shall enter into force on the day following the date of its publication.

Also it will be noted that the administrative responsibility provided under Article 204-1 of the Administrative Code regarding the illegal cross of the state border of Ukraine by “ordinary” migrants or violators remains.


Border guards revealed six citizens of Iraq and Iran having forged documents in the Boryspil airport


While checking the documents of the passengers arrived from Istanbul in the checkpoint  Boryspil, the law enforcers detected Iraqi citizen who provided partially fake passport of a citizen of Paraguay for verification. As it was established later, he tried to get to Great Britain by this passport.

The other case was fixed in some hours during the documents check of the passengers, who also traveled to London, but by another flight. The family from Iran composed of 5 persons attempted to get to London using partially forged passports of the citizens of Great Britain.

All detected offenders were returned by the back flight.



Law enforcers arrested the car by which Ukrainian transported 4 citizens of Bangladesh


Continuing the measures on counteraction to illegal activities at the state border within the framework of the joint special operation” Border 2018″, the border guards together with the SSU staff and National Police prevented the attempts of illegal movement of persons across the state border.

Due to the exchange of information between law enforcement officers it was managed to track a group of foreigners who were sent by car in the direction of the border.

The vehicle driven by 42-year-old resident of Bukovyn was stopped by the law enforcers on the outskirts of the village Zavoloka, Storozhynetskyi district. Four undocumented citizens of Bangladesh were inside the car.

All detainees were delivered to the Temporary Detention Facility of Chernivtsi Border Detachment. Their further destiny will be decided by the court.