Staff of State Border Guard Service and Migration Service in Odessa region detained 4 illegal immigrants from Bangladesh


The staff of operational units of the Southern Regional Department of SBGSU together with the representatives of the State Migration Service and the Directorate of the National police in the Odessa region carried out a number of activities to identify the violators of immigration laws.

Due to the joint actions of law enforcement officers, in the village Prylemanske, Odessa region, 4 illegal migrants, citizens of Bangladesh, were revealed.

During these actions it was established that all identified foreigners arrived from the Southern Asia, stayed in Ukraine violating the existing immigration laws. The foreigners were detained for making the court decision.


Three foreign violators were detected by border guards in the capitals’ airports


The border guards of Separate checkpoint “Kyiv” detected three foreigners with forged documents and wanted by Interpol.

The staff of the Border Department exposed the citizen of Ghana at the time of registration of passengers of flight “Kiev-Bergamo” in the international airport “Boryspil”, who provided someone’s passport for control belonging to a citizen of Italy. In the course of circumstance clarification the law enforcement officers found the Italian, a native of Ghana, on the specified flight. It was she passing the passport to the detainee, which belonged to a third party.

The protocol was drawn up as to the man according to Article 204-1 of the AICU (Illegal cross or attempt of illegal cross of the state border of Ukraine), in respect of a foreigner-woman a message was sent about signs of a criminal offense detection under the Article 332 CCU (Illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine). The foreigners were handed to the staff of National Police.

In the airport “Zhulyany” during verification of documents of the passengers for the flight “Ankara-Kiev” the staff of SBGS exposed a Turkish citizen, who was wanted by Interpol for rape and citizen of Turkmenistan having fake residence permit in Ukraine, which he bought for 18 thousand UAH. Information about Turkish offender was sent to Ukrainian Bureau of Interpol in Kyiv.


Two foreigners with false passports were revealed in Boryspil Airport


Two foreigners attempting to cross the state border with forged documents were found by the staff of SBGS at the airport “Boryspil”.

Last night the border guards of Separate border post “Kyiv” at the checkpoint “Boryspil” during the inspection of passengers for flight “Kiev – Madrid” false passports of Bulgarian citizens were found in two Turkish citizens.

Corresponding protocols were drawn up as to the violators. The foreigners were handed to the staff of National Police.


3.5 thousand Euros to burn: the border guards detained a foreigner with invalid passport


The border guards Separate checkpoint “Kyiv” found a foreigner with a fake document.

Thus, the staff of SBGSU disclosed the foreign woman during passengers’ registration for the flight “Kyiv – Munich” at the international airport “Boryspil”. She provided the passport of the citizen of France with signs of partial forgery. In the course of the further check it was established that 29-year-old foreigner was a citizen of Iran who arrived on a flight from Ankara. She bought this false passport for 3.5 thousand Euros namely there. The transit way through the airport “Boryspil” was impossible for women.

Now the citizen expects for return by a back flight.


Group of illegal immigrants and their smugglers were revealed in Transcarpathia


The Operative and Search Department of SBGS together with Department of Fight against Crimes connected with Human Trafficking, Head Department of National Police in Transcarpathian region detained illegal immigrants, quickly tracked down the man who organized the transportation of four citizens through the Ukrainian-Slovak border.

Four persons were stopped 800 meters before the state border near the village of Kamenetskaya Huta in Uzhhorod district. These were two men of 29 and 31 years, 27-year-old woman and a small child (nine-month-old girl). Illegal migrants did not have any documents, but introduced as the citizens of Armenia.

When the required procedural activities were performed in the Department of National Police the violators were taken to the Temporary Detention Facility of Chop Detachment. The guards will have to identify the illegal migrants, then they are to be brought to administrative responsibility under the Part 2 Article 204-1 AICU “Illegal cross or attempt of illegal cross of the state border of Ukraine”.

The Department of Fight against Crimes connected with Human Trafficking, and investigators of Uzhhorod District Police have carried out a series of quick searching actions and revealed the names of the smuggling organizer. The law enforcement authorities established that the foreigners attempted to enter the Slovak Republic with the assistance of a citizen of their country of origin. This 50-year-old man was detained in one of the hotels in Uzhhorod district. 7900 Euro and 1642 UAH were confiscated from this man as well as bank cards and other documents. The suspect person was detained under the Article 208 of Crime Code of Ukraine and placed to the Temporary Detention Facility.

The law enforcers took the illegal migrants to the Temporary Detention Facility of Chop Border Detachment. The criminal proceeding was initiated by this fact under the Part 2 Article 332 of the CCU, that is, illegal transfer of persons across the state border of Ukraine.

The further measures on establishment of all circumstances and persons involved in the infringement would be carried out by Operative and Search Sub-Department of SFSU.


Foreigners with fake documents were found at Moldavian border


Two foreigners with invalid passport documents were exposed by the border guards of Belgorod-Dnistrovskyi Detachment in the check point “Kuchurgan”.

Thus, 36-year-old citizen of Moldova was going to enter Ukraine providing the passport for control, which was completely fake and on the name of another person. During inspection of his stuff, the border guards found the actual passport of the man. It was established that the citizen worked in Russia, from where he was deported. In order to get there again, he decided to counterfeit his passport. The law enforcers called the offender to liability for attempt to cross illegally the border, and as the signs on criminal offense under the Article 358 of the CCU “Forgery, seals, stamps and forms, their sale, use of forged documents” were revealed it was reported to the competent law enforcement agencies.

And 19-year-old citizen of Israel had the intention to get to Moldova by the foreign passport contained the signs of damage and self-regluing. It turned out that the young man had accidentally washed his passport with things in the washing machine. The best option, in his opinion, was to solve the problem in individual order. But the document with those damages and «self-corrections» does not entitle to cross the border.

The protocols were drawn up as to the citizen of Israel in accordance with the Part 2 Article 204-1 of the AICU (Illegal cross or attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine illegally” concerning both violations).


Citizen of China with invalid documents was apprehended at the border


The foreigner with invalid document was detained in the check point “Vystupovychi”, Zhytomyr Border Detachment. The Chinese citizen provided an expired passport during documents verification.

Upon the Protocol preparation according to the Article 204-1 of the AICU (Illegal cross or attempt of illegal cross of the state border of Ukraine) the foreigner was offered to contact the Embassy of China in Ukraine for registration of a certificate for return.


Border guards detected trespasser in Odessa region with the help of thermal imager


The violator, who attempted to avoid the checkpoint “Tabaki” the Ukrainian-Moldavian border, was detained tonight by the border guards of Ismail Detachment, Odessa region.

Thermal imager assisted the border guards in detecting an unknown person. The detainee explained the border guards that he was trying to get to Moldova for the purpose of employment, and went bypassing the check point as he did not have any documents.

Currently, the offender is identified – he is a 20-year-old citizen of Ukraine. The procedural documents are drafted. The further destiny of the traveler will be defined by the court.


A citizen of China had used false visas of Canada, his journey ended in “Boryspil”


The border detail of Separate checkpoint “Kyiv” found a Chinese citizen travelling to Munich (Germany) having false visa of Canada. As a result of the violations, the representatives of the airline company made the decision to take this person off the flight. Therefore, the Chinese citizen had to return to Beijing by the morning flight.

Two citizens of Iran are also waiting to return home, who tried to travel to Armenia illegally by the fake passports and ID-cards of Greek citizens. The transit through the Boryspil Airport turned out to be impassable, so instead of Yerevan they are expected to arrive to Tehran.


Unprepared “refugee” was detained by border guards of Kharkiv Detachment


The local inspector of the BD “Starytsya”, Kharkiv Detachment, received information from a local resident about the discovery of a suspicious person moving from Russia to Ukraine.

A few minutes later the border guards found and detained the citizen of Russia, which illegally crossed the state border.

The detainee immediately appealed to the border guards with a statement on refugee status granting on the territory of Ukraine. And before considering his request the border guards found that he needed urgent medical care because of his frozen limbs.

The citizen of the Russian Federation was immediately taken to a warm room and emergency was called.

Within minutes the paramedics arrived to the check point and made diagnose: “Frostbite of hands and feet.” The detainee being accompanied by soldiers of the Border Service Department was taken to the district hospital.

The Head Department of State Migration Service of Ukraine in Kharkiv region was informed about the fact of the citizen of the Russian Federation appealing on refugee status granting. Currently, the person is hospitalized under guard.