Illegal migrants passing through Transcarpathia start avoiding Hungary, Slovakia is on trend


Yet, it has been easier to get asylum for illegal migrants in Hungary last year, who managed to cross the border. Currently, in 95% cases it returns them to Ukrainian side due to readmission.

In order to be successfully smuggled over the border is necessary to organize the passing not only Ukrainian side and European as well. Currently, the migrants are taken deep into the EU countries not to have any relation to Ukraine. In this case they are impossible to return. Quite few persons attempt to get to Hungary now, and Slovakians more work has added. In general, the flow of illegal migrants in Transcarpathia is reoriented from Hungarian to Slovakian border.


Border guards detained group of illegal migrants in Transcarpathia


Border guards of Chop Detachment detained 3 citizens of Bangladesh in the village of Nevytske, Transcarpathian region. Information about possible violation of the state border was provided by the staff of Operative Department of SBGS. Aiming at search and detention of the violators the reaction group of BS “Guta” started immediately to the place. Found unknown persons made their way to Ukrainian-Slovakian border, however, their plans were failed. Detained violators were delivered to Border Department for filtration measures and preparing appropriate procedural documents. Upon persons’ identification they will be called to administrative responsibility as to Part 2 Article 204-1 of Administrative Infringement Code “Violation or attempt to violate the state border”. Also, the border guards of Chop Detachment in cooperation with Slovakian colleagues detained the citizen of Ukraine, who crossed illegally the state border. When patrolling the area being in responsibility of BS “Knyagynya”, the law enforcers noticed unfamiliar person crossing to the territory of Slovakian Republic at that moment. The man was apprehended and held administratively liable. The court will determine his type of punishment for committed infringement.


120 thousand illegal migrants have been detained at Ukrainian border for the years of Independence


State Border Guard Service of Ukraine pays constant attention to efficiency raise as to fight against the organized criminality at the state border and counteraction to illegal migration.

The results of operative-service activity testify this fact. Besides, in the course of the last 2 years there were 20 thousand orders performed authorised by state bodies and 60 thousand protocols drawn for illegal cross of the state border.

In addition, counteraction to illegal migration has been sufficiently enforced. During the six month of 2017 border guards apprehended 320 migrants for violation of the “green corridor” and discredited quite many directions of their smuggling. Regardless of periodical activation of different channels, namely from Vietnam, India, Afghanistan and Syria, the migration station in Ukraine currently does not present any substantial threats to border safety. The resolution of the last is confirmed by European institutions organizing the protection of exterior EU borders.

At the same time it is worth mentioning that changeable situations as to the flow of illegal migrants through the territory of Ukraine to the countries of Western Europe was affected by the troublesome daily work of the  border guards. Since the times of Ukraine’s Independence more than 120 thousand such “travellers” were detained  for attempt to cross the state border.

The peak of migrants’ flow was in 1994-1999, where there were 65 thousand foreigners apprehended. In the following three years numbers in illegal migration decreased to 50-70% due to the system approaches applied to improve border protection. However, in 2003-2005 the criminal elements restructured the flows, and in consequence, activation of illegal migration namely due to sufficient increase of illegal migrants from the CIS. The next some years the citizens from namely CIS countries left to be the basic category of illegal migrants. Beginning from 2008 it has been managed to decrease the number of illegal migrants’ attempts to cross the state borders on EU countries to 10% and constant decline in illegal migration is recorded in the course of the following years. For example, 3 400 migrants were detained in 2008 for illegal cross of the border, and 1 000 in 2016.

As a rule, for the illegal migrants to travel  within Ukraine the means of legal entrance the country by real documents are used for studying, tourism, business, private goals. Then, their further movement is organized to the western border area in order to cross the border in illegal way.


Border guards apprehended 7 trespassers in Kharkiv and Lviv


In the frames of joint operation “Migrant” the border guards together with the staff of Human Traffic Organized Crime Department detained 3 violators of the state border with a child due to the preliminary information received from operative department.

Thus, the border detail of BD “Vovchansk”, Kharkiv Detachment in the direction of populated areas Krasne (RF) and Okhrimivka (Ukraine) detained 20-year-old Ukrainian and the citizens of Russian Federation aged 32 with a minor. Detainees were delivered to Border Department to establish all circumstances of the infringement, namely to perform filtration measures and draw up appropriate procedural documents. During the interview it was established that Ukrainian attempted to Smuggle the Russian beyond the check point as the man was prohibited to enter Ukraine.

Notification on criminal offence committed by the Ukrainian according to the Article 332 of Crime Code of Ukraine has already been sent to the competent bodies. Materials as to Article 204-1 of Code of Ukraine were prepared as to the Russian. The further destiny of the Russian will be decided by the court.

Also, two persons without documents introduced as Moldovians were detained in the area of BD “Dergachi” in the direction of the populated areas “Zhuravlivka” (the RF) and Tokarivka (Ukraine) due to the engineer-technical equipment of the state border. They intended to cross the state border of Ukraine beyond the check point.

The travellers were also called to administrative responsibility as to Article 204-1 of Code of Ukraine about administrative infringement. Their further destiny will be decided by the court.

Besides, the Lviv border guards apprehended two trespassers walking to Poland on foot.

The staff of BD “Shegeni” prevented illegal border crossing in two cases by the citizens of Ukraine and Ghana. Thus, the district inspector of Border Guard service received information from the local residents about appearance of unknown persons in the village and his further trip to the border. Soon, the border guards found the above mentioned man being without any documents. The citizen explained that he made his way to Poland aiming to get some job.

The border guards of the same department apprehended new seeker of better destiny. Later on, the residents called to the district inspector reporting about an African seen in the village.  This time, it was the citizen of Ghana being stopped close to the village Zolotyi Bereg. The man also did not have any documents and travelled to Europe.

In both cases, the citizens were detained in administrative order; they will answer before the court for their attempt to cross illegally the state border.


Police detected 6 illegal migrants in Mukachevo


In the course of patrolling the law enforcers at the road “Mukachevo-Berehovo” stopped the car with six foreigners. Only two of them had documents. Legality of their stay within Ukraine is under establishment. In the frames of operation “Migrant” the policemen of Road Control department stopped the car «Volkswagen Passat» of foreign registration. There were six foreigners in the car. One of them had passport of the citizen of Ukraine, the other – temporary residence certificate of Ukraine. The rest four persons had no any documents. Illegal migrants reported that they arrived to Transcarpathia in the search of job; they lived for some period in Berehovo district. Currently, the policemen with the staff of State Migration Service verify the legality of the foreigners’ stay on the territory of Ukraine.


Channel of illegal migrants’ smuggling was liquidated at Ukrainian-Slovakian border


The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has successfully completed the operation at the border on Slovakia focused on discrediting and liquidation of illegal migration channel consisted of the citizens of Vietnam. The channel was revealed by the staff of SBGS, National Police in close cooperation with Slovakian Border Police. Yet, in the beginning of August, the operative agents of Border Department of Ukraine together with the Head Administration of Transcarpathian National Police involving Slovakian border guards, collected information about offenders’ intentions to smuggle a large group of illegal migrants to the countries of European Union. In order to liquidate the activity of this channel, the law enforcers of both sided planned the appropriate measures as for this group. The operative agents were constantly following the group formation and step-by-step transportation of the foreigners to the border area. In particular, there were some persons attempting to cross the border before in the composition of other groups and those who entered Ukraine on legal basis, but afterwards had decided to look for the better destiny beyond Ukraine. When migrants accumulated nearby the border, the organizers changed not once the day and direction, where the border crossing should take place. All this was done for the law enforcers to be unable to track the route of illegal trip. However, the offenders failed to realize their plan and, on common intent, the group of 24 citizens of Vietnam was detained by the border guards of Slovakia directly after their crossing the Ukrainian – Slovakian border. Currently, the law enforcers perform further investigation measures on the territory of Ukraine and Slovakia to expose all organizers of the channel and their accomplices.


Law enforcers of Hungary and Transcarpathia detained 3 illegal migrants


Due to coordinated work of Hungarian and Transcarpathian law enforcers stopped illegal trip of three citizens of Sri-Lanka. The staff of Counter Crime Department, connected with human trafficking together with the Operative Department of State Border Guards Service, establish the persons involved in smuggling detainees abroad. The border guards informed Transcarpathian policemen about detention of three illegal migrants close to Hungarian border by Hungarian border guards. Three men, citizens of Sri Lanka of 31, 27 and 22 years old, were handed to the border guards of BD “Velyka Palad”, Mukachevo Detachment. The staff of Counter crime Department of Head Department of National Police of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region, together with personnel of Operative-Searching Department of SBGS of Ukraine take all required measured to establish and call to responsibility persons involved in detained migrants’ smuggling over the border.

It should be recalled that since the beginning of operation “Migrant”, it is the third case of prevention to smuggle illegal migrants over the border.


Border guards detained 5 illegal migrants from India and Moldova


The staff of Border Department apprehended illegal migrants at the border on Poland, Hungary and Moldova – three Hindus and two Moldavians.

Thus, the border guards of Mostytskyi and Chop Detachments detainees three citizens of India intending to got to Poland and Hungary in illegal way. These persons had foreign passports. So far, the violators stay in the Temporary Detention Centre, verification actions go on.

In Bukovyn, the border guards of Chernivtsi Detachment stopped two citizens of Moldova, who crossed the state border in illegal way, during their patrolling the area. The foreigners made their way to Ukraine.

The protocols on calling to administrative responsibility were prepared as to all 5 violators in accordance to Part 2 Article 204-1 of Administrative Infringement Code of Ukraine “Violation or attempt to violate the state border”. The cases are forwarded to the court.


Illegal migrants were apprehended in Transcarpathia


In the frames of operation “Migrant” the border guards of Mukachevo Detachment together with the staff of National Police revealed a group of illegal migrants intending to cross the border in illegal way.

Six men without any documents concealed in a private house in the town of Mukachevo. The detainees informed to be the citizens of India.

Aiming to perform filtration measures and establishment of all circumstances of illegal trip the foreigners were delivered to the Temporary Detention Facility of Mukachevo Border detachment.

Legal assessment of illegal migrants’ actions will be provided by the court.


Border guards apprehended three illegal migrants from Cameroon in Odesssa


Border guards of Belgorod-Dnistrovskyi  Detachment detained three foreigners attempting to get illegally to the Republic of Moldova.

Thus, the border guards of BD “Stepanivka” were observing the appearance of thee unknown persons in the evening by means of thermal imager located on the tower of optical-electrical surveillance. They moved in the direction of Ukrainian-Moldavian border. Unknown persons decided to separate in order they be caught harder. The reaction group arrived to the place immediately. Later on, all three were detained close to the state border.

Detainees were African women aged 26, 29 and 31, being the migrants from the Republic of Cameroon. One of the women was pregnant. According to the offender’s words, they intended to get ti one of the countries of European Union seeking better life conditions.

Currently, the law enforcers continue performing filtration and other measures on establishment of all circumstances of the infringement.