Two groups of illegal immigrants and smuggler were detained by border guards and police officers in Transcarpathia


In the course of the criminal proceedings implementation with regards to the materials of the officers from the Operational Units of the Western Regional Office, the car with four citizens of Bangladesh was detected in the outskirts of the village Knyahynya. Together with the foreigners there was also a detention of our country fellow who tried to transport the foreigners illegally from Ukraine to Slovakia.

During further search actions the law enforcement authorities detained two more illegal immigrants, previously established as the citizens of Ghana. They were found near the village Domashyn, Velukyi Bereznyi district. As it was explained later by the foreigners, they were dropped out of the car and pointed out the direction to the border.

Currently, other persons are still looked for, who may be involved in the delivery of illegal migrants to the border. Once the identity of the detainees has been established, they will be held accountable for their attempt to violate the state border.


Supreme Council has introduced criminal liability for illegal cross of the state border of Ukraine


243 people’s deputies voted for the corresponding decision. The law supplements the criminal code of Ukraine with article 332-2 “Illegal cross of the state border of Ukraine”.

It will be noted that the Committee of the Supreme Council on issues of law enforcement activity legislative support unanimously supported and recommended to approve the draft Law in the second reading and as a whole as a law.

The bill is designed to promote the protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine by criminalizing illegal cross of the state border by the representatives of the aggressor state.

The adopted law establishes criminal liability for crossing the state border of Ukraine in order to harm the interests of the state or a person who is prohibited to enter the territory of Ukraine, or representatives of the armed forces units or other law enforcement agencies of the aggressor state in any way outside the checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine or at the checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine without relevant documents or documents containing inaccurate information.

Such acts will be punishable by up to three years of imprisonment.

In addition, the repeated commission of such acts or commission of such acts by a group of persons is punishable by imprisonment for a term of three to five years, and the commission of such acts in combination with violence or the use of weapons for a period of five to eight years.

This Law shall enter into force on the day following the date of its publication.

Also it will be noted that the administrative responsibility provided under Article 204-1 of the Administrative Code regarding the illegal cross of the state border of Ukraine by “ordinary” migrants or violators remains.


Border guards revealed six citizens of Iraq and Iran having forged documents in the Boryspil airport


While checking the documents of the passengers arrived from Istanbul in the checkpoint  Boryspil, the law enforcers detected Iraqi citizen who provided partially fake passport of a citizen of Paraguay for verification. As it was established later, he tried to get to Great Britain by this passport.

The other case was fixed in some hours during the documents check of the passengers, who also traveled to London, but by another flight. The family from Iran composed of 5 persons attempted to get to London using partially forged passports of the citizens of Great Britain.

All detected offenders were returned by the back flight.



Law enforcers arrested the car by which Ukrainian transported 4 citizens of Bangladesh


Continuing the measures on counteraction to illegal activities at the state border within the framework of the joint special operation” Border 2018″, the border guards together with the SSU staff and National Police prevented the attempts of illegal movement of persons across the state border.

Due to the exchange of information between law enforcement officers it was managed to track a group of foreigners who were sent by car in the direction of the border.

The vehicle driven by 42-year-old resident of Bukovyn was stopped by the law enforcers on the outskirts of the village Zavoloka, Storozhynetskyi district. Four undocumented citizens of Bangladesh were inside the car.

All detainees were delivered to the Temporary Detention Facility of Chernivtsi Border Detachment. Their further destiny will be decided by the court.


Migrants from Pakistan, the Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, Tajikistan and Afghanistan were detained at the border


The state border service officers detained 8 illegal migrants near the state border of Ukraine.

The special alarm system went off and the military staff of the BU “Uzhhorod”, Chop Detachment stopped and detained the foreigners 200 meters before the state border. According to the word of the detainees, they were the citizens of Pakistan and intended to get into the EU beyound the checkpoints.

And the border guards of the DU “Rava-Ruska” and “Ambukiv”, Lviv Detachment detained four citizens of the Dominican Republic, Bangladesh and Tajikistan after receiving information from the local residents. All men were unable to show any documents to the law enforcers.

Another “seeker of a better life” from Afghanistan was detained by the servicemen of the BU “Shehyni”, Mostyska Detachment. The offender had his internal passport.

All illegal migrants were taken to the border units to clarify the circumstances of their offences and the prepare administrative documents. The filtration events are continued.


Two illegal immigrants from Turkey were detained by the border guards in Transcarpathia


Information about the movement of unknown persons in the border area was received by the officers last night from a local resident. The  additional outfits were immediately sent to search the offenders, one of which was found on the outskirts of the village of Strychava, Velykyi Bereznyi district. The two men moved towards the state border when they were stopped by the guards of the Chop Detachment. The detained citizens of Turkey admitted that they intended to get into the EU bypassing checkpoints with the aim of improving living conditions.

Currently, the foreigners are delivered to the border subdivision. The protocols on the detection the signs of an administrative offense under Part 2 Article 204-1 of AICU “Illegal cross or attempt of illegal state border cross”.


Three citizens of Southern Asia were apprehended at the border


The military staff of the BU “Hrabove”, Lutsk Detachment detained three undocumented persons nearby the state border, who were going through the Zhidnyi Buh river to get to the neighboring Poland. The detainees claim that they are citizens of India.

Now, the offenders are delivered to the border unit to clarify the circumstances of the offense.


Transcarpathian police detained 5 offenders near the border


During the night patrol the border guards of BU “Velyka Palad”, Mukachevo Detachment noticed the unknown persons moving towards the state border. The soldiers immediately began to pursue the offenders making several warning shots. Despite the legal requirements of the border guards the offenders did not stop. Moreover, one of the runaways, being already caught by the guards, tried to hit the soldier and apply a gas canister. With the help of physical impact the border guards detained the aggressive man.

Four other fugitives and the car of Hungarian registration, arrived to the border, were detained the military personnel of Mukachevo Detachment together with the staff of Vynohradovo Department of the patrol police.


Representatives of State Border Guard Service took part in the meeting of the Joint Committee on Readmission


Recently, the 11th annual Ukrainian-European meeting of the Joint Committee on Readmission took place in Ukraine.

During the event the following questions were discussed: existing progress of Ukraine and the EU on the conclusion of agreements and implementation protocols on readmission of persons, as well as problematic issues for the effective implementation of the Agreement between Ukraine and EU on readmission of persons.

In particular, it was informed that Ukraine today has already concluded 4 implementing protocols to the above-mentioned Agreement, namely with Austria, Estonia, Czech Republic and Poland, dialogue with another 20 member countries of the EU on conclusion similar protocols is in process. Thus, Protocol between Ukraine and the Benelux countries is on the final stage of the negotiation.

Also, this year Ukraine has ratified readmission agreements with Moldova and Switzerland, the agreement on readmission between Ukraine and Belarus signing is expected to take place. The corresponding negotiations are actively conducted with the states of migration risk – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the like.

During the meeting the representative of the European Agency FRONTEX noted a positive experience of the Ukrainian border guards in the implementation of illegal migrants’ accompaniment, who refuse to fulfil a court decision about their forced expulsion, and proposed to continue the practice of joint operations in supporting and training of border guards in this area.

In general, the representatives of the European side stressed the excellent cooperation with Ukraine not only in the field of readmission, but also in the field of migration. The next meeting of the Joint Committee on readmission is planned to be held in September 2019 in the city Of Kyiv.


Transcarpathian Police caught five illegal migrants, who were hiding in the bushes in the border area


Patrol police of Uzhhorod District Department nearby the village Hlyboke detected a suspicious person after verification of the territory under the service. The man was hiding in the bushes.  The law enforcers later on found four more persons in the woods. None of them had documents that would confirm their identity and provide them the right to stay in Ukraine. Department for Fight against Crimes connected with Human Trafficking in the Transcarpathian region found that all five were the citizens of a foreign country who wanted to get into the EU through Transcarpathia.

Illegal migrants were taken to Uzhhorod District Police, after performing all necessary actions the individuals will be handed to the appropriate services. Preliminary legal qualification – article 332 of the Criminal code of Ukraine, i.e. the illegal trafficking of people across the border.