SBGS staff detained two persons trying to violate the state border


Thus, during the monitoring of the state border, on the outskirts of the village of Nyzhankovychi, the border guards of BU “Smilnytsya” noticed a suspicious person. The man, YOB 1991, was without documents and had only a photocopy of his passport. Later, it turned out that he came to Ukraine last year from Egypt, lived and worked legally for some time, but decided to look for a better life in the West.

And 38-year-old Ukrainian woman, a resident of Vinnytsia region, made her way to Chisinau through the checkpoint “Kuchurgan”. Entering the territory of the checkpoint, she tried to cross the border ot he neighboring county hiding from the border guards. But her intentions failed. It turned out that the offender had an internal passport of the Ukrainian citizen (ID-card), which did not give her the right to cross the border. Probably, knowing that Ukrainian woman decided to act in this way.

In both cases the detainees are brought to administrative responsibility for attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine, the court will make further decision on their cases.


Planned trip to the EU countries finished for two Indian citizens in Ukraine


The soldiers of the BU ” Pavlovychi” stopped the car “Lanos” made its way to the border. The foreigners had no any identity documents. However, they reported that they intended to get to the EU countries outside the checkpoint bypassing the border control.

In order to clarify all the circumstances of the offense and bring them to administrative responsibility for part 2 of article 204-1 of the administrative Code “Illegal crossing or attempt of illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine”, illegal migrants were taken to the border unit.


Two Somalis were detained by the border guards at Hungarian border


Thus, while patrolling the border guards noticed unknown persons who were moving fast to the border. The individuals ignored the border guards and tried to escape. To stop the offenders the soldiers made several warning shots. Soon, the offenders were detained; they had no any documents, and reported to be Somalia citizens.

During the filtration measures it turned out that one of the foreigners of was detained by the border guards of Mukachevo Detachment detained two months ago.

The protocols on administrative offenses were drawn up as to the detainees. Currently, the circle of persons is established, which involved in the organization of the illegal immigrants’ trip.

The further destiny of the travelers and assessment of their actions will be determined by the court.


Four Moroccans were apprehended by the border guards nearby Uzhhorod


During the realization of the information obtained from the investigators, the border guards of BU “Onokivtsi” detained four foreigners. They hided in the forest, when they were found by the law enforcers. The detainees had Moroccan passport documents.

Currently, the foreigners were taken to special unit “Onokivtsi” of the Border Guard Department “Uzhhorod”. After clarification of all circumstances, they will be brought to administrative responsibility under Part 1 Art. 204 – 1 of the AICU “Illegal cross or attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine”. At the same time, the operatives are taking measures to establish persons involved in the organization of transportation of illegal immigrants across the border.


Border guards detained the citizen of Vietnam and their smuggler


There were four citizens in the car – migrants from Asia. The passengers had no any documents.

During further events it became known that all travelers were the citizens of Vietnam and entered Ukraine legally, however, the term of their visas expired last year. It also turned out that the driver had a residence permit in Ukraine.

Currently, the foreign ” travelers” are brought to the administrative responsibility under the Article 202 “Violation of the rules on border regime”, Part 1 Article 203 “Violation the stay rules within Ukraine and transit through the territory of Ukraine by the foreigners”. Also concerning the driver the documents for prosecution under Art. 206–1 “Illegal transportation of foreigners and stateless persons by the territory of Ukraine” are drawn up and submitted to the court.


Border guards detained a migrant from Africa


The border guards of the BD “Krakivets’ noticed a foreigner nearby the state border. The border detail asked the man to show his documents and he was running away. However, the border guards soon managed to detain the offender, who was the citizen of Morocco, 1990 YOB. The detainee had no any documents, only the copy of the his passport informational page. In the course of verification it was established that the foreigner arrived to Ukraine this year by plane in legal way and had studied in one of the universities. After his expel he tried to look for a better life in the countries of Europe and illegally crossed the border. The man is apprehended in administrative order and protocol on his attempt to cross the state border was drawn up. A decision on the case will be made by the court.


Border guards detained 4 citizens of Bangladesh and one from Ghana nearby the border on Poland


The staff of the State Border Guard Service learned about possible illegal cross of the border beforehand. Soon, the operative subdivisions of the Western Regional Department stopped for check the car of the Lithuanian registration in the suburb of Sokal district. The car was driven by the citizen of Ghana, who had certificate on residence in Ukraine. In addition, it was established that the foreigner had just delivered 4 citizens of Bangladesh to the forest area. The reaction group composed of the border guards of Lviv Detachment and militaries of the SBGS operative departments assisted by the service dog found the traces of the offenders immediately and detained 4 persons. They had no any documents and introduced as the citizens of Bangladesh.

The protocols were drawn up as to the detainees for attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine. so far, they are hold in the Temporary Detention Centre. The protocol was also prepared as to the citizen of Ghana for his violation of the border regime and fine appointment. All details of the offence are under establishment.


Law enforcers detained a group of illegal migrants from Sri Lanka


Recently, in Sumy region, the staff of operational-search units of the State Border Guard Service once again eliminated the channel of unlawful movement of illegal migrants across the Ukrainian-Russian state border.

Late in the evening the SBGS staff together with the employees of the Investigation Department in Sumy region detained a group of illegal migrants from Sri Lanka and Ukrainian, who transported them by car.

During operative and searching activities the law enforcers stopped the AUDI car of the Ukrainian registration driven by the citizen of Ukraine. There were three citizens of Sri Lanka inside the vehicle.

It is previously established that the foreigners were illegally transported across the border from the territory of the Russian Federation to the territory of Ukraine outside the established checkpoints in one of the areas of the border in Krasnopilsky district.

Currently, the detained foreigners and citizens of Ukraine are delivered to Sumy Police Department. The investigative actions proceed.


Citizens of Afghanistan, Russia and Vietnam were detained at the border


Tonight, the border guards of Lviv Detachment together with the officers of the operational-search units of the State Border Guard Service, using available information on the movement of illegal immigrants nearby the state border detained three foreigners without documents.

According to the words of the detainees, they were the citizens of Afghanistan and intended to enter the neighboring country illegally.

The offenders were taken to the border division and the protocols according to Article 204-1 Part 2 AICU “Illegal cross or attempt of illegal cross of the state border of Ukraine”

In addition, the border guards of the Belgorod-Dniester Detachment detained 41-year-old citizen of the Russian Federation, who illegally crossed the border bypassing the checkpoint. At first the man tried to get to Ukraine through the check point “Kuchurgan”. However during clarification of his trip purpose the Russian was confused in explanations and tried to deceive the border guards. He reported that he had lived in the Kaliningrad region, Russia and followed from the so-called Prydnistroviya to Ukraine for the funeral of his mother. But it turned out that his mother is alive and lives in Russia, and he even recently talked to her on a mobile phone. The real reason of his trip to our country was not established by the law enforcers, thus, the man was refused in crossing the border. However, the offender decided to cross illegally the border outside the checkpoint, where he was detained by the border patrol.

Currently, the Russian citizen is brought to administrative responsibility for illegal cross of the state border, he is banned from entering Ukraine for 3 years and is forcibly returned to Moldova.

And in Transcarpathia, the border guards of the Chop Detachment in cooperation with SSU and representatives of the Patrol Police of Transcarpathian region prevented illegal cross of the Ukrainian-Slovak border. Thus, checking the available operative information, the Police stopped the car “Volvo” of foreign registration nearby Uzhhorod. During the car inspection, there were two more citizens of Vietnam inside the vehicle. The foreigners admitted that they planned to get to the territory of Slovakia outside the checkpoint.

The protocols have been drawn up with regard to the  foreigners. The cases will be brought to court.

Slovak soldiers put the smuggler of illegal immigrants from Ukraine with their faces to the ground


Two Ukrainians were detained in the area of Slovak town, who took illegal migrants over the border from Ukraine to Slovakia for a promised rewards of 400 euro by the secret paths.

There were 7 Vietnamese and 1 Afghani among them. Ukrainians were caught by Slovak border guards and put them with their faces to the ground. They are threatened 3 to 8 years of imprisonment for the crime of human trafficking.