Illegal immigrants from Kyrgyzstan were detained by the border guards in Odessa region


The border guards stopped to check the vehicle of the Dutch registration with three persons in it.  The passengers of the car were citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic who arrived to Ukraine illegally. The car was driven by a citizen of Ukraine, also a native of Kyrgyzstan.

In the course of further verification activities, it became known that one of the foreigners illegally got to Ukraine from Moldova bypassing the checkpoints, and the other is in Ukraine violating the terms of his stay.

In relation to the driver, the citizen of Ukraine, the protocol was prepared on administrate offence under the Article 206-1 of the AICU “Illegal transportation of foreigners and persons without citizenship on territory of the Ukraine”, by the court decision these travelers were imposed a penalty in the amount of 2890 UAH.

The foreigner, who illegally crossed the border, has to pay the fine for the offense in amount of 3400 UAH and five years of prohibition to enter Ukraine. Another foreigner was fined for 1700 UAH for his violation of the stay rules in Ukraine. Both Kyrgyz were returned under the established order to the neighboring country.