Border guards detained migrants from Azerbaijan near the Ukrainian-Russian border


The local resident of the border settlement Varvarivka informed the border guards of the Kharkiv Detachment that three unknown persons were moving towards the Ukrainian-Russian border. The border detail started to the place immediately and arrested the violators. It turned out that two citizens of Azerbaijan exceeded the period of their stay in Ukraine and being unable to avoid responsibility, they risked together with a familiar citizen of Ukraine, also a native of Azerbaijan, to get to Russia bypassing the checkpoints.

In addition, checking their passport documents the border guards found that they contained forged entry and exit marks of the SBGS. The Law enforcement officers brought violators to administrative responsibility and handed over both citizens of Azerbaijan to the employees of the State Migration Service.

Concerning detection of the criminal offense signs provided by the Art. 358 of the Crime Code of Ukraine “Forgery of documents, seals, stamps and forms, sale or use of counterfeit documents, seals, stamps” information on the issue was forwarded to the law enforcement agencies.

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