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Africans decided that Transcarpathian border guards would not notice them at night


At about 4 a.m. in the area of BS “Novoselytsy” of Chop Border Detachment detention of the group of illegal migrants took place.  Africans apparently expected that they would not be noticed at night and would realize their dream to get to EU territory.

Service dog noticed in the darkness the movement of unfamiliar persons, who were approaching to the state border and became alerted. The instructor understood his dog at once, so detail masked themselves and started to wait for uninvited guest.  Due to suddenness of actions of border detail one of the “tourists” started to run away. In the course of calculation, border detail established the presence of eight trespassers – 3 men and 5 women having no any documents identifying them. Detainees explained that they were citizens of Somalia and they were walking to Slovakia in the search of better life. Personality of detainees will be established later. Decision on responsibility before the law and future destiny of detainees in Ukraine will be made by the court.

Citizen of Russian Federation (Ossetic nationality) will have also to be acquainted with Ukrainian legislation who intended to get illegally to Slovakia at night, but this time it was done through the area of BS “Uzhgorod”. In this case, the obstacle was border detail with thermal imager.


Two Belarusians being in the international inquiry were detained nearby the border


Border guards of BS”Vovchansk” of Kharkiv Detachment apprehended two unfamiliar persons – man and woman. They intended to get to Russia on foot beyond the check point. As it was reported by the detainees, the main reason of their actions was absence of documents permitting them to cross the border legally. Soon, it was established that until quite recently detainees were in the international inquiry and they were the citizens of Belarus. 20-year-old residents of Minsk were searched for crime commitment foreseen by Article 209 of CC of Republic of Belarus (swindling). After the court made its decision about administrative infringement for the intention to cross the state border illegally, trespassers were handed over to officers of MOI of Ukraine in Kharkiv region for making corresponding legal decisions.


Moldavian illegal migrants were caught in Transcarpathia (photo)


Early in the morning in the area of BS “Onokivtsi” department of BS “Uzhgorod” apprehended the next group of illegal migrants. This time they were representative of post-Soviet expanse.   Border detail displayed attempt of overcoming of barrage fence by two unfamiliar persons, so at once it informed the subdivision an continued the trailing. When operative group arrived, they conducted the apprehension of the persons. As it happens in majority of cases, trespassers did not have any document identifying them.

Detainees explained that they were citizens of Republic of Moldova and made their way to Slovakia in the search of better life in European Union.

Personality of detainees will be established later. Decision on responsibility before the law and future destiny of detainees in Ukraine will be made by the court.



Resident of Uzhgorod took illegal migrants from Turkey and Syria over the border


Transcarpathian border guards detained migrant from Africa in the area of BS “Novoselytsya”. He did not have any documents identifying him but he reported at once that he came from Somalia…

Also, border guards of BS “Palad Komarivtsi” detained 3 citizens of Turkey and 2 persons from Syria in the cross roads of “Tarnovtsy-Kontsovo”. They were together with the resident of the town of Uzhgorod, who transported them by his own car. At the present moment, the circumstances of infringement are examined. Decision on responsibility before the law and future destiny of detainees in Ukraine will be made by the court.


Chop border guards apprehended the quartet of illegal migrants (photo)


Situation on apprehension of Somali illegal migrants had criminal “undertone” in the area of BS “Velykyi Berznyi”. In the morning border detail being on service at a above mentioned area, noticed and detained one citizen  of Ukraine who had to walk some meters to the border after he had overcome the barrage fence. It is worth to mention that after voice warning to stop man tried to run away, thus detail had to warn him in another way – shoot from the pistol up. The senior border guard on duty reported about this fact to subdivision and continued the trailing; five minutes before the operative group started to this locality aiming at conducting special actions on the search of the trespassers.

In the course of the search operative group and border guards checked rather big territory and during 25 minutes the same border detail detained Ukrainian man and four his “friends” – one man and three women, representatives of Negroid race without document. According to the words of the detainees, they were citizens of Somalia.

Decision on responsibility before the law and future destiny of detainees in Ukraine will be made by the court.

Concerning the criminal “undertone” of the present story, so we should remind that detained citizen of Ukraine can get to prison for the period of two to five years and in case investigation will establish his participation in smuggling not for the first time so he will be sentenced to 3-7 years of imprisonment. Other kind of punishment of the sanctions of Article 332 of Criminal Code does not foresee.



Three Moldavians got lost in Transcarpathian forest, – border guards helped them


Three illegal migrants were caught in Perechyn district in the area of the village Novoselytsya. Detained men were citizens of Moldova. Violators did not have documents permitting them to stay on the territory of Ukraine. Illegal migrants were handed over to the department of BS “Novoselytsya” of Chop Border Detachment.


Turk and Somali were apprehended in the airport


Border guards of Separate check point “Kyiv” during the check in of the passengers making their way to Riga detained 19-year-old citizen of Somalia. The young man presented for control the passport of the citizen of the Kingdom of Sweden belonging to another person.

The same day, border guards apprehended 19-year-old Turk who was going to Munich. The officers established that passport document of this passenger was partially forged by means of changing the date of birth of the owner. Thus, the destiny of the violator will be decided by the court.


Service dog detected 8 illegal migrants from Afghanistan


Border detail detected a presence of unfamiliar persons in a forest massif by means of tapping, thus subdivision was informed about this at once. When operative group arrived, service dog started to investigate the case and detected a group of 8 persons hiding in the bushes. Generally, the operation on apprehension of unfamiliar persons continued 20 minutes.

There were 4 men, 2 women and 2 children (9 months, 2 years). Detainees did not have documents identifying them. The route of detainees and their personalities will be established later. Decision on responsibility before the law and their further destiny will be decided by the court.


Moldavian “laid low” in order to get to Ukraine


In the check point “Kurchugan-auto” of Belgorod-Dnistrovskyi Border Detachment the citizen of Moldova was hindered to be taken illegally to Ukraine. In the course of the examination of the car belonging to the citizen of Ukraine, law enforcement agents detected a man hidden between front and back seats under the luggage. Later on it was established that citizen of Moldova tried to get illegally to Ukraine to visit his relatives having no corresponding documents to do it legally as well as absence of residential place.

A decision was made about institution of criminal case concerning persons who assisted in illegal travel in accordance with Article 332 Part 2 of criminal Code of Ukraine ”Illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine”. Now, “helpmates” are menaced with imprisonment for the term 5 to 7 years with confiscation of the vehicle. Administrative protocol as prepared concerning the citizen of Republic of Moldova.


Somalis are massively coming to Transcarpathia, – they are tired of Africa


Residents of border areas of Transcarpathian region have watchful attitude towards the appearance of foreigners in their locality.

Thus, 26-year-old inhabitant of Berehovo district called to Regional Department of MOI on duty and informed about seeing the suspicious persons nearby the village of Dyida not far from Ukrainian-Hungarian border. During the short period police officers and border guards detained potential trespassers – three migrants naming themselves the citizens of Somalia. All three men having no any documents permitting them to stay legally in Ukraine were walking in the direction to state border. They were detained and handed over to department of Border Service. A criminal case was commenced according to the present fact as to Part 1 Article 332 (it is punished in the form of imprisonment for the term of 3-5 years)