Chop border guards apprehended the quartet of illegal migrants (photo)


Situation on apprehension of Somali illegal migrants had criminal “undertone” in the area of BS “Velykyi Berznyi”. In the morning border detail being on service at a above mentioned area, noticed and detained one citizen  of Ukraine who had to walk some meters to the border after he had overcome the barrage fence. It is worth to mention that after voice warning to stop man tried to run away, thus detail had to warn him in another way – shoot from the pistol up. The senior border guard on duty reported about this fact to subdivision and continued the trailing; five minutes before the operative group started to this locality aiming at conducting special actions on the search of the trespassers.

In the course of the search operative group and border guards checked rather big territory and during 25 minutes the same border detail detained Ukrainian man and four his “friends” – one man and three women, representatives of Negroid race without document. According to the words of the detainees, they were citizens of Somalia.

Decision on responsibility before the law and future destiny of detainees in Ukraine will be made by the court.

Concerning the criminal “undertone” of the present story, so we should remind that detained citizen of Ukraine can get to prison for the period of two to five years and in case investigation will establish his participation in smuggling not for the first time so he will be sentenced to 3-7 years of imprisonment. Other kind of punishment of the sanctions of Article 332 of Criminal Code does not foresee.