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The citizen of Congo intended to get to Europe with the passport of Dutchman


During the check of the documents, border guards of BS “Tysa” detected and prevented the attempt of illegal cross of the border from Ukraine to Hungary with someone’s passport document. The citizen of Congo joined in such an adventure presenting the passport of the citizen of Netherlands for control. The document itself did not rouse any suspicion and after thorough examination it was without any counterfeits. Already in the course of the interview, border guards had some doubts as to the owner of the document. It was established that the age of the man was considerably less as specified in the passport. Besides, the bearer of the document was of shorter height as it was indicated in the document, and the signature was completely different from the one of the owner of the passport. At last, the traveler confessed that he was the citizen of the Republic of Congo and intended to get illegally to one of EU countries.


Chop border guards apprehended illegal migrants from Georgia


Last weekend, two citizens of Georgia said goodbye to their dreams about life in one of the countries of Western Europe.  Border guards of BS “Guta” hindered them. This detention became “classic” as local residents showing their non-indifference in this case noticed the group of persons who were not quite similar to local resident neither by their appearance nor by the clothes and informed border guards about that. And the very detention was not a difficult job: well defined task by the chief and suddenness gave an opportunity to apprehend two unfamiliar persons without document on the approaches to the state border. According to the words of the detainees, they were citizens of Georgia and made their way Slovakia in the search of better life.

Administrative-procedural and operative-checking activities are realized according to the present fact as to possible participation of third persons in illegal transportation of persons through the state border. Decision on responsibility before the law and future destiny of the detainees will be made by the court.


Asylum seekers will be helped in Transcarpathia


Employment is the most acute phenomenon among the problems asylum seekers face in Ukraine before they are given a decision about their request to get protection.

How can be people helped who owing to the force of circumstances found themselves in a completely vulnerable condition – these issues were discussed during the working meeting of the counselor on human rights of Regional Representation of Administration of High Commissioner of UNO on refugee issues in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, Armen Edgaryan with the chief of Head Administration of State Migration Service in Transcarpathian region , Igor Mykhailyshyn, Mukachevo mayor, Zoltan Lendel and director of Regional Employment Centre, Yuriy Fuschych.


At the present moment, there are about 130 persons on the territory of the region in Mukachevo, Uzhgorod and Perechyn, who applied for protection in Ukraine. 56 of them submitted corresponding application to subdivisions of Migration Service of the area this year. There are 54 including 24 children (5 of them are unaccompanied minors) foreign migrants residing at Temporary Holding Facility in Mukachevo and Perechyn. The job for this category of persons is the most important component in the process of integration into Ukrainian society.


Besides, as it was mentioned in a conversation, realization of the right on employment by the asylum seekers on an equal footing with education and medical aid is hold in a new Law of Ukraine “About refugees and persons in need of complementary or subsidiary protection”. Thus, the task of the bodies of executive power, municipal self-government is to assist in every possible way to these people in keeping their legal rights.


Taras Petryn, director of the company “Flextronic-Mukachevo” presented at the meeting, pointed out that their company is ready to see asylum seekers among their workers. Thereafter, the overwhelming majority of these persons speak fluent English that is an additional motivation for employment for the company with foreign investments.


A corresponding protocol of intentions was decided to be resolved at the meeting. Experts of each interested department were entrusted with elaboration of the mechanism of realization of these intentions in accordance with the Code of Laws of Ukraine about employment and other normative and legal acts. Refugees and persons granted temporary or subsidiary protection should enjoy social and economic rights in practice on the level with the citizens of Ukraine as required and undertaken by international obligations of our country.


Georgian was arrested in airport with forged passport


In the airport “Kyiv” (Zhulyany) the border guards of Separate check point “Kyiv” arrested one passenger who made his way to Treviso (Italy). The man presented the passport of the citizen of Israel for control, however the border guard clarified that the page with constituent data of the owner in the document was changed. The passenger explained that he was Georgian and he bought this passport with the help of the Internet in order to get to the countries of Europe. The future destiny of the violator will be decided by the court.


Chop border guards together with MOI workers detained a group of Somali illegal migrants


Another group of illegal migrants from Africa was detained in the area of Chop Border Detachment for the attempt to cross the state border illegally.

Taking into account the content of proactive information about stay of persons of African appearance in the border area, border guards made decision to detain “unfamiliar persons” in the approach to the state border. Thus, already half an hour before border guards of BS “Uzhgorod” in cooperation with representatives of Uzhgorod District Department of MOI apprehended a group of illegal migrants in the composition of 5 persons (3 men and 2 women)). All detainees were citizens of Somalia.  In a result of conducted administrative-procedural action and operative-checking measures, it was established that Somalis made their way to Slovakia, but they chose illegal way of crossing the border – without documents and beyond the check point. Decision on responsibility before the law and their future destiny will be made by the court.

Press-service of Chop Border Detachment


Bill on fight against racism and sexism has been elaborated in Ukraine


Cabinet of Ministers has registered in Supreme Council a bill on fight against discrimination on race, national and sex signs.

Elaboration of legislation on fight against discrimination is one of the tasks stipulated by Plan of Action on Liberalization of visa regimen for Ukraine by European Union.

The governmental bill relates such forms of discrimination as “decision, actions or inaction” directed upon the “limited rights of personality due to belonging to a definite race, colour of skin, religious or political beliefs, sex, age and other signs as well as persecution and incitement to such activities”. In accordance with the document, a human can address to the court or any authorized representative of Supreme Council on human right when feeling any display of discrimination directed against him/her.

However, newspaper “Ъ” says that representatives of public organization regard the law in draft to be half-baked and they are indignant that it is passed over to Parliament before its discussion has been completed. The President of International Woman Human Rights Centre La Strada-Ukraine, Ekaterina Levchenko points out that the main deficiency of the bill is in definition of the notion “discrimination”, which is too narrow. According to her words, in documents of UNO discrimination is considered not only as action or inaction, but as any indifference leading to encroachment on rights and freedoms.

“Offered variant will result in “discrimination” to be interpreted not in all cases. For example, the phrase of Premier Minister Nikolay Azarov “…there is no place for women in Administration…” was interpreted as valuation proposition. At the same time, Minister of Interior of France was fined for 2000 € for discriminatory expression as to persons of Arab ethnos” – she marked.

Experts confess that enactment of the bill on fight against discrimination is necessary because of its spread in our country. According to information of authorized person of Supreme Council on human rights, Valeriy Lutkovskyi, for example, women are not practically presented at the governing posts in the bodies of executive power – just six women are appointed as deputy ministers, 17 – deputies of the heads of Regional State Administrations. As it is reported by the general secretary of National Confederation of Labour Unions Petr Petrichenko, the women-workers of middle management earn 35% less than men. “Woman is more difficult to find job, thus she often works in addition to eight-hour norm”, – he stated and added that any citizen older 45 is harder to be employed in Ukraine.


Five Transcarpathians transported 4 illegal migrants from Somalia in the car boot


SSU in Transcarpathia stopped another international channel of illegal transportation of persons through the state border.

On May 5, 2012 the SSU officers detained two cars with 4 Somalis without any documents and 5 local residents nearby the villages of Perechyn and Zarichevo. The criminals transported illegal migrants in the boot. It was established that organizer and his 4 accomplices intended to smuggle foreigners beyond the check point through Ukrainian-Slovakian state border. There was a former worker of law enforcement agents among the detainees, who took two Somalis in his personal car for money reward.

SSU investigators in Transcarpathian region instituted a criminal case in accordance with Part 2 of Article 332 of Criminal Code of Ukraine concerning 5 local residents for the organization of illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine commenced according to preliminary collusion by the group of persons.

At the present moment, detainees are under arrest. Investigation goes on.  

Press-centre of Security Service of Ukraine


Transcarpathian transported 8 Afghans abroad and got pulled for 4 years


A sentence of Appeal Court of Transcarpathian region came into legal force as to criminal case instituted and investigated by Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) concerning the accused person in crime commitment foreseen by Part 3 Article 332 (illegal transportation of persons through the state border) of Criminal Code of Ukraine.

In June 2011, 26-yar-old resident of Perechyn district agreed to participate in illegal transportation of 8 citizens of Afghanistan through Ukrainian-Slovakian border for money reward.

It was established that the criminal met four illegal migrants in the highway between the villages Symer and Tur’ya Remeta, Perechyn district. He took Afghans by his own car to the village Dubrynychi and passed them over to his accomplices for direct transportation of migrants through the state border of Ukraine.  The same night another group of 4 Afghans were delivered to arranged place nearby Perechyn.

SSU officers caught the delinquent red-handed when he had to pass the group of illegal migrants to his accomplices.

The delinquent was pleaded to be guilty by the court sentence and punishment in the form of 4 years of imprisonment was awarded.


Somalis were hiding from the border guards in the bushes


Three citizens of Somalia were detained by the border guards of BS “Yablunivka” of Mukachevo Detachment. Hiding in the bushes, African immigrants were found by detail during the check of the state border. According to explanations of the detainees (age 16-21), they were given a lift by a man in the taxi. Setting down nearby the road, the driver ordered them to wait, but he did not come back. The final point of their trip had to be one of EU countries. At the present moment, activities on the search of the persons involved in smuggling illegal migrants are carried out.


Two citizens of Pakistan were caught in Luhansk region


Two citizens of Ukraine smuggling immigrants from Asia were detained recently by the border guards of BS “Krasnodon”. The man taking two citizens of Asian appearance by taxi were stopped nearby the border. During the check of the documents it was established that detainees got to Ukraine illegally and they were the citizens of Pakistan of the age 30 and 20 years old. A criminal case was commenced against two citizens of Ukraine according the signs of crime foreseen by Part 3 Article 332 (Illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine).