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Somalis has found “a hole” in the border between Transcarpathia and Slovakia


Border Police detained 12 Somali citizens in the end of the last week in the area of Snyna, who entered the territory of Slovakia illegally from the territory of Ukraine (Transcarpathian region).

These were young foreigners of the age 15-17 years old.

Press-secretary of Border Police in Sobrantce, Agnessa Kopernytska, reports that one of them has even to be rendered urgent medical aid as he had strong pains in the stomach. However, it was not necessary to hospitalize him.

Later on, one more group of Somalis was caught composed of 6 persons in the area of Humenne. According to the words of detainees, they crossed Ukrainian-Slovakian border freely in the area of Snyna. The group of detainees did not have any documents. They were unaccompanied minors.


Illegal migrants from Turkey and Georgia were caught during the weekend


Last weekend border guards of Border Services “Tysa”, “Uzhgorod” and Velykyi Bereznyi” detained four illegal migrants.

Two citizens of Turkey decided to check the watchfulness of border guards of BS “Tysa” and “Uzhgorod”, who got to the territory of Ukraine as tourists and had to enjoy Odessa during the tour. But, their target was western border of Ukraine, through which they wanted to get to EU expanses. «Tourists” decided to reach one goal by different ways – one migrant chose  Chop to get Hungary, the other made his way through Uzhgorod to Slovakia. However, it was not their fate: they were detained in the suburb of mentioned above populated areas. In the course of operative-checking activities according to the results of operative cooperation of border guards from two subdivisions with difference of about 2 hours. It would be established what country was their final point of destination and what persons were involved in this operation.

In the area of BS “Velykyi Bereznyi”, border guards detained two citizens of Georgia 300 m before the state border, who intended to cross the border of Ukraine illegally to Slovakia. Georgians probably were happy when seeing the fence of spiny wire, but their joy disappeared in the moment of border guards’ appearance waiting already for “uninvited guests”.

The court will make decision on responsibility before the law and further destiny of all detained persons.



Six citizens of Afghanistan were apprehended by Transcarpathian border guards


Five of them were men of the age 30 to 39 years old and one woman of 47 years old. 

The seekers of better life were in the forest area in the suburb of the village Rafailovo of Berehovo district, 5 km before the state border. Illegal migrants aimed at getting to the countries of European Union. At the preset moment, detainees are at detention centre in Chop, their future destiny will be decided by the court. The activities on establishing the circumstances of the infringement ad circle of involved persons go on.


Pseudo Tadzhik was arrested in “Boryspil”


During the check-in of the passengers, who made their way to Frankfurt, border guards of Separate control-access point “Kyiv” detected a man presenting the passport of the citizen of Tadzhikistan for the check. However, law enforcement agents established that photo of the owner was replaced in the document. According to the words of the traveler, he was the citizen of Afghanistan. He bought this passport in Tadzhikistan paying for it $ 5000. So, the violator waits for the court and he will not be able to get to cherished foreign countries.



A group of illegal migrants hided in water tower


In some original way, 7 illegal migrants from Bangladesh decided to spend their weekend in Ukraine. Border guards of Mukachevo Detachment noticed the guest. The group of unfamiliar persons were in neglected water tower in the suburb of the village Shom of Berehovo district 4 km before the border. There they were detained by the border guards of BS “Goronglab”. Detainees did not have any documents, however they reported that they were citizens of Republic of Bangladesh and intended to get to one of the countries of EU. The eldest detainee was 24 years old, and two others were not even 17. At the present moment, detainees are at detention centre in Chop, and their further destiny will be decided by the court. Investigation goes on as to establishment of circumstance of the violation and circle of persons participated in this activity.


Eight illegal migrants were caught during the weekends


Last weekend became effective for the border guards of BS “Tysa”, “Palad Komarivtsi” and “Uzhgorod” that carried out the series of detentions.

In the area of BS “Palad Komarivtsi” border guards detained three citizens of Republic of Moldova, who tried to cross illegally the border from Ukraine to Slovakia. Man, woman and a child were one family having documents identifying them.

In the area of border post “Onokovtsi” of BS “Uzhgorod” two more citizens of Georgia were apprehended in 12 hours after the first detention. In the course of administrative-procedural and operative-checking measures, it would be established whether they were partners.

Border guards of BS “Tysa” detected and detained in three cases three citizens of Ukraine (women), who tried to come back to Ukraine with invalid documents. For their safety, they can be called to responsibility paying the fine in the sum of 1700-3400 UAH each.

Dicision on responsibility before the law and their future destiny will be decided by the law.



The number of refugees in Transcarpathia has increased in 11%


During the last year, State Migration Service of Ukraine received 104 applications from persons seeking asylum in Ukraine. It is 11% out of the general number of appeals on refugee status granting in the government and the biggest index among other regions. The number of applications has increased in connection with adopted new law “About refugees and persons in need of temporary or subsidiary protection” last year. New document has sufficiently widened the list of conditions due to which protection is given and circle of persons this protection is spread on.


19 illegal migrants were apprehended at the border of Transcarpathia this year


In the course of the first quarter of the current year, 19 illegal migrants were detained in 6 cases in the area of responsible border detachment for the break of the rules on stay on the territory of Ukraine and attempts to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine.

In comparison with the previous year, this index increased in 46% as to the number of detained illegal migrants. This information was announced by Mukachevo Border Detachment, which summed up the results of operative-service activity during the first quarter of this year. Passenger and transport flow of persons and vehicles decreased in 11%. During the conduction of passport control in the check points of the border – 1 forged passport, 2 another’s documents, 24 invalid documents were detected. 94 persons were rejected in entrance to the country on different reasons, which is in 1,7 time upwards in comparison with analogous periods of the previous year.


7 illegal migrants from Africa were detained in Transcarpathia


Unfamiliar persons directing to the border by car were notices by the inspectors of SMVI (State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate), who informed border guards about this. Driver seeing that he was chased, left the car together with passengers and started to run away. Five men of African appearance did not have any identifying documents. However, they confessed at once that they arrived to Ukraine from far away Africa (4 persons from Somalia and one from Eritrea) in order then to get to the countries of Western Europe.

Two more Somalis were caught by the border guards of Chop Detachment in the area of responsible department “Velykyi Bereznyi”. The trespassers were detected with the help of thermal imager. After receiving information from Ukrainian side, Slovakian border guards apprehended two more violators from Somalia.

Decision about responsibility before the law and their further destiny will be decided by the court.


The band of Chechens tried to get to Slovakia through Transcarpathia


Border guards of BS “Novoselytsya” of Chop Detachment apprehended the group of illegal migrants from Russia, citizens of Chechnya. Local people assisted in detention of the violators, who noticed some unfamiliar persons in the suburb of the village Dubrynychi, Perechyn district, Transcarpathian region and informed border subdivision on this point. Border detail detained three unfamiliar persons without documents at once. As the detainees explained, they were the citizens of Russia and made their way to Slovakia in the search of better life.