Somalis has found “a hole” in the border between Transcarpathia and Slovakia


Border Police detained 12 Somali citizens in the end of the last week in the area of Snyna, who entered the territory of Slovakia illegally from the territory of Ukraine (Transcarpathian region).

These were young foreigners of the age 15-17 years old.

Press-secretary of Border Police in Sobrantce, Agnessa Kopernytska, reports that one of them has even to be rendered urgent medical aid as he had strong pains in the stomach. However, it was not necessary to hospitalize him.

Later on, one more group of Somalis was caught composed of 6 persons in the area of Humenne. According to the words of detainees, they crossed Ukrainian-Slovakian border freely in the area of Snyna. The group of detainees did not have any documents. They were unaccompanied minors.