Illegal migrants from Turkey and Georgia were caught during the weekend


Last weekend border guards of Border Services “Tysa”, “Uzhgorod” and Velykyi Bereznyi” detained four illegal migrants.

Two citizens of Turkey decided to check the watchfulness of border guards of BS “Tysa” and “Uzhgorod”, who got to the territory of Ukraine as tourists and had to enjoy Odessa during the tour. But, their target was western border of Ukraine, through which they wanted to get to EU expanses. «Tourists” decided to reach one goal by different ways – one migrant chose  Chop to get Hungary, the other made his way through Uzhgorod to Slovakia. However, it was not their fate: they were detained in the suburb of mentioned above populated areas. In the course of operative-checking activities according to the results of operative cooperation of border guards from two subdivisions with difference of about 2 hours. It would be established what country was their final point of destination and what persons were involved in this operation.

In the area of BS “Velykyi Bereznyi”, border guards detained two citizens of Georgia 300 m before the state border, who intended to cross the border of Ukraine illegally to Slovakia. Georgians probably were happy when seeing the fence of spiny wire, but their joy disappeared in the moment of border guards’ appearance waiting already for “uninvited guests”.

The court will make decision on responsibility before the law and further destiny of all detained persons.