19 illegal migrants were apprehended at the border of Transcarpathia this year


In the course of the first quarter of the current year, 19 illegal migrants were detained in 6 cases in the area of responsible border detachment for the break of the rules on stay on the territory of Ukraine and attempts to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine.

In comparison with the previous year, this index increased in 46% as to the number of detained illegal migrants. This information was announced by Mukachevo Border Detachment, which summed up the results of operative-service activity during the first quarter of this year. Passenger and transport flow of persons and vehicles decreased in 11%. During the conduction of passport control in the check points of the border – 1 forged passport, 2 another’s documents, 24 invalid documents were detected. 94 persons were rejected in entrance to the country on different reasons, which is in 1,7 time upwards in comparison with analogous periods of the previous year.

Source: http://www.ua-reporter.com/novosti/116017