Eight illegal migrants were caught during the weekends


Last weekend became effective for the border guards of BS “Tysa”, “Palad Komarivtsi” and “Uzhgorod” that carried out the series of detentions.

In the area of BS “Palad Komarivtsi” border guards detained three citizens of Republic of Moldova, who tried to cross illegally the border from Ukraine to Slovakia. Man, woman and a child were one family having documents identifying them.

In the area of border post “Onokovtsi” of BS “Uzhgorod” two more citizens of Georgia were apprehended in 12 hours after the first detention. In the course of administrative-procedural and operative-checking measures, it would be established whether they were partners.

Border guards of BS “Tysa” detected and detained in three cases three citizens of Ukraine (women), who tried to come back to Ukraine with invalid documents. For their safety, they can be called to responsibility paying the fine in the sum of 1700-3400 UAH each.

Dicision on responsibility before the law and their future destiny will be decided by the law.

Source: http://www.mukachevo.net/ua/News/view/55221-На-Закарпатті-упродовж-вихідних-затримали-8-нелегалів