Chop border guards together with MOI workers detained a group of Somali illegal migrants


Another group of illegal migrants from Africa was detained in the area of Chop Border Detachment for the attempt to cross the state border illegally.

Taking into account the content of proactive information about stay of persons of African appearance in the border area, border guards made decision to detain “unfamiliar persons” in the approach to the state border. Thus, already half an hour before border guards of BS “Uzhgorod” in cooperation with representatives of Uzhgorod District Department of MOI apprehended a group of illegal migrants in the composition of 5 persons (3 men and 2 women)). All detainees were citizens of Somalia.  In a result of conducted administrative-procedural action and operative-checking measures, it was established that Somalis made their way to Slovakia, but they chose illegal way of crossing the border – without documents and beyond the check point. Decision on responsibility before the law and their future destiny will be made by the court.

Press-service of Chop Border Detachment