The citizen of Congo intended to get to Europe with the passport of Dutchman


During the check of the documents, border guards of BS “Tysa” detected and prevented the attempt of illegal cross of the border from Ukraine to Hungary with someone’s passport document. The citizen of Congo joined in such an adventure presenting the passport of the citizen of Netherlands for control. The document itself did not rouse any suspicion and after thorough examination it was without any counterfeits. Already in the course of the interview, border guards had some doubts as to the owner of the document. It was established that the age of the man was considerably less as specified in the passport. Besides, the bearer of the document was of shorter height as it was indicated in the document, and the signature was completely different from the one of the owner of the passport. At last, the traveler confessed that he was the citizen of the Republic of Congo and intended to get illegally to one of EU countries.